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Interior landscape design

Interior landscape design
Author: Nelson Hammer
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Pages: 288
Year: 1991
View: 172
Read: 549

Box of Cigar Bands

Box of Cigar Bands
Author: James C. McComb Sinclair
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
ISBN: 0764349872
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-12-28
View: 1325
Read: 1054

This charming collection of over 700 Victorian-era cigar bands spans the time period from about 1880 to 1910, the golden age of German lithography and American and Cuban cigar band printing and the height of the workmanship of this beautiful art form. The bands illustrate US presidents, European royalty, noted world personalities, and many others, all in detailed and gilded illustrations. The bands are shown exactly as displayed in the ledger of a young man born in Philadelphia in the late 1800s. Enjoy leafing through this cigar band time capsule.

Ohio Historic Places Dictionary

Ohio Historic Places Dictionary
Author: Editorial Staff, State History Publications, LLC
Publisher: North American Book Dist LLC
ISBN: 187859270X
Pages: 918
Year: 2008
View: 1249
Read: 1069

OHIO HISTORIC PLACES DICTIONARY contains all the latest listings on all the recognized Historic Places in the Buckeye State. The entries in the reference work were obtained from the official list of the National Register of Historic Places in Washington DC. The National Register of Historic Places is a government program designed to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate and protect historic and archeological properties. The properties include historic - districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, engineering and culture.OHIO HISTORIC PLACES DICTIONARY is arranged alphabetically by county name. The county arrangement allows patrons to find many historic places by where they live and/or counties they want to research in Ohio. An easy to use Place Index lists the cities and towns alphabetically to locate all the historic places in any town or city in Ohio. This reference work contains photographs that add visual quality to the text.

Biological Control: Measures of Success

Biological Control: Measures of Success
Author: G. Gurr, S.D. Wratten, Steve Wratten
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402010524
Pages: 429
Year: 2002-10-31
View: 844
Read: 419

As well as examining successful biological control programmes this book analyses why the majority of attempts fail. Off-target and other negative effects of biological control are also dealt with. Chapters contributed by leading international researchers and practitioners in all areas of biological control afford the book a breadth of coverage and depth of analysis not possible with a single author volume. Combined with the use of other experts to review chapters and editorial oversight to ensure thematic integrity of the volume, this book provides the most authoritative analysis of biological control published. Key aspects addressed include how success may be measured, how successful biological control has been to date and how may it be made more successful in the future. With extensive use of contemporary examples, photographs, figures and tables this book will be invaluable to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as being a `must' for all involved in making biological control successful.

Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka

Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka
Author: Karen Melvin, Melinda Nelson
Publisher: Big Picture Press
ISBN: 0989262758
Pages: 240
Year: 2017-05-01
View: 796
Read: 1129

Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka is a beautiful 240-page coffee-table book by award-winning author and photographer Karen Melvin and by writer Melinda Nelson. If you ve ever sailed, boated or paddled past a vintage boathouse on Lake Minnetonka and wished its rustic wooden walls could talk, you ll love this beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched volume about Minnesota s famed lake. Never before has a book so carefully documented the interior views and history of Lake Minnetonka s boathouses, and with over 400 stunning pictures, you will feel like you are up north at the lake. Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka gives the reader an insider s view into the most enchanting boathouses of Lake Minnetonka, including today s appearance and vintage photos of nearly three-dozen boathouses. Experience the fascinating stories of the history of the original families and of the current owners, who consider themselves caretakers of these alluring lakeside retreats. "

Drawing Toward Home

Drawing Toward Home
Author: James F. O'Gorman
Publisher: Tilbury House Pub
ISBN: 0884483282
Pages: 240
Year: 2010
View: 297
Read: 647

As the center of domestic life, the house is perhaps the most important building type in a democratic society. Drawing Toward Home: Designs for Domestic Architecture from Historic New England showcases a variety of drawings of domestic buildings that range in date from the late eighteenth through the twentieth centuries, and depict an array of building types—estates, modest single-family houses, summer cottages, and even a typical Boston multi-family dwelling known as a three-decker.

