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Escape to the Cotswolds

Escape to the Cotswolds
Author: Natalie Kleinman
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008259275
Year: 2017-06-21
View: 273
Read: 795

Can love blossom in the countryside?

A Country Escape

A Country Escape
Author: Katie Fforde
Publisher: Arrow
ISBN: 009957943X
Pages: 416
Year: 2019-02-21
View: 1227
Read: 1204

A YEAR IN THE COUNTRY. A YEAR TO FALL IN LOVE. The BRAND NEW deliciously romantic novel from the Sunday Times Number One Bestselling Author of A Summer At Sea and A Secret Garden. Fran has always wanted to be a farmer, so how she ended up a chef in London is anyone's guess. But her childhood dream is about to come true. She has just moved in to a beautiful but very run-down farm in the Cotswolds, currently owned by an old aunt who has told Fran that if she manages to turn the place around in a year, the farm will be hers. But Fran knows nothing about farming. She might even be afraid of cows. She's going to need a lot of help from her best friend Issi, and also from her wealthy and very eligible neighbour - who might just have his own reasons for being so supportive. Is it the farm he is interested in? Or Fran herself? Warm, funny and wonderfully romantic, this is Katie Forde at her very best.

Escape to Willow Cottage

Escape to Willow Cottage
Author: Bella Osborne
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN: 0008181020
Pages: 464
Year: 2017-08-10
View: 795
Read: 996

The Escape to Willow Cottage was originally published as a four-part serial. This is the complete story in one package. A cosy and heartwarming seasonal romance, perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley. Beth is running away. With her young son Leo to protect, Willow Cottage is the lifeline she so desperately needs. Overlooking the village green in a beautiful Cotswolds idyll, Beth sees a warm, caring and safe place for little Leo. When she finally uncovers the cottage from underneath the boughs of a weeping willow tree, Beth realises this is far more of a project than she bargained for and the locals are more than a little eccentric! A chance encounter with gruff Jack, who appears to be the only male in the village under thirty, leaves the two of them at odds but it's not long before Beth realises that Jack has hidden talents that could help her repair more than just Willow Cottage. Over the course of four seasons, Beth realises that broken hearts can be mended, and sometimes love can be right under your nose... Escape to Willow Cottage was originally digitally published as a four-part serial under the title Willow Cottage. This is the complete story.

Deception in the Cotswolds

Deception in the Cotswolds
Author: Rebecca Tope
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0749010355
Pages: 400
Year: 2011-04-11
View: 669
Read: 371

In the wake of a series of unfortunate experiences house-sitting in the Cotswolds, Thea Osborne, accompanied by her spaniel Hepzibah, is perhaps over-optimistic about the English summertime and the possibilities of her latest assignment - house-sitting for transatlantic reptile breeder Harriet Young. However the region's bucolic charms prove to be more than deceptive, as Thea is thrust once more into the heart of a Cotswold mystery. Despite the ease with which Thea's new assignment in the secluded village of Cranham begins, she soon finds a dark side to the characters she encounters. From the elderly Donny Davis to the enigmatic figure of Edwina, Thea begins to realise that Harriet Young's beloved geckoes are not the only cold-blooded creatures at large in Cranham. Family intrigue, murder and suicide combine to give Thea a decidedly challenging summer in the Heart of England . . .

A Cotswold Christmas

A Cotswold Christmas
Author: Kate Hewitt
Publisher: Tule Publishing
ISBN: 1945879203
Year: 2016-10-17
View: 842
Read: 1033

Welcome to Wychwood-on-Lea… a not-too-quaint village where frosty evenings, welcoming fires, and second chances will make this a Christmas you’ll never forget. Anna Vere has escaped to the Cotswolds for Christmas to try to heal from her broken engagement and, far worse, her broken dreams. When her reserved room at a bed & breakfast is flooded, she takes up the offer of camping out in Willoughby Close, the converted stables of the nearby manor house… and is taken under the wing of sexy local carpenter Colin Heath. What starts out as merely helping a neighbor in need turns into far more as Colin and Anna share a surprisingly intense and emotional connection, weaving their own Christmas magic as they spend the holiday together. But Anna has a secret she’s scared to reveal, something that could destroy the fragile bond they’ve just created, and Colin knows she’s only in England for a short time. Can these two sudden soul mates risk their hearts for a love that has yet to be tried and tested? Get swept away by this poignant and heartwarming story, set in beautiful Wychwood-on-Lea, in the English Cotswolds. And look forward to four more books set in Willoughby Close, where everyday miracles and happily-ever-afters are guaranteed.

