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Gesundheit aus dem Thermomix

Gesundheit aus dem Thermomix
Author: Elisabeth Engler
ISBN: 3934473814
Pages: 80
Year: 2016-02-29
View: 236
Read: 185

Weight Training For Dummies

Weight Training For Dummies
Author: Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118052714
Pages: 408
Year: 2011-03-03
View: 173
Read: 820

Naturheilsalben Selbstgemacht

Naturheilsalben Selbstgemacht
Author: Elisabeth Engler
ISBN: 3934473210
Pages: 70
Year: 2013-01
View: 1239
Read: 608

Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris
Author: Nathalie Benezet
ISBN: 1742705960
Pages: 100
Year: 2013
View: 807
Read: 1163

A culturally evocative collection of bite-sized foods is inspired by the author's family kitchen memories in the Auvergne region and includes such options as miniature Croque Monsieur, Foie Gras Burgers and Melting Chocolate Cake.

Garnishing and Decoration

Garnishing and Decoration
Author: Rudolf Biller
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471289884
Pages: 160
Year: 1988-01-01
View: 1138
Read: 894

Teaches a wide array of classic and modern ways for decorating food for attractive presentation

The Tortoise and Turtle Feeding Manual

The Tortoise and Turtle Feeding Manual
Author: A. C. Highfield
ISBN: 1873943237
Pages: 52
Year: 2000
View: 1175
Read: 174

This text collates detailed articles and papers on the dietary management of tortoises and turtles. It addresses the problems that every keeper faces when attempting to provide optimum diets in captive situations. The topics covered include: the causes and prevention of lumpy shell syndrome and bone deformities; calcium and the D3 metabolism; protein and energy requirements; miscellaneous trace elements; the role of vitamins and supplements; wild foods for captive tortoises; grasses and hay for savannah species; feeding box and wood turtles; and growing perfect hatchlings. The photographs show the incorrect and correct development of tortoises and turtles.

Paleo Smoothies

Paleo Smoothies
Author: Alan Roettinger
Publisher: Healthy Living Publications
ISBN: 1570678847
Pages: 48
Year: 2014-08-25
View: 918
Read: 1083

This booklet shows how to maintain your paleo diet while enjoying refreshing smoothies that follow paleo approved guidelines! Substituting nut milks for dairy and soy milk and incorporating primal leafy greens and chia seeds,a ancient staple of Mesoamerica, are a few of the ways that paleo smoothies can pack nutrients. They're the perfect drink to stave off hunger, stimulate your senses or pick-you-up any time of day.

Known to Evil

Known to Evil
Author: Walter Mosley
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297860496
Pages: 320
Year: 2010-03-18
View: 528
Read: 902

Mosley and his new hero return, in a series that's already being hailed as a classic of contemporary noir. A mystery caller sends Leonid McGill to an uptown address 'just to check a girl's OK'. There's no explanation -- just a name, Angelique -- a reward, and the chilling knowledge that he's working for Rinaldo Alphonse, the most feared man in New York. What LT finds is a crime scene. A girl lies with her face blown off, her assassin felled by a knife. But the dead girl isn't the one LT was sent to find, and her killer's injuries don't make sense. The next day Alphonse comes calling: LT must find Angelique before the assassin's assassin tracks her down. Alphonse isn't the only one who wants a bit of LT's time -- the NYPD, finding his appearance too convenient, think they can finally put away the thorn in their side. But why do so many people want a piece of the apparently normal, clean-living Angelique? And why is the mafia coming after McGill, linking his sons -- shy Dmitri and streetwise Twill -- to the escape of a sex-trafficked Belarussian girl? As both plots career towards a thrilling finale, McGill must put his street know-how and book of lethal contacts to the test, while haunted by the reappearance of a face from his crooked past and his wife Katrina's continued infidelities.


Author: Loukie Werle, Jill Cox, Peter Mirams
Publisher: Hf Ullmann
ISBN: 3848000180
Pages: 384
Year: 2012
View: 551
Read: 314


Group and Team Coaching

Group and Team Coaching
Author: Christine Thornton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317410718
Pages: 282
Year: 2016-05-17
View: 1300
Read: 1320

Group and Team Coaching offers a new perspective on the ‘secret life of groups’, the subconscious and non-verbal processes through which people learn and communicate in groups and teams. Updated with new research and including a wealth of vignettes and case studies, it will be essential reading for coaches who work with groups and teams as well as leaders commissioning coaching; the second edition features new guidance for leaders and managers, an updated introduction and new expanded practical sections on working with teams, working on the phone, and supervising and being supervised. Christine Thornton uses key concepts from psychology, group analysis and systems theory as well as her own extensive experience to give practical advice, including: The invisible processes of group dynamics Pitfalls of team coaching and how to avoid them How to design coaching interventions Common dilemmas Ethics and supervision.

Women who Write

Women who Write
Publisher: Merrell Pub Limited
Pages: 152
Year: 2007
View: 460
Read: 992

Looks at the literary contribution of various of women authors throughout the ages.

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