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Quick and Easy Cross-Stitch Gf

Quick and Easy Cross-Stitch Gf
Author: Dorothea Hall
Publisher: Mark Pub
ISBN: 0937769282
Pages: 48
Year: 1992-12-01
View: 567
Read: 1164

Includes how-to information.

Artistic Circles

Artistic Circles
Author: Charlotte Gere
Publisher: Victoria & Albert Museum
Pages: 240
Year: 2010-06-01
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Artists' houses and their gardens formed a distinct and influential strand in Victorian architecture and decoration, eliciting public interest and coverage in the popular press of the day. The artist's home and its contents were essential components of the Aesthetic Movement, in which artists - as home-owners, interior designers, producers and consumers - drove the movement into the mainstream. Artists such as Frederic Leighton, G.F.Watts, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones were the product of the phenomenon of the Victorian art world which brought fame and public adulation to its most successful exponents. "Artistic Circles" takes the unique approach of examining Aestheticism from a social perspective and reveals how the art movement influenced the development of domestic building and homemaking for an emerging section of Victorian society, the educated middle-class professional.

Crafting a Modern World

Crafting a Modern World
Author: Kurt Helfrich, William Whitaker
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 1568985835
Pages: 364
Year: 2006-10-12
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There appears to be no end in sight to the ongoing love affair with mid-century modern design. Still, it's curious that we keep hearing the same names again and again while so much inspiring work waits for its "moment" to be discovered. Antonin and Nomi Raymond are now ready for their close-up. Crafting a Modern World is the first comprehensive book in English on the duo that creatively transformed design from 1917 to 1966. Best known for a series of finely detailed structures built in Japan during the 1930s, the Raymonds had prolific careers that included designs for factories, office buildings, churches, and schools as well as furniture, fabrics, and graphic design. The Raymonds combined their European modern roots with the vernacular craft traditions they discovered in regions as diverse as Japan, India, and rural Pennsylvania. They also collaborated with some of the twentieth century's leading thinkers and artists, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Cass Gilbert, Isamu Noguchi, George Nakashima, and Fernand Lger. Inspired by the conventions of traditional Japanese buildings, they brought a high level of attention to craft to all their work, from churches in Chicago and Karuizawa to the Tokyo Tennis Club, the Pacific Cable Company Station in Guam, the Golconde Dormitory in India, and houses throughout the northeastern U.S., including their own modernist interventions at a rural farmhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Four essays round out this thorough examination of the Raymonds' careersa missing and enchanting chapter in the history of mid-century modern design.

Geotechnical Engineering of Dams, 2nd Edition

Geotechnical Engineering of Dams, 2nd Edition
Author: Robin Fell, Patrick MacGregor, David Stapledon, Graeme Bell, Mark Foster
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203387317
Pages: 1348
Year: 2014-11-25
View: 647
Read: 644

Geotechnical Engineering of Dams, 2nd edition provides a comprehensive text on the geotechnical and geological aspects of the investigations for and the design and construction of new dams and the review and assessment of existing dams. The main emphasis of this work is on embankment dams, but much of the text, particularly those parts related to geology, can be used for concrete gravity and arch dams. All phases of investigation, design and construction are covered. Detailed descriptions are given from the initial site assessment and site investigation program through to the preliminary and detailed design phases and, ultimately, the construction phase. The assessment of existing dams, including the analysis of risks posed by those dams, is also discussed. This wholly revised and significantly expanded 2nd edition includes a lengthy new appendix on the assessment of the likelihood of failure of dams by internal erosion and piping. This valuable source on dam engineering incorporates the 200+ years of collective experience of the authors in the subject area. Design methods are presented in combination with their theoretical basis, to enable the reader to develop a proper understanding of the possibilities and limitations of a method. For its practical, well-founded approach, this work can serve as a useful guide for professional dam engineers and engineering geologists and as a textbook for university students.

