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How To Be Gay

How To Be Gay
Author: David M. Halperin
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674070860
Pages: 560
Year: 2012-08-21
View: 1096
Read: 475

A pioneer of LGBTQ studies dares to suggest that gayness is a way of being that gay men must learn from one another to become who they are. The genius of gay culture resides in some of its most despised stereotypes—aestheticism, snobbery, melodrama, glamour, caricatures of women, and obsession with mothers—and in the social meaning of style.


Author: Beth Oberholtzer
ISBN: 0764353012
Pages: 240
Year: 2017-06-28
View: 348
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Old Order Mennonites are deeply faithful, agrarian-rooted, Swiss-German Anabaptists who have called Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, home for 300 years. Their meetinghouses silently embody their religious traditions, and yet few outsiders have seen the startling utilitarian beauty of these rural structures up close. The author and photographer were allowed rare access to 22 austere houses of worship. The result is a one-of-a-kind book featuring over 300 photos and diagrams that document all aspects of the meetinghouses, from the design of their benches and buggy sheds to the arrangement of tables central to worship. As fast-growing Lancaster County encroaches on the Old Order way of life, their communities are changing. This book is a record of an extraordinary religious heritage.

Voices of the Turtledoves

Voices of the Turtledoves
Author: Jeff Bach
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271027444
Pages: 304
Year: 2005-01-01
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Winner, 2004 Dale W. Brown Book Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies Winner, 2005 Outstanding Publication, Communal Studies Association Co-published with the Pennsylvania German Society/Vandenhoeck && Ruprecht The Ephrata Cloister was a community of radical Pietists founded by Georg Conrad Beissel (1691&–1768), a charismatic mystic who had been a journeyman baker in Europe. In 1720 he and a few companions sought a new life in William Penn&’s land of religious freedom, eventually settling on the banks of the Cocalico Creek in what is now Lancaster County. They called their community &“Ephrata,&” after the Hebrew name for the area around Bethlehem. Voices of the Turtledoves is a fascinating look at the sacred world that flourished at Ephrata. In Voices of the Turtledoves, Jeff Bach is the first to draw extensively on Ephrata&’s manuscript resources and on recent archaeological investigations to present an overarching look at the community. He concludes that the key to understanding all the various aspects of life at Ephrata&—its architecture, manuscript art, and social organization&—is the religious thought of Beissel and his co-leaders.


Author: Gregory D. Huber
ISBN: 0764353195
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-07-28
View: 870
Read: 234

For anyone who has ever admired a barn on an old country lane, this is the story of that barn and many others in Southeastern Pennsylvania, or, specifically, "the hearth," the area east of the Susquehanna River and South of the Blue Mountains. One of the earliest-settled areas in North America, this region of the Keystone State, which includes Lehigh, Bucks, and Lancaster Counties, is home to an astounding 20,000 standing barns, in various states of repair, built from the early 1800s on. Discussed in this text are the primary factors that have determined the fundamental structures and appearances of the six great barn classifications, including forest resources. Other featured topics are architectural aspects and regionalisms, dates of construction, survival of 18th-century examples, mysterious decorations, and barn preservation. Completing this treatise are representative color photographs, building plan sketches, charts conveying the prevalence of types, and a glossary of barn terms.

Architecture and Artifacts of the Pennsylvania Germans: Constructing Identity in Early America

Architecture and Artifacts of the Pennsylvania Germans: Constructing Identity in Early America
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271047437
View: 472
Read: 809

Pizza Camp

Pizza Camp
Author: Joe Beddia
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1683350197
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-04-18
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Pizza Camp is the ultimate guide to achieving pizza nirvana at home, from the chef who is making what Bon Appetit magazine calls “the best pizza in America.” Joe Beddia’s pizza is old school—it’s all about the dough, the sauce, and the cheese. And after perfecting his pie-making craft at Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia, he’s offering his methods and recipes in a cookbook that’s anything but old school. Beginning with D’OH, SAUCE, CHEESE, and BAKING basics, Beddia takes you through the pizza-making process, teaching the foundation for making perfectly crisp, satisfyingly chewy, dangerously addictive pies at home. With more than fifty iconic and new recipes, Pizza Camp delivers everything you’ll need to make unforgettable and inventive pizza, stromboli, hoagies, and more, with plenty of vegetarian options (because even the most die-hard pizza lovers can’t eat pizza every day). In this book you will find pizza combinations that have gained his pizzeria a cult following, alongside brand new recipes like: --Bintje Potato with Cream and Rosemary --Collard Greens with Bacon and Cream --Roasted Corn with Heirloom Cherry Tomato and Basil --Breakfast Pizza with Cream, Spinach, Bacon, and Eggs Designed by Walter Green, art director of Lucky Peach, and packed with drawings, neighborhood photos, and lots of humor, Pizza Camp is a novel approach to homemade pizza.

