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Australian Houses of the Forties and Fifties

Australian Houses of the Forties and Fifties
Author: Peter Cuffley
ISBN: 1741783895
Pages: 200
Year: 2007
View: 1167
Read: 379

Covers the architecture, furniture and History of the baby-boom era. Colour illustrations throughout.

Australian Houses of the Twenties & Thirties

Australian Houses of the Twenties & Thirties
Author: Peter Cuffley
Pages: 264
Year: 1993
View: 1332
Read: 390

Reissue of a detailed study of domestic architecture in Australia during the 1920s and 1930s including plans, photographs and diagrams. Includes descriptions of international influences of the time, colours, soft-furnishings, furniture, household utensils, gardens and fences popular at the time as well as a study of all aspects of Australian cultural history and domestic life. With bibliography and index. First published in 1989. The author was curator of history at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, Victoria, and currently works as a consultant on period restoration and design. He is author of several other books including 'Cottage Gardens in Australia', 'Australian Houses of the Forties & Fifties', 'Chandeliers and Billy Tea' and 'Buggies and Horse-drawn Vehicles in Australia'.

An Unfinished Experiment in Living

An Unfinished Experiment in Living
Author: Geoffrey London, Philip Goad, Conrad Hamann
Publisher: University of Western Australia Press
ISBN: 1742586694
Pages: 470
Year: 2018-02
View: 573
Read: 822

Architect-designed houses of the period 1950-65 proposed an innovative response to the social, economic, and climatic conditions of post-war Australia. At the same time they embraced the aesthetic, technological, and egalitarian aspirations of modern architecture. An Unfinished Experiment in Living traces the emergence of this architectural phenomenon in Australia, documenting the full range of its expression: from the postwar optimism of the early 1950s through to the affluence of the 1960s. It is a catalogue of the most significant houses of the period. It includes comprehensive plans and period photographs of 150 houses from around Australia, dating from a time when the great Australian dream was the single family house. This book puts forward new research founded on the premise that the most significant houses of the 1950s and 60s represent an unfinished and undervalued experiment in modern living. Issues such as the open plan, the changing nature of the family, the embrace of advances in technology, the use of the courtyard, and the orientation of the house to capture sun and privacy, were valuable and critical lessons. This is a compelling reminder of their continuing relevance. [Subject: Architecture, Design, Australian History, Sociology]

St George Pictorial Memories

St George Pictorial Memories
Author: Joan Lawrence
Publisher: Kingsclear Books Pty Ltd
ISBN: 0908272456
Pages: 122
Year: 1996
View: 1264
Read: 378

The Memoirs of a Young Bastard

The Memoirs of a Young Bastard
Author: Tim Burstall
Publisher: The Miegunyah Press
ISBN: 0522858147
Pages: 343
Year: 2012
View: 1222
Read: 292

Tim Burstall, the celebrated director of Stork, Alvin Purple and numerous other definitive 'ocker' comedies, is credited with shaking the moribund Australian film industry out of its torpor. But long before that, in the early 1950s, he began keeping a diary to record the world of the group of 'arties' and 'intellectuals' he was living among in Eltham, then a rural area outside Melbourne, where cheap land was available for mudbrick houses and studios, and where suburban rigidities could be mercilessly flouted. Burstall was in his mid-twenties, with two young sons and an open marriage with his wife, Betty. Eager to become a writer, to go against the grain, he kept a record almost daily-of the parties and the talk in pubs and studios, about art and politics and sex, of Communist Party branch meetings and film societies, of political rallies and the first Herald Outdoor Art Show. Somehow, while holding down a public relations job in the Antarctic Division and juggling his love affairs and obsession with the beautiful, brainy Fay, he wrote 500 words almost every day. Betty, according to the diaries, kept the show on the road, feeding friends after the pub, milking goats and working in her pottery making bowls and mugs, which Tim sometimes decorated at weekends. These Memoirs of a Young Bastard, as Burstall dubbed himself and them, are among the most evocative Australian diaries of modern times. Burstall can write. He has an eye for the telling detail, an unerring ear for cant and pomposity and, most endearingly, an ability to mock himself-always from the perspective of a bloke of his generation.

Experiments in Modern Living

Experiments in Modern Living
Author: Milton Cameron
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 192186270X
Pages: 213
Year: 2012-05-01
View: 224
Read: 885

When a group of brilliant young scientists arrived in Australia's national capital after World War II to take up leading roles in the establishment of national research institutions, they commissioned Australia's leading architects to design their private houses. The houses that resulted from these unique collaborations rejected previous architectural styles and wholeheartedly embraced modernist ideologies and aesthetics. The story of how these progressive clients contributed to the innovative design of their houses brings fresh insights to mid-twentieth-century Australian domestic architecture and to Canberra's rich cultural history.