How to Work with an Interior Designer

How to Work with an Interior Designer
Author: Judy Sheridan
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 1423613694
Year: 2009-09-01
View: 1066
Read: 1116

Inside the Not So Big House

Inside the Not So Big House
Author: Sarah Susanka, Marc Vassallo, Ken Gutmaker
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 1561589845
Pages: 210
Year: 2007-10-01
View: 1024
Read: 826

Bestselling author Susanka ("The Not So Big House") teams up with architectural design writer Vassallo to expand upon the message that has resonated with over a million homeowners: opting for personalized, well-crafted, thoughtfully designed spaces over superfluous square footage results in a home that comforts and nourishes those who live there.

The Reluctant Fortune-Teller

The Reluctant Fortune-Teller
Author: Keziah Frost
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488080461
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-03-01
View: 1098
Read: 1186

A retired accountant becomes the town’s fortune-teller in this witty and charming debut Norbert Zelenka has always lived life on the sidelines. It’s why at seventy-three years old he’s broke and alone except for the company of a Chihuahua. But when “Carlotta’s Club”—three strong-willed seniors with plenty of time on their hands—decide to make Norbert their latest project, he reluctantly agrees to their scheme: establishing himself as the town’s fortune-teller. Soon his life begins changing in unexpected ways. It turns out that years of observing other people make Norbert an excellent card reader. As Norbert’s lonesome world expands with new friendships and a newfound self-confidence, he finally finds himself in a place where he belongs. But disaster looms on the horizon. When a troubled young woman goes missing after a bad reading, Norbert must find a strength beyond the cards to bring her home safely. A heartfelt story of coming-of-age late in life, The Reluctant Fortune-Teller is a poignant reminder that we’re never too old to learn new tricks.

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
Year: 2005
View: 385
Read: 1009

Champion Buffalo Hunter

Champion Buffalo Hunter
Author: Jeanette Prodgers
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762752033
Pages: 336
Year: 2008-11-05
View: 287
Read: 369

The Champion Buffalo Hunter is the fascinating memoir of one of the most legendary frontiersmen of the early West, “Yellowstone Vic” Smith. Born Victor Grant Smith in 1850, he lived a colorful life across the American frontier from the 1870s to 1890s. A classic frontiersman, he was a trapper, dispatch rider, scout, trick shot—and, yes, buffalo hunter extraordinaire. Discovered in Harvard University's Houghton Library in 1990, this remarkable autobiography—which Smith wrote in the third person—is comparable to Andrew Garcia's Tough Trip through Paradise, but, notes the editor, “without the melodrama.” Written in a matter-of-fact, often humorous style, it will engage and entertain all those interested in the lives and times of the men who wandered the West, following the great herds and settling only long enough for the snows to melt. This new edition includes a revised and updated foreword by Jeanette Prodgers based on new research into the life of Yellowstone Vic.

Furniture + architecture

Furniture + architecture
Author: Edwin Heathcote
Publisher: Academy Press
Pages: 128
Year: 2002-09-05
View: 538
Read: 1153

“Occasionally you come across a book that does everything it claims - and then some. This is one” (Blueprint) Architects have been responsible for many of the modern furniture classics of the 20th century - Mies's Barcelona Chair, Eileen Gray's side table and Le Corbusier's chaise longue. Furniture and Architecture takes a unique look at the relationship between architects and furniture design. Focusing not only on classic mid-20th-century design i.e. Eames, Mies, Le Corbusier and Gropius, it also provides a unique insight into who will produce the next generation of classics by asking an international-array of established designers to give their tips for the top young architect-designers. In additional it includes exclusive interviews with high-profile architects as well as with key figures in furniture manufacture and retail. A directory of specialist retailers, who sell architect-designed furniture, makes this an invaluable resource for architects and the interested public. The book includes comprehensive articles and images of popular modernist architects such as Erno Goldfinger, Arne Jacobsen and Eero Saarinen It also features interviews with architects Alvaro Siza, David Adjaye and Selfridges director Vittore Radice Lavishly illustrated with many full-colour images Contains a directory of specialist retailers selling architect-designed furniture

Consultants and Consulting Organizations Directory

Consultants and Consulting Organizations Directory
Author: Paul Wasserman, Janice W. McLean
Year: 2004
View: 1328
Read: 1317

Indexes are arranged by geographic area, activities, personal name, and consulting firm name.

