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Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton
Author: Alexa Hampton
Publisher: Potter Style
ISBN: 0307460533
Pages: 256
Year: 2010
View: 483
Read: 416

The daughter of a celebrated White House decorator draws on early memories of watching her father and studying art to counsel readers on how to understand design by observing four basic principles, sharing lavish photographs of 18 homes that represent a variety of styles.

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer
Author: Steven Stolman
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 142363716X
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-03-09
View: 405
Read: 409

Menus and anecdotes give away one man’s secrets for entertaining in style. Steven Stolman has a gregarious personality. He loves to entertain: cocktail parties in Palm Beach, football game-day gatherings in Wisconsin, family Passover Sedars in Connecticut, and dinner parties in his New York apartment. “Of all our friends, we have the smallest places, yet we seem to do more entertaining than anyone.” It’s about the people and the food, he says. He also loves old community and church cookbooks from the 1950s to the ’70s. And these are his inspirations for party food: dips and cheese spreads with crackers, family recipes for delicious roasts, breakfast casseroles, and desserts. What Stolman confesses is that he hates hostess gifts and isn’t afraid to say so. He advises women not to take a purse to a party and just “tuck it behind here” to avoid holding it—thanks for ruining my furniture arrangement! He advises about the importance of having silver serving pieces and how to dress for a cocktail party or a dinner party (at least try!). And he confesses that even when he has hired servers to pass hors d’oeuvres, he can’t help but carry a tray around himself! This book will give any novice party host ideas and confidence, and it will inspire seasoned hosts to simplify and enjoy the party. Steven Stolman is the author of 40 Years of Fabulous and Scalamandré: Haute Décor. He divides his time among homes in Palm Beach, New York, and Milwaukee.


Author: Dirk Chatelain, Chris Heady, Lee Barfknecht, Evan Bland, Sam McKewon, Tom Shatel
ISBN: 1732231710
Pages: 160
Year: 2018-08-13
View: 864
Read: 969

A must-read for every Husker fan. The extraordinary story of Nebraska coach Scott Frost a native son who, whether he knew it or not, was destined to be Tom Osborne's heir. From his mother's heroic path to the 1968 Olympics and his father's influence on the Bob Devaney era. His high school success. His falling out at Stanford. His winning over the Nebraska fan base and then the national championship. Frost's appetite to learn shared by current NFL coaches Todd Bowles, Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichick. And how while Frost was quietly bridging the gap between him and his dream job, Nebraska was drifting from the blueprint that had made it great. All told with archival photos and stories plus fresh reporting and perspectives from The World-Herald's award-winning sports writers.

Grant Wood

Grant Wood
Author: R. Tripp Evans
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0307594335
Pages: 416
Year: 2010-10-05
View: 414
Read: 526

He claimed to be “the plainest kind of fellow you can find. There isn’t a single thing I’ve done, or experienced,” said Grant Wood, “that’s been even the least bit exciting.” Wood was one of America’s most famous regionalist painters; to love his work was the equivalent of loving America itself. In his time, he was an “almost mythical figure,” recognized most supremely for his hard-boiled farm scene, American Gothic, a painting that has come to reflect the essence of America’s traditional values—a simple, decent, homespun tribute to our lost agrarian age. In this major new biography of America’s most acclaimed, and misunderstood, regionalist painter, Grant Wood is revealed to have been anything but plain, or simple . . . R. Tripp Evans reveals the true complexity of the man and the image Wood so carefully constructed of himself. Grant Wood called himself a farmer-painter but farming held little interest for him. He appeared to be a self-taught painter with his scenes of farmlands, farm workers, and folklore but he was classically trained, a sophisticated artist who had studied the Old Masters and Flemish art as well as impressionism. He lived a bohemian life and painted in Paris and Munich in the 1920s, fleeing what H. L. Mencken referred to as “the booboisie” of small-town America. We see Wood as an artist haunted and inspired by the images of childhood; by the complex relationship with his father (stern, pious, the “manliest of men”); with his sister and his beloved mother (Wood shared his studio and sleeping quarters with his mother until her death at seventy-seven; he was forty-four). We see Wood’s homosexuality and how his studied masculinity was a ruse that shaped his work. Here is Wood’s life and work explored more deeply and insightfully than ever before. Drawing on letters, the artist’s unfinished autobiography, his sister’s writings, and many never-before-seen documents, Evans’s book is a dimensional portrait of a deeply complicated artist who became a “National Symbol.” It is as well a portrait of the American art scene at a time when America’s Calvinistic spirit and provincialism saw Europe as decadent and artists were divided between red-blooded patriotic men and “hothouse aesthetes.” Thomas Hart Benton said of Grant Wood: “When this new America looks back for landmarks to help gauge its forward footsteps, it will find a monument standing up in the midst of the wreckage . . . This monument will be made out of Grant Wood’s works.” From the Hardcover edition.