Me and My Holden

Me and My Holden
Author: Don Loffler
Publisher: Wakefield Press
ISBN: 186254803X
Pages: 229
Year: 2008
View: 447
Read: 715

Since the success of his first three best-selling books, SHE'S A BEAUTY!, STILL HOLDEN TOGETHER and THE FJ HOLDEN, Don Loffler has been inundated with photographs, stories and memorabilia from Holden lovers across Australia. In ME AND MY HOLDEN, Don continues his crusade to record these gems for posterity, creating a stunning time capsule and preserving Australia's and Holden's history for future generations.

West of Eden

West of Eden
Author: Jean Stein
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0812998413
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-02-09
View: 633
Read: 518

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • An epic, mesmerizing oral history of Hollywood and Los Angeles from the author of the contemporary classic Edie Jean Stein transformed the art of oral history in her groundbreaking book Edie: American Girl, an indelible portrait of Andy Warhol “superstar” Edie Sedgwick, which was edited with George Plimpton. Now, in West of Eden, she turns to Los Angeles, the city of her childhood. Stein vividly captures a mythic cast of characters: their ambitions and triumphs as well as their desolation and grief. These stories illuminate the bold aspirations of five larger-than-life individuals and their families. West of Eden is a work of history both grand in scale and intimate in detail. At the center of each family is a dreamer who finds fortune and strife in Southern California: Edward Doheny, the Wisconsin-born oil tycoon whose corruption destroyed the reputation of a U.S. president and led to his own son’s violent death; Jack Warner, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants, who together with his brothers founded one of the world’s most iconic film studios; Jane Garland, the troubled daughter of an aspiring actress who could never escape her mother’s schemes; Jennifer Jones, an actress from Oklahoma who won the Academy Award at twenty-five but struggled with despair amid her fame and glamour. Finally, Stein chronicles the ascent of her own father, Jules Stein, an eye doctor born in Indiana who transformed Hollywood with the creation of an unrivaled agency and studio. In each chapter, Stein paints a portrait of an outsider who pins his or her hopes on the nascent power and promise of Los Angeles. Each individual’s unyielding intensity pushes loved ones, especially children, toward a perilous threshold. West of Eden depicts the city that has projected its own image of America onto the world, in all its idealism and paradox. As she did in Edie, Jean Stein weaves together the personal recollections of an array of individuals to create an astonishing tapestry of a place like no other. Praise for West of Eden “Compulsively readable, capturing not just a vibrant part of the history of Los Angeles—that uniquely ‘American Place’ Stein refers to in her subtitle—but also the real drama of this town . . . It’s like being at an insider’s cocktail party where the most delicious gossip about the rich and powerful is being dished by smart people, such as Gore Vidal, Joan Didion, Arthur Miller and Dennis Hopper. . . . Mesmerizing.”—Los Angeles Times “Perhaps the most surprising thing that emerges from this riveting book is a glimpse of what seems like deep truth. It’s possible that oral history as Stein practices it . . . is as close as we’re going to come to the real story of anything.”—The New York Times Book Review “Enthralling . . . brings some of [L.A.’s] biggest personalities to life . . . As she did for Edie Sedgwick in Edie: American Girl, [Stein] harnesses a gossipy chorus of voices.”—Vogue “Even if you’re a connoisseur of Hollywood tales, you’ve probably never heard these. . . . As ever, gaudy, debauched, merciless Hollywood has the power to enthrall its audience.”—The Wall Street Journal “The tales of jaw-dropping excess, cruelty, and betrayal are the stuff of movies, and the pleasures are immense.”—Vanity Fair “This riveting oral history chronicles the development of Los Angeles, from oil boomtown to Tinseltown.”—Entertainment Weekly (“Must List”) From the Hardcover edition.

The Rough Patch

The Rough Patch
Author: Daphne de Marneffe
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501118943
Pages: 368
Year: 2018-01-23
View: 327
Read: 212

