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Fallingwater Rising

Fallingwater Rising
Author: Franklin Toker
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0307425843
Pages: 496
Year: 2007-12-18
View: 293
Read: 161

Fallingwater Rising is a biography not of a person but of the most famous house of the twentieth century. Scholars and the public have long extolled the house that Frank Lloyd Wright perched over a Pennsylvania waterfall in 1937, but the full story has never been told. When he got the commission to design the house, Wright was nearing seventy, his youth and his early fame long gone. It was the Depression, and Wright had no work in sight. Into his orbit stepped Edgar J. Kaufmann, a Pittsburgh department-store mogul–“the smartest retailer in America”–and a philanthropist with the burning ambition to build a world-famous work of architecture. It was an unlikely collaboration: the Jewish merchant who had little concern for modern architecture and the brilliant modernist who was leery of Jews. But the two men collaborated to produce an extraordinary building of lasting architectural significance that brought international fame to them both and confirmed Wright’s position as the greatest architect of the twentieth century. Fallingwater Rising is also an enthralling family drama, involving Kaufmann, his beautiful cousin/wife, Liliane, and their son, Edgar Jr., whose own role in the creation of Fallingwater and its ongoing reputation is central to the story. Involving such key figures of the l930s as Frida Kahlo, Albert Einstein, Henry R. Luce, William Randolph Hearst, Ayn Rand, and Franklin Roosevelt, Fallingwater Rising shows us how E. J. Kaufmann’s house became not just Wright’s masterpiece but a fundamental icon of American life. One of the pleasures of the book is its rich evocation of the upper-crust society of Pittsburgh–Carnegie, Frick, the Mellons–a society that was socially reactionary but luxury-loving and baronial in its tastes, hobbies, and sexual attitudes (Kaufmann had so many mistresses that his store issued them distinctive charge plates they could use without paying). Franklin Toker has been studying Fallingwater for eighteen years. No one but he could have given us this compelling saga of the most famous private house in the world and the dramatic personal story of the fascinating people who made and used it. A major contribution to both architectural and social history. From the Hardcover edition.

Words Become Worlds

Words Become Worlds
Author: E. J. Van Wolde
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004098879
Pages: 218
Year: 1994
View: 327
Read: 642

By carefully analyzing the text-semantic features of Genesis 1-11, this book offers a quite new perspective on the primaeval history: not a story concerning the human being in relation to God, nor one about the human being who falls from bad to worse, but a rather different landscape seen from the Tower of Babel as lookout. In the second part of the book the methodological framework of this text-semantic study is presented.

Breaking the Code of Project Management

Breaking the Code of Project Management
Author: A. Laufer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230619517
Pages: 267
Year: 2016-04-30
View: 421
Read: 1103

This new classic is an examination of how to refigure project management to be more efficient and effective, particularly in terms of leadership. Using a case study approach, the author, Alex Laufer presents a specific set of guidelines on how to improve the team approach to any project, be it a new airline jet or an IT project.

Atalanta in Calydon

Atalanta in Calydon
Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne
Pages: 130
Year: 1868
View: 629
Read: 635

Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics

Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics
Author: Gavriel Salvendy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470528389
Pages: 1732
Year: 2012-03-13
View: 929
Read: 241

"This is the fourth edition of the market-leading reference for human factors and ergonomics researchers, academics, and professionals. Editor Gavriel Salvendy, a well-known and respected authority, has assembled the top thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world to update this volume. It features new coverage of voice communication, multi-modal design, human-robot communication, call center design and operation, design of electronic games, and much more.Plus new and expanded coverage of Human Error and Human Reliability Analysis"--Provided by publisher.

The Memory Palace

The Memory Palace
Author: Edward Hollis
Publisher: Counterpoint
ISBN: 1619023709
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-03-18
View: 355
Read: 1051

The rooms we live in are always more than just four walls. As we decorate these spaces and fill them with objects and friends, they shape our lives and become the backdrop to our sense of self. One day, the houses will be gone, but even then, traces of the stories and the memories they contained will remain. In this dazzling work of imaginative re-construction, Edward Hollis takes us to the sites of five great spaces now lost to history and pieces together the fragments he finds there to re-create their vanished chambers. From Rome’s palatine to the old Palace of Westmisnter and the Petit Trianon at Versailles, and from the sets of the MGM studios in Hollywood to the pavilions of the Crystal Palace and his own grandmother’s sitting room, The Memory Palace is a glittering treasure trove of luminous forgotten places and the people who, for a short time, made them their home.

Islamic Desk Reference

Islamic Desk Reference
Author: E. J. Van Donzel
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004097384
Pages: 492
Year: 1994-01-01
View: 467
Read: 654

The growing demand for concise and factual information about the history and culture of Islam has now been met with the "Islamic Desk Reference," This handy one-volume work contains a condensation of the subject-matter of "The Encyclopaedia of Islam," the most prestigious and valuable reference work for Islamic studies published this century. In a brief, orderly and intelligible form the "Islamic Desk Reference" provides thus a unique and valuable quick reference tool for those interested in the religion, the believers and the countries of the Islamic world. All entries in the "Islamic Desk Reference" are given in English. Thus, names of Arabic origin which in the West were corrupted to another spelling, e.g. Ibn Sina to Avicenna, al-Kuhl to alcohol, are found under the latter term. The "Islamic Desk Reference" contains maps, diagrams and genealogical tables for easy reference, and illustrations.

Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse

Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse
Author: E. J. Tangerman
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486163474
Pages: 48
Year: 2014-05-05
View: 1274
Read: 475

With one sheet of 4 x 8 plywood, home tools, and this book, you can build a 6-room, 36 x 13 x 26 dollhouse. No great skill needed. Over 40 diagrams and photographs.

