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Building Systems for Interior Designers

Building Systems for Interior Designers
Author: Corky Binggeli
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471266515
Pages: 464
Year: 2003-01-21
View: 1328
Read: 437

The first desk reference on technical building systems for interior designers Building Systems for Interior Designers is the first book to explain technical building systems and engineering issues in a clear and accessible way to interior designers. The technical knowledge and vocabulary presented here allow interior designers to communicate more effectively with architects, engineers, and contractors while collaborating on projects, leading to more accurate solutions for problems related to a broad range of other building considerations with an impact on interior design. Information on sustainable design is integrated throughout the book, making it a relevant tool for current and emerging trends in building design. Written in a straightforward, nontechnical style that maintains depth and accuracy, this book is the first complete text applicable to interior design courses and provides thorough preparation for the NCIDQ exam. Engaging, clear illustrations support the text, which is accessible to those without a math or physics background. Topics covered include: Heating and air conditioning systems Environmental issues Water and waste Thermal comfort HVAC systems Electricity Lighting Security and communications systems Fire safety Transportation systems With numerous case examples illustrating how interior designers apply this material in the real world, Building Systems for Interior Designers is a valuable book for students, as well as a practical desktop reference for professionals. Content from this book is available as an online continuing professional education course at WileyCPE courses are available on demand, 24 hours a day, and are approved by the American Institute of Architects.

Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton
Author: Alexa Hampton
Publisher: Potter Style
ISBN: 0307460533
Pages: 256
Year: 2010
View: 266
Read: 170

The daughter of a celebrated White House decorator draws on early memories of watching her father and studying art to counsel readers on how to understand design by observing four basic principles, sharing lavish photographs of 18 homes that represent a variety of styles.

Interior Design Illustrated

Interior Design Illustrated
Author: Francis D. K. Ching, Corky Binggeli
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118181735
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-03-02
View: 727
Read: 959

The bestselling guide to interior design updated and expanded for a new generation For over three decades, Francis D.K. Ching's integrated, comprehensive approach to presenting the elements of architecture and design has helped millions of students and professionals alike visualize and make sense of complex concepts. As functional as it is beautiful, this richly illustrated Third Edition of Ching's classic, Interior Design Illustrated, is a visual introduction to designing for interior spaces, to the building elements and environmental systems within them, and to the details of furnishings and interior finishes. Beginning designers will appreciate this updated and expanded edition's for its concise and accessible presentation of key concepts and practices, while established designers will cherish it for its many practical insights into the relationship between building structures and interior spaces. Updated and expanded to include new information on building codes, building information modeling, and sustainability Includes new content on Indoor Air Quality and other issues in environmental systems, as well as the latest on data/communication and security systems Now features a richly illustrated section explaining the role of color in interior design, along with teaching resources available online Updated and expanded for a new generation of students and practitioners, Interior Design Illustrated, Third Edition is sure to remain the standard reference for many years to come.

Wear Your Chair

Wear Your Chair
Author: Judith Griffin, Penny Collins
Publisher: Fairchild Books
Pages: 464
Year: 2007-04-11
View: 811
Read: 489

Wear Your Chair was originally developed as a multidisciplinary design course by Griffin and Collins, chairs of fashion design and interior design departments. Realising that students were visual learners, they saw the necessity of teaching students to be aware of design in its many forms and applications. They envisioned a course that would appeal to a variety of design majors. The book draws upon the many historic precedents of designers overlapping several design principles, such as Paul Poiret who designed clothing, furniture and textiles. The ultimate goal of this text will be to increase students' understanding of the significant, subtle, and often subconscious roles that apparel and interior design play in our lives. Instructors, contact your Sales Representative for access to Instructor's Materials.

Sanskrit Vocabulary

Sanskrit Vocabulary
Author: Bernfried Schlerath
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004061088
Pages: 216
Year: 1980
View: 664
Read: 903

Notes on Interior Design

Notes on Interior Design
Author: Information Design, Inc
Publisher: Crisp Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1560521546
Pages: 46
Year: 1992
View: 999
Read: 896

The basics from lighting to building materials providing a vocabulary of interior design through brief descriptions and more than 100 selected illustrations.

