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Caveat Fuzz

Caveat Fuzz
Author: Wolfgang Diehr
ISBN: 0937912220
Pages: 396
Year: 2012-07-01
View: 302
Read: 814

On the pleasant backwater planet of Zarathustra things had been relatively quiet since the famous duel between Jack Holloway and his recently discovered son, Morgan. Unless one considers the potential ramifications of the alien rocket ship discovered on the secondary landmass of Beta Continent. The new owners of Bowlby Inter-planetary Network (BIN) attack Ben Rainsford's governorship and the Yellowsand mining treaty with the Charterless Zarathustra Company using the recently discovered rocket and what appear to be the fossils of giant Fuzzies. If Rainsford's government is legally challenged, what will happen to the Fuzzies? Equally disturbing is the unrest evident among the Northern Beta Fuzzies. Things are brought to a head when a member of the colonial government is taken hostage by Fuzzie-tempers flare and only Jack Holloway may be able to stop hostilities before they grow into a full-out war. The government, the CZC, and the Fuzzies are all in danger as events overtake them, as Caveat Fuzzy brings to a conclusion the events related in Fuzzy Ergo Sum.

Fuzzy Sapiens

Fuzzy Sapiens
Author: H. Beam Piper
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101532726
Pages: 220
Year: 1985-09-15
View: 1009
Read: 665

H. Beam Piper's sequel to the science fiction classic Little Fuzzy. The small fuzzy species discovered on the planet Zarathustra has been declared sapient, but now that the Fuzzies are protected by law, the humans who have colonized Zarathustra have to figure out how to live with them...

Little Fuzzy

Little Fuzzy
Author: H. Beam Piper
Publisher: Sheba Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1304236250
Pages: 135
Year: 2015-05-19
View: 283
Read: 658

One day Jack Holloway, prospector on the planet Zarathustra, finds what seems to be a small monkey with golden fur; these new introductions (for the first brings a family) are tiny hunters, and prove to be curious and capable tool users. Why is this so important to the new human settlers? - Because a planet inhabited by a sapient race cannot be monopolized by the Zarathustra Company.

Fuzzy Ergo Sum

Fuzzy Ergo Sum
Author: Diehr Wolfgang
ISBN: 0937912174
Pages: 300
Year: 2011-08
View: 552
Read: 804

FUZZY ERGO SUM by Wolfgang Diehr is the first new Fuzzy sequel in almost 30 years. This revised 2nd Edition continues H. Beam Piper's most well-known and beloved series, featuring the characters readers have come to know and love, Jack Holloway, Little Fuzzy, Victor Grego, et al., who all return in this new and exciting continuation of Piper's original novel, Little Fuzzy. Things have been quiet on Zarathustra-maybe too quiet-for the Colonial Government, Jack Holloway, the Fuzzies and the Charterless Zarathustra Company for the last couple of years. Baby Fuzzy made his first kill, the sunstone agreement with the CZC has kept the planetary government in the black and the Fuzzies and humans peacefully co-exist in a nearly symbiotic relationship. All is well until several men arrive on Zarathustra with an agenda that will spell trouble for humans and Fuzzies alike. In a very short period, the Chief Colonial Prosecutor is abducted, a dangerous criminal escapes from prison and a major stockholder with a blood vendetta digs into the company's records.

The Fuzzy Conundrum

The Fuzzy Conundrum
Author: John F. Carr, Wolfgang Diehr
Publisher: Pequod Press
ISBN: 0937912662
Pages: 422
Year: 2016-05-17
View: 196
Read: 540

At the end of Caveat Fuzzy, it appeared that things had settled down on Zarathustra since the slavers' reign of terror at the Fuzzy Reservation was brought to a halt. But it is only the calm before the storm. Suddenly, Fuzzies are disappearing from the Reservation, while people are spacing in from all over the Terran Federation to the colony planet of Zarathustra. The question is why? Hundreds of spaceships, from luxurious yachts to rusty freighters, are orbiting Mallorysport and flooding the spaceport with visitors. And they only want one thing: their very own Fuzzy! Fuzzies are the cutest, cuddliest and most intelligent pet in all of known space. Now, on top of that, owning one has become the ultimate status symbol. Jack Holloway is at his wits' end. Even if he wanted to, there's no way he, or anyone else, could allow this swarm of tourists to each have their very own Fuzzy. There just aren't enough of the little critters to go around; plus, the free Fuzzies living on north Beta continent don't want a thing to do with the Big Bad Ones. However, there are a number of low-life characters who are attempting to abduct as many Fuzzies as they can for transport to Terra. Moreover, there is a new danger to Fuzzies that travel off-world: Jack and company had better figure it out before they unwittingly drive the Fuzzies to extinction!

