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Photoshop® for Interior Designers

Photoshop® for Interior Designers
Author: Suining Ding
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1609015444
Pages: 200
Year: 2013-10-31
View: 826
Read: 1204

Provides step-by-step demonstrations that integrate Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, freehand drawings and Adobe InDesign to create visual presentations.

Sketching Interiors

Sketching Interiors
Author: Suining Ding
Publisher: Fairchild Books
ISBN: 1563679183
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-03-28
View: 1003
Read: 1269

Sketching Interiors: From Traditional to Digital, highlights four basic drawing skills for interior sketching across three different media-pencil, ink, and marker. The in-depth approach to various elements of sketching, including details of perception, texture, negative space, elevation, contour, and the treatment of interior and exterior spaces, will help students perfect freehand and drawing skills. Throughout various exercises inspired by field studies, students will learn best practices for creating and presenting work for clients. Additionally, the book introduces the techniques of transforming hand drawings into sophisticated digital drawings using Photoshop, an invaluable resource for both new and seasoned designers.

Design Details for Health

Design Details for Health
Author: Cynthia A. Leibrock, Debra D. Harris, PhD.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470926848
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-02-15
View: 1304
Read: 960

Praise for Design Details for Health "Cynthia Leibrock and Debra Harris have developed a vitally important reference. They draw upon and compile a rich source of evidence that supports the application of specific research-based details for particular health-related settings."—From the Foreword by Dr. Wayne Ruga, AIA, FIIDA, Hon. FASID The revised edition on implementing design details to improve today's health care facilities—an inspiring, comprehensive guide In this significantly revised second edition, Cynthia Leibrock and Debra Harris offer up-to-date information on design details that can improve patient outcomes and user experience by returning authority to the patient, along with fascinating case studies and research demonstrating the positive role design can play in reducing health care costs. Design Details for Health, Second Edition offers contemporary examples showing how design can improve patient comfort and independence, and demonstrates how to design highly functional health care facilities that operate at peak performance. The book addresses a range of health care facility types including hospitals, ambulatory care, wellness centers, subacute care and rehabilitation, adult day care and respite, assisted living, hospice, dementia care, and aging in place. This Second Edition includes: The latest research, which was only anecdotal in nature as recently as a decade ago, illustrating how design through evidence produces measurable outcomes Real-world case studies of a range of excellent health care facilities that have been designed and built in the twenty-first century Updated contributions with leading practitioners, researchers, and providers conveying how design has a positive impact on health care delivery When design empowers rather than disables, everybody wins. Sensitive to the needs of both patients and providers, Design Details for Health, Second Edition is essential reading for today's architects, interior designers, facility managers, and health care professionals.

National Contractor's Exam Study Guide

National Contractor's Exam Study Guide
Author: R. Dodge Woodson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 007148907X
Pages: 358
Year: 2007-05-24
View: 705
Read: 622

Get 1,500 Construction Questions and Answers to Help You Pass the National Contractor's Exam with Flying Colors! Turn to the National Contractor's Exam Study Guide to acquire the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to ace this important exam on the first try. The book contains 1,500 questions and answers—presented in the same format used on the actual exam—plus numerous references to the 2006 International Building Code and many helpful illustrations. Written by renowned construction author R. Dodge Woodson, this career-building resource reviews every topic covered on the National Contractor's Exam. The National Contractor's Exam Study Guide features: Over 1,500 exam-style multiple choice and true/false questions and answers Numerous references to the 2006 International Building Code Detailed illustrations that help clarify complicated codes and show how to use local codebooks to solve exam questions Master Every Topic Covered on the National Contractor's Exam: • Use and Occupancy Classification • General Building Heights and Areas • Types of Construction • Interior Finishes • Fire Protection Systems • Means of Egress • Accessibility • Interior Environment • Energy Efficiency • Exterior Walls • Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures • Structural Design • Soils and Foundations • Concrete • Aluminum • Masonry • Steel • Wood • Glass and Glazing • Gypsum Board and Plaster • Electrical • Mechanical Systems • Plumbing Systems • Elevators and Conveying Systems • Safeguards During Construction • And Much More!

Design Details for Health

Design Details for Health
Author: Cynthia Leibrock
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
Pages: 300
Year: 2000
View: 636
Read: 1117