A Game Design Vocabulary

A Game Design Vocabulary
Author: Anna Anthropy, Naomi Clark
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0133155218
Pages: 240
Year: 2014-02-20
View: 635
Read: 189

Master the Principles and Vocabulary of Game Design Why aren’t videogames getting better? Why does it feel like we’re playing the same games, over and over again? Why aren’t games helping us transform our lives, like great music, books, and movies do? The problem is language. We still don’t know how to talk about game design. We can’t share our visions. We forget what works (and doesn’t). We don’t learn from history. It’s too hard to improve. The breakthrough starts here. A Game Design Vocabulary gives us the complete game design framework we desperately need—whether we create games, study them, review them, or build businesses on them. Craft amazing experiences. Anna Anthropy and Naomi Clark share foundational principles, examples, and exercises that help you create great player experiences…complement intuition with design discipline…and craft games that succeed brilliantly on every level. Liberate yourself from stale clichés and genres Tell great stories: go way beyond cutscenes and text dumps Control the crucial relationships between game “verbs” and “objects” Wield the full power of development, conflict, climax, and resolution Shape scenes, pacing, and player choices Deepen context via art, animation, music, and sound Help players discover, understand, engage, and “talk back” to you Effectively use resistance and difficulty: the “push and pull” of games Design holistically: integrate visuals, audio, and controls Communicate a design vision everyone can understand

Building Systems for Interior Designers, 2nd Edition (book and Course Access)

Building Systems for Interior Designers, 2nd Edition (book and Course Access)
Author: Corky Binggeli
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 111838881X
Pages: 464
Year: 2013-04-30
View: 1014
Read: 230

Written in a straightforward, nontechnical style that maintains depth and accuracy, this landmark reference is the first text on building systems for interior designers. From heating and cooling systems, water and waste, electricity, lighting, interior transportation and communication systems, all of the mechanical and electrical systems that interior designers need to know are covered in a clear and accessible way. The technical knowledge and vocabulary presented here allow interior designers to communicate more effectively with architects, engineers, and contractors while collaborating on projects, leading to more accurate solutions for problems related to a broad range of other building considerations with an impact on interior design New to this edition are chapters on structural systems and building components, and how they are integrated with the other systems. Illustrated with over 100 photographs and drawings new to this edition, Building Systems for Interior Designers is sure to be constantly at the fingertips of designers.

Integrated space systems

Integrated space systems
Author: Andy Pressman, Peter Pressman
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
Pages: 116
Year: 1980-08
View: 842
Read: 1023

Includes Integrated Space System (ISS) designs and drawings of dwellings for singles, couples, children, college students, and elderly people, and for correctional settings.

Interior Design Materials and Specifications

Interior Design Materials and Specifications
Author: Lisa Godsey
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1501317598
Pages: 416
Year: 2017-02-09
View: 1269
Read: 687

This complete guide to the selection of materials for interiors has been updated to reflect recent changes to the industry, written from the viewpoint of the working designer.

Theory Studies

Theory Studies
Author: Shuqing Yin
Pages: 396
Year: 2011
View: 537
Read: 674

This thesis focuses on identifying, classifying and naming of unnamed workplace archetypes in contemporary interiors that are derived from reiterative historical designs. The study is a component of the Intypes (Interior Archetypes) Research and Teaching Project established in 1997 at Cornell University. An Intype is an ideal example of a historically determined design strategy from which similar models are derived, emulated or reiterated. The modern office develops in the late 19th century and has demonstrated significant design evolutions throughout its short history, spanning little over one century. While much research has been done on the design of workplace environments, there exists a large disconnect between the study of workplaces from a management or environmental psychology perspective and a purely aesthetic or stylistic perspective. Additionally, a comprehensive knowledge of workplace design strategy is rarely integrated into professional practice, nor is it part of most design curriculums. This study creates a typology of the professional design practices of workplace environments. The study identifies and documents workplace design strategies that are repeated through time. A vocabulary for teaching and comparative analysis is created through this study and offers practice-based research in the hopes of encouraging greater design discourse and criticism in academia as well as professional practice. Ten workplace Intypes are discussed in this thesis. Five previously identified Intypes are reexamined and applied to the workplace setting - Slat, Frame, Marching Order, White Box, and Light Seam. Five new workplace-specific Intypes were identified and named - 1 Bar 2, Face to Face, Incubate, Pompidou, and Dual Desk. Each typology was examined through a comprehensive survey of primary and secondary sources and describes a practice's characteristics traced back historically. Most of the Intypes trace back to the mid-20th century when office spaces began receiving significantly more attention in trade publications. One Intype, Marching Order, may be traced back to the earliest days of modern office design. All identified Intypes remain relevant in current workplace design practice. The workplace Intypes developed in this thesis encompass numerous aspects of the office environment including material, lighting, object, and spatial applications. In addition to this thesis, Workplace Intypes will be disseminated through the free and open website - www.Intypes. - a web-based research and teaching site that makes design history and contemporary practice accessible to academics, professional and students.