The Art of G.F. Watts

The Art of G.F. Watts
Author: Nicholas Tromans
ISBN: 1911300075
Pages: 112
Year: 2017-02-02
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Published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of G.F. Watts, this book provides a lively and engaging introduction to one of the most charismatic figures in the history of British art. Covering all aspects of Watts's career, it places him back at the center of the visual culture of the 19th century. George Frederic Watts (1817-1904) was one of the great artists of the 19th century. As a young man Watts exhibited alongside Turner, and by the end of his long career he was influential upon Picasso. Sculptor, portraitist and creator of classic Symbolist imagery, Watts was seen also as more than an artist - a philanthropic visionary whose art charted the progress of humanity in the modern world. After four years in Italy in the 1840s, Watts was recognized as a Renaissance master reborn in the Victorian age. Nicknamed 'Signor', and working in isolation from the mainstream commercial art-world, he became a cult figure, obsessively returning to a series of subjects describing the fundamental themes of existence - love, life, death, hope. Engaging in turn with Romanticism, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Aesthetic Movement and Symbolism, Watts remained true to his own personal vision of the evolution of humanity. As a portraitist, Watts set out to capture the essence of the great characters of 19th-century Britain, donating his finest portraits to the National Portrait Gallery in London. Watts's portraits of figures such as William Morris, John Stuart Mill and the poets Tennyson and Swinburne have become the classic images of these cultural celebrities, while more intimate portraits such as Choosing, showing the artist's first wife, the actress Ellen Terry, are among the most popular of all British portraits. During the 1880s Watts emerged from his cult status to be embraced by the public. Feted as the great modern master, even as "England's Michelangelo," he was given large retrospective exhibitions in London and at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. His reputation grew also in Europe, where the Symbolists revered him as one of their great exemplars. Watts's most celebrated works, such as Love and Life, Hope, and the epic sculpture Physical Energy, were reproduced globally and their fame was unsurpassed within contemporary art in the years around 1900. By this time, Watts had acquired a country home in Surrey - Limnerslease - around which he and his second wife, the designer Mary Watts, built a type of utopian settlement, which has recently been restored and opened to the public as Watts Gallery - Artists' Village. By the end of his life Watts was a national figure, an inspirational artist who had found a meaningful role for art as a catalyst for social change and community integration.

Interior landscape design

Interior landscape design
Author: Nelson Hammer
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Pages: 288
Year: 1991
View: 340
Read: 1260

Paul Tuttle designs

Paul Tuttle designs
Author: Marla Berns, Paul Tuttle, Michael Darling, Kurt Gerard Frederick Helfrich
Publisher: Univ of California Santa
Pages: 187
Year: 2003
View: 175
Read: 858

"Paul Tuttle Designs surveys Tuttle's 50-year career, primarily as a furniture designer, showcasing more than 60 examples of seating and tables, and highlighting five homes he designed in Santa Barbara early in his career. Paul Tuttle's (1918-2002) impress"


Author: Morrissey
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 014310750X
Pages: 457
Year: 2014
View: 197
Read: 524

"Spend the day in bed" with Autobiography by Morrissey, whose new album Low in High School is out November 17th Steven Patrick Morrissey was born in Manchester on May 22nd 1959. Singer-songwriter and co-founder of the Smiths (1982-1987), Morrissey has been a solo artist for twenty-six years, during which time he has had three number 1 albums in England in three different decades. Achieving eleven Top 10 albums (plus nine with the Smiths), his songs have been recorded by David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, Marianne Faithfull, Chrissie Hynde, Thelma Houston, My Chemical Romance and Christy Moore, amongst others. An animal protectionist, in 2006 Morrissey was voted the second greatest living British icon by viewers of the BBC, losing out to Sir David Attenborough. In 2007 Morrissey was voted the greatest northern male, past or present, in a nationwide newspaper poll. In 2012, Morrissey was awarded the Keys to the City of Tel-Aviv. It has been said "Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that Morrissey has reached in his lifetime."

Sticks 'n Stones 'n Dinosaur Bones

Sticks 'n Stones 'n Dinosaur Bones
Author: Ted Enik
Publisher: Unhinged History
ISBN: 0764353942
Pages: 48
Year: 2017-09-28
View: 497
Read: 1121

The first book in the Unhinged History series is a ripping yarn -- full of adventure and deceit -- that brings to life the best-known public spat in all of paleontology: the bitter rivalry between Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh. This frenzy of discovery and one-upmanship -- known today as the Bone Wars -- was a gold rushlike scramble to find the most and "best" dinosaur fossils, thus bringing to glory to their respective home-base universities. Lively and witty rhymes plus wonderfully demented illustrations reveal how the paleontologists' infamous rivalry began, and how -- despite making genuine and lasting contributions to the field -- their mutual obsession with outdoing one another spun out of control.

