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Author: André Raymond
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674003160
Pages: 436
Year: 2000
View: 1301
Read: 851

The extraordinary tapestry of Cairo's past and present comes vividly to life in this magisterial study by one of the top social historians of the Arab world. This deeply observed account shows Cairo from the glimmer of its beginnings in the Arab conquest of Egypt in 640 through its transformation into the modern center of Middle Eastern life today. 63 halftones. Maps & tables.


Author: Nezar AlSayyad
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674047869
Pages: 325
Year: 2011
View: 927
Read: 1102

Nezar AlSayyad narrates the many Cairos that have existed through time, offering a panorama unmatched in temporal and geographic scope, through an in-depth examination of the city’s architecture and urban form. His narration illuminates how there can be “no one history of the city, but rather multiple, contested, and often invented histories.”


Author: Andrew Humphreys
Pages: 209
Year: 1998
View: 754
Read: 609

Describes the region's history and culture, suggests tourist attractions, and offers tips on transportation, lodging, entertainment, and shopping


Author: Max Rodenbeck
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0525562982
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-10-04
View: 416
Read: 1023

From a noted journalist who has spent much of his life in Cairo, here is a dazzling cultural excavation of that most ancient, colorful, and multifaceted of cities. The seat of pharaohs and sultans, the prize of conquerors from Alexander to Saladin to Napoleon, Cairo--nicknamed "the Victorious"--has never ceased reinventing herself. With intimate knowlege, humor, and affection, Rodenbeck takes us on an insider's tour of the magnificent city: its backstreets and bazaars, its belly-dance theaters and hashish dens, its crowded slums and fashionable salons, its incomparably rich past and its challenging future. Cairo: The City Victorious is a unique blend of travel and history, an epic, resonant work that brings one of the world's great metropolises to life in all its dusty, chaotic beauty.


Author: Maria Golia
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1861891873
Pages: 232
Year: 2004-06-04
View: 175
Read: 986

Maria Golia focuses on the present moment of Cairo, one of the world's most illustrious and irreducible cities.


Author: Andrew Beattie
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195178920
Pages: 234
Year: 2005-01
View: 642
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Cairo is ... The largest metropolis in Africa since the Middle Ages, it was in Ibn Battutah's words 'the mother of cities.' With a present-day population of around eighteen million, this sprawling metropolis is home to one thousand new migrants every day, drawn to the seething intensity of a modern, cosmopolitan capital that blends together the cultures of the Middle East and Europe. The fabled city on the banks of the River Nile, once home to pharaohs and emperors, now forms a focal point of the Islamic faith and of the Arab world. Andrew Beattie explores the turbulent past and vibrant present of this city where the enduring legacies of the ancient Egyptians, the early Coptic Church, British colonial rule and the modernist zeal of the post-independence era have all left their mark.

Cairo and its environs

Cairo and its environs
Pages: 164
Year: 1910
View: 1135
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Author: Claire E. Francy
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 977416203X
Pages: 225
Year: 2008-06-01
View: 1225
Read: 606

The guide described by The New York Times as “indispensable,†revised and updated for 2008, fills a vital niche for expatriates and Cairenes alike who need a helping hand to organize-and enjoy—the challenges of a sojourn in Cairo. The basics of daily life—finding a flat, transporting personal goods, investigating school options for children, navigating Egypt’s famous bureaucracy, and the intricacies of feeding and clothing oneself and one’s family from the local market—are all detailed here. Advice gathered from a wide range of Cairo insiders, both native and foreign, gives the reader a cornucopia of current facts on prices, neighborhoods, product availability, work and business opportunities, and the dizzying range of cultural and leisure pursuits that Cairo is famous for. The format of this edition addresses the needs of independently minded tourists, as well as residents, by the inclusion of: an A-to-Z directory of goods, services, and interests subdivided by neighborhood; a language section on the basics of Cairene Arabic; and details on shopping and sightseeing from a resident’s perspective. Cairo: The Practical Guide, now in its sixteenth edition, is the key to deciphering the complexities of living, working, and enjoying life in one of the world’s most exciting and dauntingly complex mega-cities.