Cycling in the Cotswolds

Cycling in the Cotswolds
Author: Chiz Dakin
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1783620439
Pages: 208
Year: 2014-03-17
View: 888
Read: 364

Packed with routes right across the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this guidebook is all you need to explore the lanes and tracks of this much-loved area on two wheels - off-road on your mountain bike or on-road on your road bike or a bit of both on hybrid/sturdy bike. 21 day routes are included, illustrated with clear custom-drawn maps and profiles, as well as a 4-day 200km tour which takes in all the Cotswolds' best highlights. Routes are arranged by difficulty, ranging from moderate to challenging, and full information is provided for the novice cyclist on first aid, bike maintenance, gear to take or hire and much more. There are also comprehensive lists of local gear and cycle shops passed along the routes, and information about where to stop for vital refreshment, too. With a good network of quiet lanes and canal paths and dramatic views from the top of the famous limestone escarpment, the Edge, the pretty Cotswold villages are the perfect base for a cycling holiday.

The Traveller's Daybook

The Traveller's Daybook
Author: Fergus Fleming
Publisher: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 0857899287
Pages: 480
Year: 2011-11-01
View: 737
Read: 810

A masterly anthology of extracts from the journals and writings of travelers, explorers, and adventurers throughout history, taking the reader on one unforgettable journey for each day of the yearInviting readers to cross ocean, desert, mountain, and ice-cap in the company of the world's greatest explorers, wanderers, and writers, this day-by-day anthology of travel writing ranges widely across time as well as place: from Christopher Columbus's "discovery" of the West Indies in 1492 to Anton Chekhov's journey through Siberia in the 19th century and on to Wilfred Thesiger's wanderings in Arabia's "empty quarter" in the 1940s. Each quoted extract is accompanied by a brief commentary that intro­duces the writer and establishes the context of the excerpt, while integrated paintings and black and white etchings chime with the period of the chosen extracts. The itinerary offers the astonishment of the 17th-century diarist John Evelyn on beholding the size of women's shoes in Venice; the stoic courage of Captain Scott facing death at 40 degrees below zero; the exasperation of Dylan Thomas at find­ing himself in a "stifflipped, liverish, British Guest House in puking Abadan;" and the philosophical introspection of Fridtjof Nansen as he drifts in an "interminable and rigid world" of Arctic ice. Readers will find Napoleon's travel tips to his niece, a flight over Germany with Hitler, and an ex-pat dinner in Morocco where human blood is served from the fridge by the pint. Covering the whole calendar, including leap years, these 366 journeys are by turn lyrical, witty, tragic, and bizarre—but always entertaining.

The Cotswolds Cookery Club: A Taste of Italy

The Cotswolds Cookery Club: A Taste of Italy
Author: Alice Ross
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008244936
Pages: 180
Year: 2017-07-21
View: 772
Read: 849

The perfect recipe for happiness?

Cider with Rosie

Cider with Rosie
Author: Laurie Lee
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497641349
Pages: 215
Year: 2014-06-10
View: 928
Read: 928

This international-bestselling memoir of childhood in post–World War I rural England is one of the most endearing portraits of youth in all literature. Three years old and wrapped in a Union Jack to protect him from the sun, Laurie Lee arrived in the village of Slad in the final summer of the First World War. The cottage his mother had rented for three and sixpence a week had neither running water nor electricity, but it was surrounded by a lovely half-acre garden and, most importantly, it was big enough for the seven children in her care. It was here, in a verdant valley tucked into the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, that Laurie Lee learned to look at life with a painter’s eye and a poet’s heart—qualities of vision that, decades later, would make him one of England’s most cherished authors. In this vivid recollection of a magical time and place, water falls from the scullery pump “sparkling like liquid sky.” Autumn is more than a season—it is a land eternally aflame, like Moses’s burning bush. Every midnight, on a forlorn stretch of heath, a phantom carriage reenacts its final, wild ride. And, best of all, the first secret sip of cider, “juice of those valleys and of that time,” leads to a boy’s first kiss, “so dry and shy, it was like two leaves colliding in air.” An instant classic when it was first published in 1959, Cider with Rosie is one of the most endearing and evocative portraits of youth in all of literature. The first installment in an autobiographical trilogy that includes As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning and A Moment of War, it is also a heartfelt and lyrical ode to England, and to a way of life that may belong to the past, but will never be forgotten.