Byzantine Constantinople

Byzantine Constantinople
Author: Nevra Necipoğlu
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004116257
Pages: 363
Year: 2001
View: 1002
Read: 933

This collection of papers on the city of Constantinople by a distinguished group of Byzantine historians, art historians, and archaeologists provides new perspectives as well as new evidence on the monuments, topography, social and economic life of the Byzantine imperial capital.

Mosaic Notebook

Mosaic Notebook
Author: Wild Pages Wild Pages Press
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1717403913
Pages: 150
Year: 2018-04-24
View: 739
Read: 737

Stylish Designer Journal / Notebook. Interior 150 lined pages. Size 6"x 9". Glossy softcover. Perfect for everyday use. Perfectly spaced between lines to allow plenty of room to write. Wild Pages Press are publishers of unique journals, school exercise books, college or university lecture pads, memo books, notebooks, journals and travel journals that are a little bit quirky and different. Stunning covers, sturdy for everyday use. Great quality, we offer thousands, upon thousands of different designs to choose from. Our quality products make amazing gifts perfect for any special occasion or for a bit of luxury for everyday use. Our products are so versatile, they come in a wide range, be it the perfect travel companion, or a stylish lecture pad for college or university, cool composition and school exercise books for school, comprehensive notebook for work, or as a journal, the perfect family heirloom to be treasured for years to come. Competitively priced so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Becoming an Interior Designer

Becoming an Interior Designer
Author: Christine M. Piotrowski
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118174224
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-10-13
View: 920
Read: 867

If you're embarking upon a career in interior design, here's a highly visual overview of the profession, with in-depth material on educational requirements, design specialties, finding a job, and the many directions a career in interior design can take. Featuring informative interviews with working designers, this Second Edition includes updated educational requirements and a list of accredited interior design programs in the United States and Canada.

Iconography of Religions

Iconography of Religions
Author: Inge Kleivan
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004071601
Pages: 43
Year: 1985
View: 449
Read: 473

Includes sections on ethnographic descriptions, general observations about the religion of the Eskimos, rites of passage in the individual's life cycle, hunting rituals, ritual behaviour in social conflict, the shaman, the world picture, the Inua of the sea - the Sedna cult, other cosmic deities, fear and anxiety. Includes 48 illustrations of various rites and beliefs.

Interior Atmospheres

Interior Atmospheres
Author: Julieanna Preston
Publisher: Academy Press
ISBN: 0470512547
Pages: 128
Year: 2008-05-19
View: 496
Read: 454

What is exactly meant by "atmosphere" when describing a room? Does it refer to space, decor, lighting, or color? While often referred to in design magazines, atmosphere, and, more critically, the elements that create it, have rarely been analyzed. Written by a leading designer and academic, Interior Atmospheres, the latest issue of AD, offers an in-depth examination of the subject of interior atmosphere in three parts: the speculative, the evocative, and the conversant. In the speculative section, a number of prominent designers, such as Claudio Lazzarini and Philip Stark, "speculate" on an interior, creating original interiors. The evocative section deals with ephemeral projects and the more transient qualities of space. The conversant section features interviews with prominent designers and thinkers, including architect and theorist Joel Saunders and architect Wolf Prix. Here is a fascinating look at one of design's most compelling, yet elusive subjects for architects, interior designers, and students alike.

Dream Hoarders

Dream Hoarders
Author: Richard V. Reeves
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815735499
Pages: 240
Year: 2018-05-08
View: 202
Read: 1113

Dream Hoarders sparked a national conversation on the dangerous separation between the upper middle class and everyone else. Now in paperback and newly updated for the age of Trump, Brookings Institution senior fellow Richard Reeves is continuing to challenge the class system in America. In America, everyone knows that the top 1 percent are the villains. The rest of us, the 99 percent—we are the good guys. Not so, argues Reeves. The real class divide is not between the upper class and the upper middle class: it is between the upper middle class and everyone else. The separation of the upper middle class from everyone else is both economic and social, and the practice of “opportunity hoarding”—gaining exclusive access to scarce resources—is especially prevalent among parents who want to perpetuate privilege to the benefit of their children. While many families believe this is just good parenting, it is actually hurting others by reducing their chances of securing these opportunities. There is a glass floor created for each affluent child helped by his or her wealthy, stable family. That glass floor is a glass ceiling for another child. Throughout Dream Hoarders, Reeves explores the creation and perpetuation of opportunity hoarding, and what should be done to stop it, including controversial solutions such as ending legacy admissions to school. He offers specific steps toward reducing inequality and asks the upper middle class to pay for it. Convinced of their merit, members of the upper middle class believes they are entitled to those tax breaks and hoarded opportunities. After all, they aren’t the 1 percent. The national obsession with the super rich allows the upper middle class to convince themselves that they are just like the rest of America. In Dream Hoarders, Reeves argues that in many ways, they are worse, and that changes in policy and social conscience are the only way to fix the broken system.

Interior Design

Interior Design
Author: Katherine S. Ankerson, Jill Pable
Publisher: Fairchild Books
Pages: 300
Year: 2008-02-04
View: 966
Read: 883

Interior Design: Practical Strategies for Teaching and Learning provides a pedagogical approach specifically geared to instruction in interior design. Combining theory with practical application and examples unique to the interior design discipline, the unifying theme of the book is achieving excellence in design education. For first-time teachers whose formal training as educators is more limited than their expertise in the discipline of interior design, this text serves as a primary, specialized resource. For both new and seasoned teachers, it is a handy, just-in-time reference for those sticky situations when one needs a fresh perspective in teaching an idea in a new way. The text is enriched by case studies; grading rubrics and student critiques; definitions of educational jargon; tables and graphs; photos of teaching-related activities and spaces; and a bibliography for further information on teaching and learning topics.

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