Live from Cairo

Live from Cairo
Author: Ian Bassingthwaighte
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501146890
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-07-11
View: 361
Read: 1217

“A remarkable debut novel written by a promising young writer who captures vivid details and writes masterfully” (Christian Science Monitor) about an American attorney, an Egyptian translator, and an Iraqi-American resettlement officer trying to protect a refugee who finds herself trapped in Cairo during the turbulent aftermath of the Spring Awakening. Cairo, 2011. President Mubarak has just been ousted from power. The oldest city in the world is reeling from political revolution. But for the people actually living there, daily life has become wilder, more dangerous, and, occasionally, freeing. Live from Cairo is the "Eye-opening... Rich and charged” (Seattle Times) story of these people: Dalia, a strong-willed Iraqi refugee who finds herself trapped in Egypt after her petition to resettle in America with her husband is denied. Charlie, her foolhardy attorney, whose complicated feelings for Dalia have led him to forge a not-entirely-legal plan to get her out. Aos, Charlie’s translator and only friend, who spends his days trying to help people through the system and his nights in Tahrir Square protesting against it. And Hana, a young and disenchanted Iraqi-American resettlement officer, deciding whether to treat Dalia’s plight as one more piece of paperwork, or as a full-blooded human crisis. As these individuals come together, a plot is formed to help Dalia. But soon laws are broken, friendships and marriages are tested, and lives are risked. A vibrant portrait of a city in all its teeming chaos and glory, Live from Cairo is an exhilarating, electrifying debut, and a stunning testament to the unconquerable desire of people to rise above tragedy to seek love, friendship, humor, and joy. “This brilliantly conceived and artfully detailed novel…is both a comedy and tragedy of errors…Ian Bassingthwaighte’s virtuoso debut deserves the widest attention” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).

Baladi Women of Cairo

Baladi Women of Cairo
Author: Evelyn A. Early
Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers
ISBN: 1555872689
Pages: 217
Year: 1993-01-01
View: 747
Read: 556

Traditional, urban Egyptian women - baladi women - extol themselves with the proverb, A baladi woman can play with an egg and a stone without breaking the egg. Evelyn Early illustrates this and other expressions of baladi women's self-identity by observing and recording their everyday discourse and how these women - who consider themselves destitute yet savvy - handle such matters as housing, work, marriage, religion, health and life in general.

The Living Stones of Cairo

The Living Stones of Cairo
Author: Jarosław Dobrowolski
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9774246322
Pages: 105
Year: 2001
View: 204
Read: 171

This work presents a series of pen and ink sketches of historic Cairene architecture, made by a single artist over a period of ten years. The accompanying text presents the monuments as part of a larger cultural, social and historical continuum, placing the buildings in human perspective.


Author: Stanley Lane-Poole
Pages: 320
Year: 1893
View: 999
Read: 317

Cairo Fifty Years Ago

Cairo Fifty Years Ago
Author: Edward William Lane
Pages: 161
Year: 1896
View: 1050
Read: 1282


Author: Chris Womersley
Publisher: Quercus Books
ISBN: 1743530668
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-02-06
View: 992
Read: 331

'Who wants to be the same as everyone else? You don't want to be ordinary, do you?' Melbourne, 1986 Tom always imagined he was adopted. At seventeen, he flees ordinariness in small-town Australia for the city and a run-down block named Cairo. There he meets Max Cheever. Enigmatic, artistic, anarchic: he liberates Tom from the bourgeois aspiration of university and draws him into his circle of dropouts and dreamers. Through the haze of parties and politics, Tom glimpses a darker side to their vie bohme. Falling under Max's spell - and in love with his wife - he is offered an extraordinary chance: to join them in the greatest art heist of the twentieth century. Among art dealers, thieves and forgers, Tom trusts only in Max. This is his family now. But of all this summer's lessons, the cruellest will be telling what is real from what is fake. In a rush of first love, risk and a search for belonging, Chris Womersley's third novel paints a two-faced portrait of friendship and betrayal. His instinctive characterization and fine-wire tension take us to a point of brilliant, heady uncertainty - that first blind step towards adulthood.

Cairo Cosmopolitan

Cairo Cosmopolitan
Author: Diane Singerman, Paul Amar
Publisher: American University in Cairo Press
ISBN: 1617973904
Pages: 564
Year: 2009-08-01
View: 1180
Read: 1018

Bringing together a distinguished interdisciplinary group of scholars, this volume explores what happens when new forms of privatization meet collectivist pasts, public space is sold off to satisfy investor needs and tourist gazes, and the state plans for Egypt's future in desert cities while stigmatizing and neglecting Cairo's popular neighborhoods. These dynamics produce surprising contradictions and juxtapositions that are coming to define today's Middle East. The original publication of this volume launched the Cairo School of Urban Studies, committed to fusing political-economy and ethnographic methods and sensitive to ambivalence and contingency, to reveal the new contours and patterns of modern power emerging in the urban frame. Contributors: Mona Abaza, Nezar AlSayyad, Paul Amar, Walter Armbrust, Vincent Battesti, Fanny Colonna, Eric Denis, Dalila ElKerdany, Yasser Elsheshtawy, Farha Ghannam, Galila El Kadi, Anouk de Koning, Petra Kuppinger, Anna Madoeuf, Catherine Miller, Nicolas Puig, Said Sadek, Omnia El Shakry, Diane Singerman, Elizabeth A. Smith, Leïla Vignal, Caroline Williams.

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