The Adventures of Little Fuzzy

The Adventures of Little Fuzzy
Author: Benson Parker
Publisher: Platt & Munk
ISBN: 0448474964
Pages: 43
Year: 1983-01-01
View: 775
Read: 185

The Fuzzies, furry little inhabitants of the planet Zarathustra, are threatened with extermination unless their human friends can prove that they are intelligent beings with the same rights as people.

Space Viking

Space Viking
Author: H. Beam Piper
Publisher: 谷月社
Pages: 190
Year: 2015-11-08
View: 1128
Read: 945

They stood together at the parapet, their arms about each other's waists, her head against his cheek. Behind, the broad leaved shrubbery gossiped softly with the wind, and from the lower main terrace came music and laughing voices. The city of Wardshaven spread in front of them, white buildings rising from the wide spaces of green treetops, under a shimmer of sun-reflecting aircars above. Far away, the mountains were violet in the afternoon haze, and the huge red sun hung in a sky as yellow as a ripe peach. His eye caught a twinkle ten miles to the southwest, and for an instant he was puzzled. Then he frowned. The sunlight on the two thousand-foot globe of Duke Angus' new ship, the Enterprise, back at the Gorram shipyards after her final trial cruise. He didn't want to think about that, now. Instead, he pressed the girl closer and whispered her name, "Elaine," and then, caressing every syllable, "Lady Elaine Trask of Traskon." "Oh, no, Lucas!" Her protest was half joking and half apprehensive. "It's bad luck to be called by your married name before the wedding." "I've been calling you that in my mind since the night of the Duke's ball, when you were just home from school on Excalibur."...

The Android's Dream

The Android's Dream
Author: John Scalzi
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 142991470X
Pages: 400
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 235
Read: 733

A human diplomat kills his alien counterpart. Earth is on the verge of war with a vastly superior alien race. A lone man races against time and a host of enemies to find the one object that can save our planet and our people from alien enslavement... A sheep. That's right, a sheep. And if you think that's the most surprising thing about this book, wait until you read Chapter One. Welcome to The Android's Dream. For Harry Creek, it's quickly becoming a nightmare. All he wants is to do his uncomplicated mid-level diplomatic job with Earth's State Department. But his past training and skills get him tapped to save the planet--and to protect pet store owner Robin Baker, whose own past holds the key to the whereabouts of that lost sheep. Doing both will take him from lava-strewn battlefields to alien halls of power. All in a day's work. Maybe it's time for a raise. Throw in two-timing freelance mercenaries, political lobbyists with megalomaniac tendencies, aliens on a religious quest, and an artificial intelligence with unusual backstory, and you've got more than just your usual science fiction adventure story. You've got The Android's Dream. Old Man's War Series #1 Old Man’s War #2 The Ghost Brigades #3 The Last Colony #4 Zoe’s Tale #5 The Human Division #6 The End of All Things Short fiction: “After the Coup” Other Tor Books The Android’s Dream Agent to the Stars Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded Fuzzy Nation Redshirts Lock In The Collapsing Empire (forthcoming) At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

City of Bones

City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481455923
Pages: 544
Year: 2015-09
View: 401
Read: 682

Suddenly able to see demons and the Darkhunters who are dedicated to returning them to their own dimension, fifteen-year-old Clary Fray is drawn into this bizarre world when her mother disappears and Clary herself is almost killed by a monster.