Ryan Goes to the Zoo

Ryan Goes to the Zoo
Author: Cayden D Sayles
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1540853179
Year: 2017-02-08
View: 864
Read: 743

Ryan goes to the zoo and has the most wonderful day. He gets to see a number of animals. As he studies them, he slowly morphes into a wonderful creature himself.

The Negro Motorist Green-book

The Negro Motorist Green-book
Author: Victor H. Green
Pages: 80
Year: 1946
View: 765
Read: 397

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062470973
Year: 2017-02-14
View: 1269
Read: 1133

The recipient of numerous literary prizes, including the National Book Award, the Kafka Award, and the Pushcart Prize, Ursula K. Le Guin is renowned for her spare, elegant prose, rich characterization, and diverse worlds. "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" is a short story originally published in the collection The Wind's Twelve Quarters.

Todd Hido - On Landscapes, Interiors, and Some Nudes

Todd Hido - On Landscapes, Interiors, and Some Nudes
Author: Todd Hido, Gregory Halpern
Publisher: Aperture
ISBN: 1597112976
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-10-31
View: 407
Read: 1261

"In this book, Todd Hido explores the genres of landscape, interiors, and nude photography, with an emphasis on creating images from a personal perspective. Through words and photographs, he reveals insight into his own practice and discusses a wide range of creative issues, including mining one's own memory and experience as inspiration; using light, texture, and detail for greater impact; exploring the narrative potential activated when sequencing images; and creating powerful stories with emotional weight and beauty. Gregory Halpern, a student of Todd Hido, provides the introduction. Learn how to: create landscapes and interiors with emotional charge that suggest a larger story; evoke mood and feeling through color and composition; work with subjects and different environments to capture dramatic portraits"--P. [4] of cover.

Companies Based in Omaha, Nebraska

Companies Based in Omaha, Nebraska
Author: Books Llc
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 1156769485
Pages: 62
Year: 2010-09
View: 324
Read: 1185

Chapters: Union Pacific Railroad, First National Bank of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway, Mckeen Motor Car Company, Td Ameritrade, Conagra Foods, First National of Nebraska, Lauritzen Corporation, Saddle Creek Records, Jn-International Medical Corporation, Unemed, Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway and Bridge Company, Mutual of Omaha, Woodmen of the World, Np Dodge Company, Omaha Horse Railway, Yesmail, Kiewit Corporation, Infousa, Hayneedle, Kutak Rock, Lone Tree Ferry, J. L. Brandeis and Sons Store, Eppley Hotel Company, Werner Enterprises, West Corporation, Historic Companies in Omaha, Nebraska, Union Stock Yards Company of Omaha, Lindsay Manufacturing, the Gallup Organization, Hdr, Inc., Gordmans, Data Transmission Network, Waitt Radio Networks, Omaha Cable Tramway Company, Pamida, Oriental Trading Company, Internorth, Western Bridge and Construction Company, Nebraska Furniture Mart, American Gramaphone, Godfather's Pizza, Gold and Company, Hinky Dinky, C