Using design details to improve today's health care-an inspiring, comprehensive guide As Cynthia Leibrock writes in the Preface, "The power of a healing environment comes from the little things, the design details that empower patients to take responsibility for their own health." In Design Details for Health, she offers specific design details that can improve patient outcomes by returning authority to the patient, along with fascinating case studies and research demonstrating the positive role design details can play in reducing healthcare costs. Practical and inspiring, this innovative book is essential reading for architects, interior designers, facility managers, and healthcare professionals. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of success in virtually every enterprise. This is especially true in the field of healthcare design, where design details can have a profound impact on the quality and efficacy of care. In Design Details for Health, Cynthia Leibrock gives designers and other industry professionals specific examples showing how design details can offer patients greater comfort and independencewhile also giving healthcare facilities a competitive edge-saving staff time, cutting overhead costs, and reducing liability. With the help of nearly 200 images, many in full color, she offers flexible, innovative design solutions in key areas such as lighting, acoustics, color, furnishings, and finishes. From acute carehospitals to specialized ambulatory care and home treatment settings, she addresses a variety of healthcare environments and includes inspiring case studies that reveal how effective design details work in the real world. Throughout the book, Cynthia Leibrock presents findings from the cutting edge of design research-including results published here for the first time-reflecting the experience and expertise of hundreds of healthcare designers and architects in the United States and abroad. Covering topics ranging from acoustics to lighting, this valuable data includes citations for further reference. When design empowers rather than disables, everybody wins. Sensitive to the needs of both patients and the providers that serve them, Design Details for Health is essential reading for today's architects, interior designers, facility managers, and healthcare professionals involved in commercial and residential healthcare facilities. ". . . this book is a reference standard with timeless value." -Wayne Ruga, Founder, The National Symposium on Healthcare Design

Form & Function

Form & Function
Author: Marbeth Schon
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 0764329766
Pages: 256
Year: 2008
View: 385
Read: 1165

This book is the catalog for two of the first major exhibits to show only modernist jewelry from such a broad group of artists. Both take place in 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana: one at The Fort Wayne Museum of Art (May 2 to August 24) and the other at The University of St. Francis School of Creative Arts (May 2 to May 30). Over fifty collectors and living art jewelers have lent some of the best examples of this innovative style. Sculptors Alexander Calder, Harry Bertoia, Jose de Rivera, Peter and Daniel Macchiarini, Earl and Tod Pardon, and merry rank are among the 96 artists featured, along with their extensive jewelry creations. Their work was experimental and stimulated originality in successive generations. Plastics, pearls, brass, copper, silver, gold, and enamels are among the materials found here in mini-sculptures and jewelry ornaments for men and women alike. The author's extensive research uncovers connections among the artists and documents this important art period and medium. Artists, collectors, cultural historians, and students all will want to see the exhibits and own the catalog.

The Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain
Author: Shankar Vedantam
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
ISBN: 1588369390
Pages: 288
Year: 2010-01-19
View: 862
Read: 359

The hidden brain is the voice in our ear when we make the most important decisions in our lives—but we’re never aware of it. The hidden brain decides whom we fall in love with and whom we hate. It tells us to vote for the white candidate and convict the dark-skinned defendant, to hire the thin woman but pay her less than the man doing the same job. It can direct us to safety when disaster strikes and move us to extraordinary acts of altruism. But it can also be manipulated to turn an ordinary person into a suicide terrorist or a group of bystanders into a mob. In a series of compulsively readable narratives, Shankar Vedantam journeys through the latest discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science to uncover the darkest corner of our minds and its decisive impact on the choices we make as individuals and as a society. Filled with fascinating characters, dramatic storytelling, and cutting-edge science, this is an engrossing exploration of the secrets our brains keep from us—and how they are revealed.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper
Author: Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari
Publisher: Damiani Editore
ISBN: 8862083394
Pages: 40
Year: 2014
View: 918
Read: 155

"Toilet Paper" is an artists' magazine created and produced by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, born out of a passion or obsession they both cultivate: images. The magazine contains no text; each picture springs from an idea, often simple, and through a complex orchestration of people it becomes the materialization of the artists' mental outbursts. Since the first issue, in June 2010, "Toilet Paper" has created a world that displays ambiguous narratives and a troubling imagination. It combines the vernacular of commercial photography with twisted narrative tableaux and surrealistic imagery.

Beautiful Data

Beautiful Data
Author: Toby Segaran, Jeff Hammerbacher
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 144937929X
Pages: 386
Year: 2009-07-14
View: 1201
Read: 495

In this insightful book, you'll learn from the best data practitioners in the field just how wide-ranging -- and beautiful -- working with data can be. Join 39 contributors as they explain how they developed simple and elegant solutions on projects ranging from the Mars lander to a Radiohead video. With Beautiful Data, you will: Explore the opportunities and challenges involved in working with the vast number of datasets made available by the Web Learn how to visualize trends in urban crime, using maps and data mashups Discover the challenges of designing a data processing system that works within the constraints of space travel Learn how crowdsourcing and transparency have combined to advance the state of drug research Understand how new data can automatically trigger alerts when it matches or overlaps pre-existing data Learn about the massive infrastructure required to create, capture, and process DNA data That's only small sample of what you'll find in Beautiful Data. For anyone who handles data, this is a truly fascinating book. Contributors include: Nathan Yau Jonathan Follett and Matt Holm J.M. Hughes Raghu Ramakrishnan, Brian Cooper, and Utkarsh Srivastava Jeff Hammerbacher Jason Dykes and Jo Wood Jeff Jonas and Lisa Sokol Jud Valeski Alon Halevy and Jayant Madhavan Aaron Koblin with Valdean Klump Michal Migurski Jeff Heer Coco Krumme Peter Norvig Matt Wood and Ben Blackburne Jean-Claude Bradley, Rajarshi Guha, Andrew Lang, Pierre Lindenbaum, Cameron Neylon, Antony Williams, and Egon Willighagen Lukas Biewald and Brendan O'Connor Hadley Wickham, Deborah Swayne, and David Poole Andrew Gelman, Jonathan P. Kastellec, and Yair Ghitza Toby Segaran