Design: Portfolio

Design: Portfolio
Author: Craig Welsh
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
ISBN: 1610587855
Pages: 320
Year: 2013-06-01
View: 648
Read: 187

DIV Featuring a curated collection of approximately 300 exquisite designs, along with essays from designers in the field about the essence and importance of a good portfolio design, Design: Portfolio contains mini-workshops that dissect several featured projects and highlight the effectiveness of exceptional design treatments from around the world. Designers will discover the underlying details that make each design so special. This is an exciting new addition to the informative and inspiring Design series by Rockport Publishers that offers the best of design in practice. /div

From Here to There

From Here to There
Author: Kris Harzinski
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 1616891874
Pages: 224
Year: 2013-07-02
View: 485
Read: 1149

From Here to There celebrates these ephemeral documents--usually forgotten or tossed aside after having served their purpose--giving them their due as artifacts representing stories from people's lives around the world. There is the young woman suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who created maps of the Humira injections on her stomach and thighs to help her remember the sites, and give them time to heal. Or the young boy who imagined a whole country for ants and put it to paper. Lucas from Australia drew an obsessively detailed map of his local traffic island, and a teenage girl contributed a map of her high school locker. Two American tourists got lost in the Bulgarian mountains following the hand drawn map of a local, and Britanny from Denmark drew directions to an animal rights protest in Copenhagen. The maps featured in From Here to There are as varied and touching as the stories they tell.

A Journey

A Journey
Author: Tony Blair
Publisher: Vintage Books Canada
ISBN: 0307398218
Pages: 784
Year: 2011-09-20
View: 764
Read: 717

In this remarkably gripping memoir, one of the most dynamic and controversial leaders of modern times gives us a firsthand account of his years in office and beyond. Here, for the first time, Tony Blair recounts his role in shaping our recent history, from the aftermath of Princess Diana's death to the war on terror. With rare honesty and courage, he recounts the belief in ethical intervention that led to his decision to go to war in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and, most controversial of all, Iraq. Filled with fascinating revelations about Blair's close friendship with the Clinton family, his admiration for George W. Bush, and his relationship with Barack Obama, A Journey is a must-read political memoir, providing an unprecedented glimpse into Tony Blair's experiences as Prime Minister, through his own eyes. In his expansive new introduction, Tony Blair discusses his vision of a future based on open-mindedness, yet fully couched in the complex realities of our times.

Charles Demuth

Charles Demuth
Author: Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.), Andrew Carnduff Ritchie, Charles Demuth
Publisher: Ayer Publishing
ISBN: 0405128908
Pages: 96
Year: 1950
View: 268
Read: 965

Wolf Sanctuary

Wolf Sanctuary
Author: Chuck Rineer
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
ISBN: 0764354906
Pages: 128
Year: 2018-02-14
View: 195
Read: 882

Discover the world of the wolves of Speedwell Forge Wolf Sanctuary, a refuge for displaced wolves located in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Through captivating and, at times, startling images, experience wolves at work and play, and encounter their howls and growls close up. Since 2007, Chuck Rineer has photographed the packs in their natural habitat, displaying a connection and respect for their way of life that few of us will experience. See the hidden details of wolf life, and go behind-the-scenes of this special sanctuary. Learn how the newest wolves are integrated into the packs, something rarely seen by human eyes, and follow all the wolves through the different seasons of the year. Full of stunning photographs, stories, and insights into pack behavior, this is a must-have book for those who have been captivated by wolves from afar and long for the chance to see these majestic animals up close and personal.

Valley Forge Winter

Valley Forge Winter
Author: Wayne Bodle
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271045469
Year: 2010-11-01
View: 351
Read: 851

The Virginian

The Virginian
Author: Owen Wister
Pages: 504
Year: 1902
View: 859
Read: 377

Hope in Hard Times

Hope in Hard Times
Author: Timothy Kelly, Margaret Power, Michael Cary
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271078049
Pages: 280
Year: 2016-06-22
View: 563
Read: 994

Of the many recipients of federal support during the Great Depression, the citizens of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, stand out as model reminders of the vital importance of New Deal programs. Hoping to transform their desperate situation, the 250 families of this western Pennsylvania town worked with the federal government to envision a new kind of community that would raise standards of living through a cooperative lifestyle and enhanced civic engagement. Their efforts won them a nearly mythic status among those familiar with Norvelt’s history. Hope in Hard Times explores the many transitions faced by those who undertook this experiment. With the aid of the New Deal, these residents, who hailed from the hardworking and underserved class that Jacob Riis had called the “other half” a generation earlier, created a middle-class community that would become an exemplar of the success of such programs. Despite this, many current residents of Norvelt—the children and grandchildren of the first inhabitants—oppose government intervention and support political candidates who advocate scrutinizing and even eliminating public programs. Authors Timothy Kelly, Margaret Power, and Michael Cary examine this still-unfolding narrative of transformation in one Pennsylvania town, and the struggles and successes of its original residents, against the backdrop of one of the most ambitious federal endeavors in U.S. history.

Fine Fashion Jewelry from Sarah Coventry

Fine Fashion Jewelry from Sarah Coventry
Author: Jennifer A. Lindbeck
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 0764311425
Pages: 160
Year: 2000
View: 824
Read: 693

Over 400 stunning color photos, with company history, original catalog pages and advertisements, retail and current values, and an index will help you rediscover the fine fashion jewelry and accessory lines from Sarah Coventry. Included are bracelets, pierced and clip earrings, pins, pendants, necklaces, rings, belts, original packaging and much more.