Vera Mercer

Vera Mercer
Author: Vera Mercer
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg
ISBN: 3868281118
Pages: 107
Year: 2010
View: 368
Read: 889

Exuberant still life photographies of flowers, fruits and animals - magnificently baroque and enjoyable

The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place
Author: Myquillyn Smith
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310337917
Pages: 208
Year: 2014-04-29
View: 741
Read: 1221

Popular blogger and self-taught decorator Myquillyn Smith (The Nester), helps readers accept and find beauty in imperfection, and find the freedom to take risks to create the home—and life—they’ve always wanted. This beautiful four-color book is full of photos and creative, easy ideas for arranging, decorating, and building a welcoming home. Myquillyn Smith is all about embracing reality—especially when it comes to decorating a home bursting with boys, pets, and all the unpredictable messes of life. In The Nesting Place, Myquillyn shares the secrets of decorating for real people—and it has nothing to do with creating a flawless look to wow your guests. It has everything to do with embracing the natural imperfection and chaos of daily living. Drawing on her years of experience creating beauty in her 13 different homes, Myquillyn will show you how to think differently about the true purpose of your home and simply and creatively tailor it to reflect you and your unique style—without breaking the bank or stressing over comparisons. Full of easy tips, simple steps, and practical advice, The Nesting Place will give you the courage to take risks with your home and transform it into a place that’s inviting and warm for family and friends. There is beauty in the lived-in and loved-on and just-about-used-up, Myquillyn says, and welcoming that imperfection wholeheartedly just might be the most freeing thing you’ll ever do.

Design of enclosed spaces

Design of enclosed spaces
Author: Piera Scuri
ISBN: 0412989611
Pages: 181
Year: 1995
View: 1108
Read: 1224

This insightful volume explores the relationships between human well-being and space, and describes how to create and evaluate confined environments that optimize the health and productivity of the individuals who use them. Working with space as a protagonist rather than a container, the author discusses the ways in which we perceive space, light, and color physiologically, and how our perceptions influence our behavior. She then applies this knowledge to the design of enclosed spaces, demonstrating how to create healthful and efficient environments ranging from offices and laboratories to shopping malls and athletic facilities. Artificial light, air conditioning, simulation of natural stimuli, and automation are examined in depth, as well as underground and isolated environments. Practical design guidelines are based on extensive research on confined environments and windowless control room design. Integrating science and art with practice, this accessible volume enables architects to assess and respond to human needs in enclosed spaces.


Author: Aja Raden
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062334719
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-12-01
View: 520
Read: 897

As entertaining as it is incisive, Stoned is a raucous journey through the history of human desire for what is rare, and therefore precious. What makes a stone a jewel? What makes a jewel priceless? And why do we covet beautiful things? In this brilliant account of how eight jewels shaped the course of history, jeweler and scientist Aja Raden tells an original and often startling story about our unshakeable addiction to beauty and the darker side of human desire. What moves the world is what moves each of us: desire. Jewelry—which has long served as a stand-in for wealth and power, glamor and success—has birthed cultural movements, launched political dynasties, and started wars. Masterfully weaving together pop science and history, Stoned breaks history into three categories—Want, Take, and Have—and explains what the diamond on your finger has to do with the GI Bill, why green-tinted jewelry has been exalted by so many cultures, why the glass beads that bought Manhattan for the Dutch were initially considered a fair trade, and how the French Revolution started over a coveted necklace. Studded with lively personalities and fascinating details, Stoned tells the remarkable story of our abiding desire for the rare and extraordinary.