American Business Values

American Business Values
Author: Gerald F Cavanagh
Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed
ISBN: 0133071537
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-02-27
View: 482
Read: 618

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. For undergraduate business ethics, social responsibility in business, or business and society courses. Business is a Human Endeavor, Where Every Decision and Action Has a Personal Result for All Individuals Involved The primary focus of this book is on American business values, but it also examines how those values are influencing people throughout the world, and how American values are, in turn, being influenced by other people. American Business Values helps readers to formulate their own values and goals. It challenges them to examine problems and to be aware of biases. It provides the tools to make informed ethical judgments and tells them what is required to form good moral habits and character. The Sixth Edition adds new elements that discuss the changing values of industrialized nations and detail the interaction between the values of an employer and employee. Chapters have been updated and rewritten to reflect the latest research and newest trends.

Interior Atmospheres

Interior Atmospheres
Author: Julieanna Preston
Publisher: Academy Press
ISBN: 0470512547
Pages: 128
Year: 2008-05-19
View: 824
Read: 1321

What is exactly meant by "atmosphere" when describing a room? Does it refer to space, decor, lighting, or color? While often referred to in design magazines, atmosphere, and, more critically, the elements that create it, have rarely been analyzed. Written by a leading designer and academic, Interior Atmospheres, the latest issue of AD, offers an in-depth examination of the subject of interior atmosphere in three parts: the speculative, the evocative, and the conversant. In the speculative section, a number of prominent designers, such as Claudio Lazzarini and Philip Stark, "speculate" on an interior, creating original interiors. The evocative section deals with ephemeral projects and the more transient qualities of space. The conversant section features interviews with prominent designers and thinkers, including architect and theorist Joel Saunders and architect Wolf Prix. Here is a fascinating look at one of design's most compelling, yet elusive subjects for architects, interior designers, and students alike.

The Splendor of Cuba

The Splendor of Cuba
Author: Michael Connors, Michael W. Connors
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 0847835677
Pages: 320
Year: 2011
View: 1132
Read: 990

An unprecedented tour of stunning and architecturally significant Cuban palacios, mansions, and private homes that have been meticulously preserved, previously un-photographed, and inaccessible to visitors. At a time when more travelers are rediscovering Cuba, this lavishly illustrated volume offers a different view of the island's cultural achievements. It presents not the Cuba of Castro's era, with its derelict buildings and peeling paint, but the opulent world of the Spanish Creole aristocracy of the colonial period, with its Mudejar craftsmanship and baroque palacios, the sugarcane plantations (ingenios) and coffee plantations (cafetales), and classically inspired grand mansions. Exceptional preservation work has kept these villas in the magnificent state in which they were first envisioned. The photographs, shot exclusively for this book, show examples in each area of the island-from the interiors and exteriors in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, and Pinar del Rio to close-up details of courtyards, balconies, galleries, balustrades, grilles, and louvered doors in Trinidad, Matanzas, and Holguin. One featured home is Finca Vigia (“Lookout House”), the former residence of Ernest Hemingway.

Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, Global Edition

Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, Global Edition
Author: Gene F. Franklin, J Powell, Abbas Emami-Naeini
Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed
ISBN: 1292068914
Pages: 880
Year: 2015-02-27
View: 594
Read: 614

For senior-level or first-year graduate-level courses in control analysis and design, and related courses within engineering, science, and management Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems covers the material that every engineer, and most scientists and prospective managers, needs to know about feedback control–including concepts like stability, tracking, and robustness. Each chapter presents the fundamentals along with comprehensive, worked-out examples, all within a real-world context and with historical background information. The authors also provide case studies with close integration of MATLAB throughout. Teaching and Learning Experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. It will provide: An Understandable Introduction to Digital Control: This text is devoted to supporting students equally in their need to grasp both traditional and more modern topics of digital control. Real-world Perspective: Comprehensive Case Studies and extensive integrated MATLAB/SIMULINK examples illustrate real-world problems and applications. Focus on Design: The authors focus on design as a theme early on and throughout the entire book, rather than focusing on analysis first and design much later.

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science
Author: Allen Kent
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824720636
Pages: 500
Year: 1998-09-15
View: 594
Read: 261

Adaptive Clustering of Hypermedia Documents to Using the World Wide Web at the Reference Desk

Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Author: George Francis Dow
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486255654
Pages: 293
Year: 1935
View: 545
Read: 1277

Comprehensive account of 17th-century life describes early dwellings, furnishings, trade, crime, punishment, more. Contemporary records; over 100 historic pictures.