Dialect, Culture, and Society in Eastern Arabia

Dialect, Culture, and Society in Eastern Arabia
Author: Clive Holes
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004107630
Pages: 573
Year: 2001
View: 510
Read: 1286

"Dialect, Culture, and Society in Eastern Arabia," Volume I, "Glossary" is a comprehensive vocabulary of the 'uneducated' Bahraini Arabic dialects, drawn from a data-base of hundreds of hours of natural conversation gathered in the mid-1970s.

Home Decorating For Dummies

Home Decorating For Dummies
Author: Katharine Kaye McMillan, Patricia Hart McMillan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118068971
Pages: 388
Year: 2011-05-09
View: 420
Read: 1282

Do you long to create picture-perfect rooms but can’t quite seem to achieve them? Do you want better functioning spaces for working, playing, or living? Do you clamor to express your personal style? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve turned to the right source for real answers from the pros. Home Decorating For Dummies, 2nd Edition is for all kinds of people in all kinds of decorating situations, including: First-time buyers or renters. You have a whole new place to decorate. Where do you start? Second- or third-time home buyers. Whether you’ve gone up or down in size, stayed in the same region or moved to a whole new one, you need to know how to make your old furniture work in a new setting, how to add furnishings, and how to make your style seem fresh. Newly blended families. He has furniture, she has furniture, they have furniture. Can it all work together harmoniously? Indeed! And anyone else who loves decorating. Don’t forget: Imagination counts. Each part of Home Decorating For Dummies, deals with a broad area of decorating, and each chapter contains specific and detailed information. You'll discover tips on Basic planning – where to begin when you want to start decorating Creating surface interest – the effects of color, pattern, and texture, and the problems created by too much or too little of them Creating backgrounds – what you need to know about the special decorating requirements of your walls Tackling tough rooms – how to effectively decorate rooms that have special functional requirements Accessorizing with art and other stuff – adding the final flourishes to every space in your place Home Decorating For Dummies, 2nd Edition contains all the basics – including how to figure out what you can spend; how to spend it; and the latest and greatest in styles, trends, and technology. What do you do with your space next? The possibilities are endless.

Rob. Mallet-Stevens

Rob. Mallet-Stevens
Author: Jean-François Pinchon
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262161168
Pages: 135
Year: 1990
View: 1102
Read: 968

This book the first in English on his work covers Mallet Stevens's career in its entirety, spanning architecture (shops and factories, private homes and apartment buildings, public buildings and offices), film sets, theory, urban design, furniture, and interior design.


Author: Emily Henderson
ISBN: 0804186278
Pages: 304
Year: 2015
View: 234
Read: 1266

"The stylist's genius is in making a space look inviting, personal, and unique. She often does this in just minutes, meaning that a small investment pays off with big rewards. Emily Henderson now draws the curtain on the interior stylist's secrets. This playful yet practical book features 1,000 highly visual, highly enviable, eminently doable ideas-more than any other decor book on the market. First up, Emily walks readers through her Stylist's Toolkit, which helps them discover their signature styles, talk like a stylist, and learn the styling process in 10 easy steps. Then, Emily takes us inside 25 homes, grouped into rooms and themes for the reader, revealing how to get your place ready for its close-up-and your long-term happiness-without it looking contrived. With advice on mixing patterns, visually balancing a space, and scoring great deals on furniture and accents, this is an irresistible inspiration resource for the interior decor enthusiast, as well as anyone looking for help styling a home."

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