Fuzzy Bones

Fuzzy Bones
Author: William Tuning, H. Beam Piper
ISBN: 0441261817
Pages: 375
Year: 1981
View: 1118
Read: 1082

The Dog Master

The Dog Master
Author: W. Bruce Cameron
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 1466842970
Pages: 416
Year: 2015-08-04
View: 577
Read: 511

From W. Bruce Cameron, the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel A Dog's Purpose, which is now a major motion picture! Set against the most dramatic time in our species' history, The Dog Master tells the story of one tribe's struggle for survival and one extraordinary man's bond with a wolf-a friendship that changed mankind forever Thirty thousand years ago, ice was storming the planet. Among the species forced out of the trees and onto the steppes by the advancing cold was modern man, who was both predator and prey. No stranger to the experiences that make us human-a mother's love and a father's betrayal, tribal war and increasing famine, political intrigue and forbidden love, joy and hope and devastating loss-our ancestors competed for scant resources in a brutal landscape. Mankind stood on the cold brink of extinction...but they had a unique advantage over other species, a new technology-domesticated wolves. Only a set of extraordinary circumstances could have transformed one of these fierce creatures into a hunting companion, a bodyguard, a solider, and a friend. The Dog Master by W. Bruce Cameron is an evocative glimpse of prehistory, an emotional coming of age saga, a thrilling tale of survival against all odds, and the exciting, imaginative story of the first dog. A Dog's Purpose Series #1 A Dog’s Purpose #2 A Dog’s Journey Other A Dog's Purpose Books Ellie's Story: A Dog’s Purpose Novel Bailey’s Story: A Dog’s Purpose Novel Molly's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel (forthcoming) The Rudy McCann Series The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man Repo Madness Other Books A Dog's Way Home (forthcoming) The Dog Master The Dogs of Christmas Emory’s Gift At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Dial C for Chihuahua

Dial C for Chihuahua
Author: Waverly Curtis
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758279671
Pages: 351
Year: 2012-10-02
View: 1120
Read: 475

Pepe, aka el Jefe, the talking Chihuahua, helps his new owner, PI Geri Sullivan, nab her first killer in the debut Barking Detective Mystery. Pepe may have soft white fur, big brown eyes, and macho attitude—but he’s no furry fashion fad. Pepe can talk—even if his new owner, Geri Sullivan, seems to be the only person who can understand him. When Geri takes her first assignment for a quirky private investigator named Jimmy G and stumbles over a Seattle millionaire’s corpse, Pepe proves to be worth his weight in liver treats. Suspicion falls on the not-so-grieving widow who wants to finance a reality TV show, Dancing with Dogs. Normally, Pepe wouldn’t be caught muerte in a sparkly costume. However, he has to sniff out the real killer and keep Geri safe. Lesser dogs might flinch. But Pepe isn’t the kind to turn tail and run . . . “Pepe is a delight!” —RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

Fuzzy Nation

Fuzzy Nation
Author: John Scalzi
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0765367033
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-03-27
View: 859
Read: 861

Discovering a gem node on a distant planet, contractor Jack Holloway believes he has become a wealthy man before encountering an indigenous race of small, furry, sentient beings who his corporate partners are determined to eliminate in order to secure their stake in the treasure.

To Be Where You Are

To Be Where You Are
Author: Jan Karon
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399183736
Pages: 450
Year: 2017
View: 1041
Read: 725

After twelve years of wrestling with the conflicts of retirement, Father Tim Kavanagh realizes he doesn't need a steady job to prove himself. Then he's given one--but what, exactly, does it prove? Meanwhile, newly married Dooley and Lace face a crisis that empties their bank account and turns their household upside down. Is the honeymoon over? Is this where real life begins? As the Mitford Muse editor stumbles on a quick fix for marital woes and the town grocer falls in love for the first time, Father Tim and Cynthia receive an invitation to yet another family wedding. But perhaps the bottom line is this- While a star blinks out in the Mitford firmament, another soon blinks on at Meadowgate, and four-year-old Jack Tyler looks forward to the biggest day of his life--for now and forever. Jan Karon weaves together the everyday lives of two families, and the cast of characters that readers around the world now love like kin.

The Complete Fuzzy

The Complete Fuzzy
Author: H. Beam Piper
Publisher: Ace Trade
ISBN: 0441005810
Pages: 454
Year: 1962
View: 995
Read: 168

Traces the friendship between human Jack Holloway and the small, golden-furred, intelligent creatures he discovered on the planet Zarathustra

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