From a leading clinical psychologist who has counseled couples and individuals for decades, a wise, radical, and optimistic approach to marriage that promises compatibility between an individual’s development and the often relentless demands of a relationship. People today are trying to make their marriages work over longer lives than ever before—for their children’s health and well-being, and for their own. Indeed, among the college-educated, divorce rates have declined. But staying married isn’t always easy. In the brilliant, transformative, and optimistic The Rough Patch, clinical psychologist Daphne de Marneffe explores the extraordinary pushes and pulls of midlife marriage, where our need to develop as individuals can crash headlong into the demands of our relationships. The Rough Patch is divided into chapters that address key problems that challenge marriages: money, alcohol and drugs, the stresses of parenthood, sex, extramarital affairs, lovesickness, health, aging, children leaving home, and dealing with elderly parents. De Marneffe offers readers seasoned wisdom on these difficulties, addressing the psychological, emotional, and relational capacities we must cultivate to overcome them as individuals and as couples. Blending research, interviews, and clinical experience, and writing with uncommon insight into the daily behaviors of men and women, de Marneffe dives deep into the workings of love and the structures of relationships. Every reader will find himself or herself in these pages. Intimate and sometimes gritty, The Rough Patch is an essential, compassionate resource for people trying to understand “where they are” on the continuum of marriage, giving them a chance to share in other people’s stories and struggles. With humor and deep seriousness, de Marneffe helps men and women understand themselves in order to move in the direction we’re all trying to go: a life lived with integrity, vitality, and love.

Sydney's Century

Sydney's Century
Author: Peter Spearritt
Publisher: UNSW Press
ISBN: 0868405132
Pages: 316
Year: 2000
View: 1241
Read: 782

In this lively portrait of Sydney's development, Peter Spearritt traces a century in the life of the city - from the celebrations of the Federation of Australia in 1901 to the 2000 Olympic Games. He describes the extra-ordinary growth of the city and its sprawling suburbs, and the transition from a port and a manufacturing center to an international financial hub.

Beautiful Malice

Beautiful Malice
Author: Rebecca James
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571255302
Pages: 368
Year: 2010-08-19
View: 602
Read: 234

So. Were you glad, deep down? Were you glad to be rid of her? Your perfect sister? Were you secretly glad when she was killed? Following a horrific tragedy that leaves her once perfect family devastated, Katherine Patterson moves to a new city, starts at a new school, and looks forward to a new life of quiet anonymity. But when Katherine meets the gregarious and beautiful Alice Parrie her resolution to live a solitary life becomes difficult. Katherine is unable resist the flattering attention that Alice pays her and is so charmed by Alice's contagious enthusiasm that the two girls soon become firm friends. Alice's joie de vivre is transformative; it helps Katherine forget her painful past and slowly, tentatively, Katherine allows herself to start enjoying life again. But being friends with Alice is complicated - and as Katherine gets to know her better she discovers that although Alice can be charming and generous she can also be selfish and egocentric. Sometimes, even, Alice is cruel. And when Katherine starts to wonder if Alice is really the kind of person she wants as a friend, she discovers something else about Alice - she doesn't like being cast off. Shocking and utterly absorbing, Rebecca James's strong narrative will grip readers from the very first page. BEAUTIFUL MALICE has become a publishing phenomenon, sparking numerous auctions worldwide, selling to 27 countries, and launching a previously unknown writer into the centre of the international book market.

Hollywood Gold: Films of the Forties and Fifties

Hollywood Gold: Films of the Forties and Fifties
Author: John Howard Reid
ISBN: 1411635248
Pages: 258
Year: 2005
View: 401
Read: 257

Hollywood's Golden Era? I'd pick the period from 1939 through 1960. Here are 144 classic movies from this Golden Age of the Cinema, ranging (alphabetically) from "The Admiral Was a Lady" to "You Were Never Lovelier". Other films discussed in comprehensive detail (and with full background and release information) in this book include "The Adventures of Mark Twain", "The Chase", "Daisy Kenyon", "The Ghost of Frankenstein", "Humoresque", "In Old California", "Joan of Paris", "Letter from an Unknown Woman", "Magic Town", "Nightmare Alley", The Paradine Case", "Roughly Speaking", "The Scarlet Claw", "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and "You'll Never Get Rich".

Built to Thrill

Built to Thrill
Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399184198
Pages: 208
Year: 2016
View: 1191
Read: 329

In striking full-colour photographs and engaging commentary, fans of Clive Cussler's five bestselling series can explore the personal automotive collection of the literary master of mechanical marvels. Readers will explore the history of each model and the story of how it was found and restored, not to mention notes on where some of these dazzling machines have appeared in his novels. Built to Thrill runs straight through the forties, fifties, and sixties, capturing it all.

investment in australian economic deveopment

investment in australian economic deveopment
Publisher: CUP Archive
View: 766
Read: 845

Australian Houses of the Twenties and Thirties

Australian Houses of the Twenties and Thirties
Author: Peter Cuffley
ISBN: 1741783909
Pages: 264
Year: 2007
View: 275
Read: 571

Meticulously researched book that examines the inter-war houses in all their many manifestations.

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