Promoting Your Self-published Book

Promoting Your Self-published Book
Author: Marques Vickers
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546371621
Pages: 98
Year: 2017-04-28
View: 189
Read: 1208

Author Marques Vickers' "Promoting Your Self-Published Book: An Independent Author's Guide To Marketing and Exposure" is a concise reference guide for authors to market their independently published paperbacks and electronic books. The book offers valuable tips to maximize the expanding sales capabilities of the Internet. This edition details important exposure strategies, existing and emerging sales opportunities and valuable promotional outlets. Nearly 300 useful reference websites are provided to enhance social media strategies, website design, revenue outlets, email marketing, soliciting book reviews and media coverage. "Promoting Your Self-Published Book" stresses a current transformation supplanting the traditional publishing industry. Fresh and innovative creative and revenue opportunities are emerging for entrepreneurial savvy authors, writers, and journalists. The guide stresses the importance and urgency of cultivating a vibrant social media presence via active postings and participation with content, social networking and weblog websites. These activities supplement an author website with videos, feedback capabilities and resources to cultivate new and return buyers. The book stresses the importance of personalization and a writer's online articulation of their creative vision. Practical advice and supplementary consulting sources are offered on every aspect of website design, effective promoting through media exposure, email marketing and the cultivation of a potential and existing client base to establish long-term sustainability. Chapter #1: The Essential Economics of the Publishing Industry Evaluating the Financial Realities Behind a Traditional Publishing Contract The Changing Economic Landscape for Publishers Substantive Reasons For Self-Publishing The Precarious Future Facing Traditional Publishing Outlets Online Reading Habits Printed Media Versus Electronic Media Creating An Environment of Success and Self-Determination Chapter #2: A Fresh Dependency and Integration of Social Media Maximizing Social Media Reach The Importance of Hashtags as Reference Beacons How to Personalize Social Media The Categories of Social Media Best Suited For Authors Weblogs Automating All of Your Social Media Outlets Together Chapter #3: A Writer's Website Attractive Packaging Your Role in Creating The Design Concept Designing and Personalizing Your Own Website Evaluating Your Website Host Memorable Domain Name Clarity of Vision Make Your Site Simple to Navigate How The Cellular Phone and Tablets Affect Website Layouts Chapter #4: Drawing Traffic To Your Social Media Pages and Website Qualifying Your Website Viewers Search Engines and Indexes Where and How Often Should You Submit Your Website Pages Buying Traffic and Ad Words Programs Electronic Magazines and Weblogs Chapter #5: Soliciting Book Reviews Print Media Book Editors Seeking Out Diverse Coverage and Reviews How to follow-up with Media Interest Chapter #6: Cultivating Media Exposure and Email Marketing Strategies For Sending Out Press Releases Bulk Email Press Releases Specific Media Submission Guidelines Purchasing Mailing and Media Contact Lists Additional Review Outlets and Their Cumulative Effect Chapter #7: Cultivating Revenue Streams Amazon Publishing Keyword Adverting Programs Bidding For Placement Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Google Play Books Dropshipping Pre-Printing Books For Resale Reference Category Listings Amazon Related Resources, Author Industry Mailing List Services, Automated Social Media Marketing, Bulk Email Services, Content Community, Currency Converters, Digital and Video Imaging Software, Domain Name Brokers & Registration Services, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Social Networking Websites, News Media Search Engine Submission Sources, Pay Per Click Traffic, Press Release Services, Search Engines, Self-Publishing Outlets, Weblogs, Website Design Software and Related Services.

Shelia Pepe

Shelia Pepe
Author: Gilbert Vicario
ISBN: 3791357018
Pages: 112
Year: 2017-10
View: 971
Read: 923

This mid-career retrospective showcases Sheila Pepe's range as an artist comfortable with both the everyday and also the extraordinary. Shoelaces, nautical ropes, bits of string. For two decades Sheila Pepe has been transforming these items into transcendent works that can fit on a lap or fill a room. Her versatility, humor, and feminist perspective are on brilliant display in this book that traces her development over the past twenty years. Essays look at how the artist plays with feminist and craft traditions to counter patriarchal notions, and the site-specific nature of her work. Arranged both chronologically and thematically, this lushly illustrated book focuses on an artist doing important work in the fields of queer theory, craft making, and personal geography.

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