Twenty First Century Cotswolds

Twenty First Century Cotswolds
Author: Pippa Paton
Publisher: Momentum Books LLC
ISBN: 1911475142
Pages: 256
Year: 2018-06-29
View: 807
Read: 1270

"Twenty First Century Cotswolds, the first book from award-winning interior designer and spatial planner Pippa Paton, showcases the diversity of buildings in England s famously bucolic Cotswolds region, as well as the ways people choose to live in them. An exploration of the breadth of styles that fall under the heading of contemporary design, Twenty First Century Cotswolds provides insight into how these beautiful buildings can be transformed sympathetically for life today. The habitable structures of the Cotswolds may be hundreds of years old, but the way we live has changed dramatically over the centuries. Today the predominant desire is for open-plan, multifunctional family homes, and for inhabiting living spaces in completely new ways. An underlying demand for functionality, communication, ease of living, highend technology and luxurious amenities has also shaped the way homes are being designed and redesigned. Twenty First Century Cotswolds demonstrates a less invasive, specialist approach to transforming properties with ancient character for contemporary living. The focus has shifted towards exposing, enhancing and protecting the historical features and materials of these buildings, and celebrating their individual nature."--

Walled Gardens

Walled Gardens
Author: Jules Hudson
Publisher: Pavilion Books
ISBN: 1911358480
Year: 2018-07-03
View: 1286
Read: 476

BBC presenter Jules Hudson (Countryfile, Escape to the Country) is passionate about walled gardens. In this book, he looks at walled gardens throughout England and Wales and explores their history, innovative design and cultural heritage. The walled garden was once an essential component of every country house, its shelter providing ideal conditions for growing food, flowers and medicine. This book from the National Trust looks at walled gardens throughout England and Wales and explores their history, innovative design and cultural heritage. Walled gardens are a feature of British gardening history. In the late 18th century, gardens became status symbols, with aristocrats vying to grow ever more exotic fruits – ushering in innovations such as glasshouses and even heated walls. With the First and Second World Wars many of these gardens fell into disrepair, but renovated ones feature at many key National Trust properties and remain a source of pride and fascination today.

Peril in the Cotswolds

Peril in the Cotswolds
Author: Rebecca Tope
Publisher: Allison & Busby Ltd
ISBN: 074902173X
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-08-24
View: 859
Read: 193

Thea Slocombe, formerly Osborne, is trying to settle into normal family life with Drew and his two children in the village of Broad Campden. But any sense of cosy domesticity is shattered when Thea finds the body of a neighbour. No longer a house-sitter, Thea has no choice but to stay in the village and deal with whatever happens next, even when this risks damage to her marriage. Unconvinced that the swift conclusion made about the death by the police is the right one, Thea is compelled to follow her nature and investigate herself. But what repercussions might there be for her, Drew and those with whom they share this corner of the Cotswolds?

Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds

Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds
Author: Victoria Summerley
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 0711235279
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-02-01
View: 541
Read: 841

Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds is a captivating photographic portrait of the greatest British gardens and the lords, ladies and gardeners who own and manage them, with a focus on Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. It features 20 gardens designed by some of the leading contemporary garden designers from across the world. Accompanying the photographs are be essays on the design and planting that explain the designers' inspiration and passion alongside historical and factual information. This is a very personal view by photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas and journalist Victoria Summerley, both residents of a corner of England with more than its fair share of beautiful and interesting gardens. Some of the gardens are strictly private, while others are regularly open to visitors, but all can now be savored and enjoyed along with those who know them best.

Walking in the Cotswolds

Walking in the Cotswolds
Author: Damian Hall
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1783623330
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-04-30
View: 629
Read: 1133

A guidebook to 30 circular walks in the Cotswolds, the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England. Ranging from 4 to 12 miles in length, the routes are graded from easy to strenuous, offering something for every walker. Fourteen of the routes described include sections of the Cotswold Way National Trail, a 102-mile walk that winds its way from Chipping Campden to Bath. Step-by-step route descriptions are accompanied by 1:50,000 mapping. There is plenty of information on the many points of interest passed en route, including Roman ruins, ancient stone circles, Neolithic long barrows and historic villages. Also included is a useful route table summary, information on accommodation, and details on the region's geology, landscape, plants and wildlife. Covering 790 square miles, the Cotswolds is home to lush green hills, picturesque valleys and beautiful beech woodlands. The impressive Edge - a remarkable limestone escarpment - offers ethereal views across the Vales of the Severn, Berkeley and Gloucester to the Malverns and the distant mountains of Wales.

Escape from Desire

Escape from Desire
Author: Penny Jordan
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488028818
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-01-01
View: 271
Read: 657

Re-read this classic romance by New York Times bestselling author Penny Jordan! When Tamara's Caribbean holiday turned into a nightmare, there was only one man she could turn to—Zach Fletcher! With their lives in jeopardy, in the heat of the jungle, Zach took Tamara's innocence for his own. They escaped from danger—but not from the consequences of their passion! Neither of them could know that their heated fling would leave Tamara pregnant. Reunited in London, Tamara is reminded of the claim Zach has on her body. And he'll do anything to prove their chemistry means more than just an affair… Originally published in 1982

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