Green Information Technology

Green Information Technology
Author: Mohammad Dastbaz, Colin Pattinson, Babak Akhgar
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 012801671X
Pages: 348
Year: 2015-03-09
View: 599
Read: 901

We are living in the era of "Big Data" and the computing power required to deal with "Big Data" both in terms of its energy consumption and technical complexity is one of the key areas of research and development. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that centralized computing infrastructures (data centres) currently use 7 giga watts of electricity during peak loads. This translates into about 61 billion kilowatt hours of electricity used. By the EPA’s estimates, power-hungry data centres consume the annual output of 15 average-sized power plants. One of the top constraints to increasing computing power, besides the ability to cool, is simply delivering enough power to a given physical space. Green Information Technology: A Sustainable Approach offers in a single volume a broad collection of practical techniques and methodologies for designing, building and implementing a green technology strategy in any large enterprise environment, which up until now has been scattered in difficult-to-find scholarly resources. Included here is the latest information on emerging technologies and their environmental impact, how to effectively measure sustainability, discussions on sustainable hardware and software design, as well as how to use big data and cloud computing to drive efficiencies and establish a framework for sustainability in the information technology infrastructure. Written by recognized experts in both academia and industry, Green Information Technology: A Sustainable Approach is a must-have guide for researchers, computer architects, computer engineers and IT professionals with an interest in greater efficiency with less environmental impact. Introduces the concept of using green procurement and supply chain programs in the IT infrastructure. Discusses how to use big data to drive efficiencies and establish a framework for sustainability in the information technology infrastructure. Explains how cloud computing can be used to consolidate corporate IT environments using large-scale shared infrastructure reducing the overall environmental impact and unlocking new efficiencies. Provides specific use cases for Green IT such as data center energy efficiency and cloud computing sustainability and risk.

Joomla! Templates

Joomla! Templates
Author: Angie Radtke
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0133011577
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-07-23
View: 344
Read: 648

Master All Facets of Joomla! Site Customization with Templates Now, for the first time, there’s a complete, authorized guide to template design, development, and customization with Joomla!. Packed with examples, this clear, concise, practical text covers everything from beginning-level skills to power techniques–even creating new HTML5-native mobile views, today’s most exciting new Joomla! capability. Internationally renowned Joomla! expert Angie Radtke brings together essential knowledge about usability, CSS, information architecture, PHP, JavaScript, accessibility, HTML5, and more. Using concrete examples, Radtke guides you through applying these technologies and best practices to construct and deploy world-class site templates. You’ll walk through every key technical option, fully understanding the internal interactions that control Joomla! template behavior. Radtke concludes by walking you step-by-step through a complete workshop project: transforming a template created in Photoshop into a working Joomla! template. Joomla!® Templates will be invaluable for every professional web designer and developer who uses Joomla!, for advanced nonprofessional users, and for less experienced users who want to customize their own sites instead of paying others to do it. This title’s concise, easy-to-use coverage includes Using Joomla! templates to customize any website to your exact requirements Learning how Joomla! templates are structured and how they behave Quickly changing a Joomla! site’s look and feel Making sure your templates fully support accessibility and standards Getting your basic template structure into shape with CSS and HTML Designing responsive Joomla! templates and sites Supercharging your templates with JavaScript Analyzing HTML, CSS, and accessibility Integrating template components, including index.php, the XML file, template parameters, and language files Adapting and modifying output via the system template Mastering advanced template customization

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