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Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors

Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors
Author: Sam Kubba
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071428917
Pages: 524
Year: 2003-01-24
View: 328
Read: 1287

* A single-source, on-the-job resource to help interior designers and architects solve any space planning problem * Simplifies code compliance (International Building Code, ADA, and more) * Includes hundreds of plans and details for every building type * Checklists and guidelines throughout

Room and Furniture Layout Kit

Room and Furniture Layout Kit
Author: Muncie Hendler
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486242137
Pages: 16
Year: 1981
View: 1231
Read: 1279

All you need to create the room of your dreams! Moving into a new house or apartment? Refurnishing your present living space? Now you don't have to waste time and energy endlessly repositioning heavy pieces. This easy-to-use furniture layout kit will help you design your rooms efficiently, accurately, and with a sense of balance. You can lay out a full eight rooms of furnishings with 215 punch-out shapes: beds, chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets, pianos, bookcases, and more. Plus, eight sheets of graph paper are included for your floor plans. Designing your own rooms can be a fulfilling experience. And with this inexpensive kit, you can make all the right choices before purchasing or moving a single piece of furniture.

Interior design

Interior design
Author: Kenji Komoriya
Publisher: Books Nippan
Pages: 128
Year: 1999-02
View: 486
Read: 607

This book features 24 interior design projects realized in Korea and Japan including offices, boutiques, and restaurants. In addition, it also includes furniture design and other objects such as stools, chairs, lighting, and tableware, all designed over the past 14 years by Kenji Komoriya, one of Japan's leading interior designers.

The Room Planner

The Room Planner
Author: Paula Robinson, Phil Robinson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 144644595X
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-04-14
View: 1109
Read: 786

Most of us want to improve our homes and to increase their value at the same time, but very few of us have the money to spend on a professional architect. In Room Planner designer Paula Robinson gives you all the ideas and practical information you need to adapt the space in which you live. The book features over 100 clear, colour-coded plans allowing you to pick and choose layouts and designs according to what's appropriate for your home, whether you have a bedsit or a five-bedroom house. To reflect changing lifestyles, the emphasis is very much on versatility and flexibility, with chapters on High-performance space (making maximum use of available space), Valuable space (dividing space to create additional rooms and increase property value), Flexible space (creating moveable partitions) and Individual space (innovative solutions for particular rooms). There's also basic advice and tips, including: Using colour in the home: blue helps to focus the mind and intellect; green has harmonious, soothing effects; yellow stimulates and invigorates; orange stimulates the appetite. Using shapes: the kidney shape brings a softness and flexibility to interiors; circles introduce a sense of freedom and space. Creating atmosphere: an inset fire set higher up in the wall can have a stunning effect; backlit cupboard doors draw the eye; concealed lighting introduces mood and atmosphere while creating a sense of depth; mirroring the wall opposite the entrance door can bring life and character to a property. This is an essential manual not only for homeowners seeking to rethink their living space, but also for those who are building their home from scratch. Paula and Phil's guide will inspire in you the confidence and enthusiasm to maximise the potential of your living space, so that you too can create your dream home.

Medical and Dental Space Planning

Medical and Dental Space Planning
Author: Jain Malkin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471266485
Pages: 624
Year: 2002-12-11
View: 202
Read: 208

AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning Using AutoCAD 2002

AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning Using AutoCAD 2002
Author: Beverly L. Kirkpatrick, James M. Kirkpatrick
ISBN: 0130971073
Pages: 559
Year: 2001-12
View: 150
Read: 1027

Written specifically for practitioners of interior design, this book helps readers learn AutoCAD by actually using it in planning and designing a wide variety of realistic interiors. It covers both 2- and 3-dimensional aspects of AutoCAD 2002. Using a non-technical writing style and hands-on PROMPT/RESPONSE tutorial approach, it takes readers step-by-step through the creation of all of the drawings necessary for a space planning project (Tenant Space project)—from floor plans, elevations, and furniture planning, through power and lighting plans, to isometric and three-dimensional drawings. An Overview of the AutoCAD Program; Preparing to Draw with AutoCAD; Drawing with AutoCAD: Basic Commands and Settings; Drawing with AutoCAD: Conference and Lecture Rooms; Adding Text to the Drawing; Printing and Plotting; Drawing the Floor Plan: Walls, Doors, and Windows; Dimensioning and Area Calculations; Drawing Elevations, Wall Sections, and Details; Drawing and Adding Specifications to Furnishings and the AutoCAD Design Center; Drawing the Reflected Ceiling Plan and Power Plan; Isometric Drawing; Creating Presentations and Creating a Web Page Using AutoCAD; Using Raster Images and Grips; Customizing Toolbars and Menus; Basic Three-Dimensional Models; Solid Modeling. For interior designers.

Office planning and design

Office planning and design
Author: Michael Saphier
Pages: 193
Year: 1968
View: 805
Read: 750

Office Space Planning: Designs for Tomorrow's Workplace

Office Space Planning: Designs for Tomorrow's Workplace
Author: Alexi Marmot, Joanna Eley
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071341994
Pages: 478
Year: 2000-06-30
View: 734
Read: 1293

A one-stop, on-the-job resource for modern office space planning and design. Considers optimal use of space; employee and task space needs; enclosed versus open-plan offices; furniture, fixtures, and lighting; climate and comfort; and much more. Includes case studies from major international companies. Covers topical issues such as design for productivity and technology, on-site parking, daycare, and gym facilities.

Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning

Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning
Author: Joseph DeChiara, Julius Panero, Martin Zelnik
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071704655
Pages: 1689
Year: 2001-07-04
View: 173
Read: 363

The "Silver Bible" -- thoroughly revised, updated and redesigned Interior designers, architects, and other design professionals can still turn to the field’s beloved "Silver Bible" for a wealth of information related to the design and planning of residential and commercial interiors. But now, Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning, Second Edition goes even further to truly make the classic interior design reference the standard in its field. From standard furniture dimensions to architectural woodwork details, you’ll find a vast array of time-saving data and details. Editors Joseph DeChiara, Julius Panero, and Martin Zelnik have brought together contributions from well-known architectural and interior design firms to give you details derived from actual designs and working drawings, showing various solutions for typical design problems encountered in interior architecture. You get a wide range of typical layouts and residential spaces, offices, conference rooms, and reception areas, in addition to details of bars, restaurants, and public toilets. This exciting new edition includes new international examples and metrification – and provides you with full coverage of healthcare spaces, educational spaces; home offices; videoconferencing spaces; green design; project forms and schedules. Two outstanding sections cover historic styles and woodworking.

Drafting House Plans

Drafting House Plans
Author: June Curran
Publisher: Craftsman Book Company
ISBN: 0932370047
Pages: 185
Year: 1990
View: 1072
Read: 1294

A natural outgrowth of Curran's earlier book, "Drawing house plans," containing much of the same basic information, but also teaching you how to draw foundation plans, roof plans, sections, and details.

Interior Design for Libraries

Interior Design for Libraries
Author: Carol R. Brown
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838908292
Pages: 143
Year: 2002-01
View: 260
Read: 1257

A library interior design guide for architects, designers, and library planners that addresses the functionality needs of staff and design appeal for different age groups, covering signage, traffic, furnishings, materials, colors, lighting, and acoustics.

Interior Decorating Planner

Interior Decorating Planner
Author: Candace Becken
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1725898535
Pages: 102
Year: 2018-08-18
View: 1201
Read: 820

Do you want an interactive Planner that will help you to document and expand your knowledge while stimulating your mind through positive affirmations? Then this book is for you! A wonderful Interior Decorating Monthly Planner , Interior Decorating Weekly Planner , Interior Decorating To do list, workbook, tracker, diary log - this is one tool that will truly support you through your own daily individual journeys. You will really appreciate using this journal. The book has been well written and is presented in a logical manner, making it easy to fill and track your progress. It is written in simple English and is easy to understand. - Notes section to write down your most brilliant ideas - Weekly to-do lists to help you achieve your goals - Yearly, monthly and weekly spread views to help you plan your year ahead - Plenty of space to write down your daily activities and thoughts - Printed on high-quality paper The paper quality of the book is of a very high standard and is rightly selected for the enhancement of the overall appeal of the journal. The book has been published by 'Candace Becken' in the United States and consists of 100 pages size 8.5x11 in (including the title and preface) and is available in both paperback and hardcover. Lay Flat construction means easy writing for lefties too. The forever last construction makes this journal reliable for years of travel or abuse in a backpack, a briefcase or even under your coffee mug. For home decor Planner , home design Planner , house designs Planner , office décor Planner , bathroom décor Planner

Basics Interior Design 01: Retail Design

Basics Interior Design 01: Retail Design
Author: Lynne Mesher
Publisher: AVA Publishing
ISBN: 2940411220
Pages: 184
Year: 2010-07-25
View: 942
Read: 1004

A guide to creating retail spaces that offers an enticing spatial experience. It introduces methods of manipulating space to create an exciting commercial interior.

Planning & managing interior projects

Planning & managing interior projects
Author: Carol E. Farren
Publisher: R.S. Means Company
Pages: 314
Year: 1988-05-01
View: 1115
Read: 543

For interior designers, architects, facilities professionals Lively and informative, this book covers every aspect of managing interior design for commercial projects, from initial client meetings to project delivery. Includes: -- Illustration of procedures from real-life situations -- Sample forms, surveys, and documents -- The advantages of alternative procedures

Resort Design

Resort Design
Author: Margaret Huffadine
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0070308713
Pages: 324
Year: 2000
View: 482
Read: 317

All-inclusive guide to designing vacation retreats Hospitality building is todayÆs fastest-growing construction category. Resort Design: Planning, Architecture and Interiors, by international expert Margaret Huffadine, gives you a foundation for working successfully on a wide range of resort projects, casino-based, spa, sport, beach, ecotourism, urban and theme resorts anywhere in the world. This from-the-ground-up guide takes you from feasibility studies through planning,financing, and design stages. Renderings and photographs of architectural and interior design details of public areas and guest rooms at renowned resorts richly illustrate profit-determining concepts. You get critical front-of-house and back-of-house operational details for restaurants and, mechanical, and electricalrequirements...executive and administrative offices...staff working conditions and accommodations...and much, much more, details guaranteed to help your projects go smoothly and cost less.