Farm Anatomy

Farm Anatomy
Author: Julia Rothman
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603429816
Pages: 223
Year: 2011
View: 871
Read: 1264

"Talk the talk of the country with Julia Rothman's entertaining and informative visual tour of life on the farm. Her drawings, diagrams, step-by-step sequences, and dissections reveal everything from the parts of a milking machine and the anatomy of a pig to how to plow a field and shear a sheep"--P. [4] of cover.

The First American Women Architects

The First American Women Architects
Author: Sarah Allaback
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252033213
Pages: 265
Year: 2008
View: 812
Read: 800

An invaluable reference covering the history of women architects

Guarding the United States and Its Outposts

Guarding the United States and Its Outposts
Author: Stetson Conn, Rose C. Engelman, Byron Fairchild
ISBN: 1410201929
Pages: 624
Year: 2002-08-01
View: 789
Read: 998

The area covered in this book is vast, and so are the topics. The reader will embark upon a long journey and become involved in a complex series of events, ranging from guarding inland waterways to fighting the Japanese, from rounding up one forlorn German on the coast of Greeland to battling German submarines, from conducting staff conferences with the Navy to negotiating with His Britannic Majestys ministers, from withstanding the cold of the arctic or the heat of the tropics to overcoming the ever-present ennui of soldiers who wait for the stress of battle that never comes. Guarding the United States and Its Outposts is instructive. Dealing often with the twilight between peace and war, it focuses upon problems of immediate relevance to the Army and the nation today. Then as now the nation found itself in a revolution in doctrine, weapons, and methods of defense. The way in which men caught in this revolution faced the situation can be a guide to those meeting similar circumstances today and in the future. This book highlights problems in unified command and contains excellent examples of military diplomacy, of how to get along, or fail to get along, with other armed forces of the United States and with our Allies. In contains authoritative accounts of several highly controversial events, especially the Pearl Harbor attack and the evacuation of the United States citizens of Japanese descent from the west coast of the continental United States. William H. Harris Brigadier General, United States Army Chief of Military History

Young House Love

Young House Love
Author: Sherry Petersik, John Petersik
Publisher: Artisan Books
ISBN: 1579656765
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-07-14
View: 990
Read: 1190

This New York Times bestselling book is filled with hundreds of fun, deceptively simple, budget-friendly ideas for sprucing up your home. With two home renovations under their (tool) belts and millions of hits per month on their blog, Sherry and John Petersik are home-improvement enthusiasts primed to pass on a slew of projects, tricks, and techniques to do-it-yourselfers of all levels. Packed with 243 tips and ideas—both classic and unexpected—and more than 400 photographs and illustrations, this is a book that readers will return to again and again for the creative projects and easy-to-follow instructions in the relatable voice the Petersiks are known for. Learn to trick out a thrift-store mirror, spice up plain old roller shades, "hack" your Ikea table to create three distinct looks, and so much more.

Bendix Field

Bendix Field
Author: Quentin L. Hartwig
Publisher: Schiffer Military History
ISBN: 0764343785
Pages: 112
Year: 2015-01-14
View: 998
Read: 1141

Storied pilot Homer Stockert, born in Churubusco, Indiana, won air races in Fort Wayne in the 1920s, earning him legendary fame while only in his twenties. In 1933, he established the Stockert Flying Service at Bendix Field, South Bend, Indiana, an airport built by entrepreneur Vincent Bendix. After serving as a test pilot of the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft in Evansville, Indiana, during World War II, Stockert returned to Bendix Field to expand his flying service with his business-savvy wife, Dora. Stockert led a successful life of leadership in private aviation until his death in 1971.

Residential Design for Aging In Place

Residential Design for Aging In Place
Author: Drue Lawlor, Michael A. Thomas
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470056142
Pages: 236
Year: 2008-08-18
View: 450
Read: 202

Consult Residential Design for Aging In Place, the key reference for designing homes for aging people, if you seek to understand how to create effective spaces for the elderly. Interior designers, architects, and homebuilders are increasingly asked by clients to design homes to allow for adaptation over time, and this is the definitive guide, endorsed by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Find case study examples of good design solutions for designing for aging in place from two authors who are highly respected fellows of the ASID.

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