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Introduction to interior design

Introduction to interior design
Author: Helen-Janet Bonellie
Publisher: A. S. Barnes, [1969
Pages: 86
Year: 1969
View: 173
Read: 947

Interior space, interior design

Interior space, interior design
Author: Virginia Frankel
Pages: 191
Year: 1973
View: 247
Read: 311

Hints on Household Taste

Hints on Household Taste
Author: Charles L. Eastlake
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 048613671X
Pages: 400
Year: 2013-01-24
View: 922
Read: 190

Primary authority on what was proper, beautiful, efficient in all aspects of mid-19th-century interior design. Originally published in 1868. Over 100 illustrations.

1601 decorating ideas for modern living

1601 decorating ideas for modern living
Author: Gerd Hatje, Peter Kaspar
Pages: 296
Year: 1974-10-01
View: 617
Read: 907

Interior design in the 20th century

Interior design in the 20th century
Author: Allen Tate, C. Ray Smith
Publisher: Harpercollins College Div
ISBN: 0060465840
Pages: 577
Year: 1986-04-01
View: 900
Read: 1316

History of Interior Design and Furniture

History of Interior Design and Furniture
Author: Robbie G. Blakemore
Publisher: International Thomson Publishing Services
Pages: 392
Year: 1997
View: 243
Read: 474

History of Interior Design Furniture From Ancient Egypt to Nineteenth-Century Europe by Robbie G. Blakemore In this long-awaited volume, Robbie Blakemore leads us on a breathtaking journey through five millennia of interior space. History of Interior Design and Furniture presents a comprehensive survey of the major historical periods of interior architectural and decorative styles. This monumental overview offers a unique approach to the history of interior space, architectural details, and furniture. The author masterfully distinguishes between stylistic terms such as Queen Anne, Rococo, and Elizabethan, underscoring the important aesthetic concerns of the societies that produced these styles. Beginning in ancient Egypt, Blakemore's authoritative survey chronicles the ever-changing panorama of Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and nineteenth-century design. From wall paintings in Pompeii to the luxurious parlors of Victorian England, special attention is paid to the relationships between interior architecture and the objects that define its spaces. But this ambitious work is more than a history of style; it places furniture and design within the broader context of social, political, economic, and technological perspectives unique to each historical period. Examining the concept of design as a historical continuum, the author traces this thread of influence across centuries, from the ancient Romans retrospective look at their Greek forerunners to the revival styles that characterize the Victorian age. Thoroughly researched and clearly presented, the text integrates enlightening facts against a backdrop of the evolution of space and the interior aesthetic over time. Over 350 elegant photographic and graphic illustrations complement the text. Stunning three-dimensional plans convey the spatial relationships that are critical to understanding the history of interior architecture, and an historical timeline chronicles the important events that shaped interior design. Explicit, cogent captions not only identify each figure but provide insightful commentary that supplements the primary text. No other book combines all of these features in a single volume. History of Interior Design and Furniture is a unique information source that fills a gap in the literature of interior design. Stimulating to the practitioner as well as the layman, this impressive book is required reading for the serious student and educator of architecture and design. Lavishly illustrated, the book is both an engaging tour of the history of interior design and a must have reference for the professional interior designer's library.

Home Decorating For Dummies

Home Decorating For Dummies
Author: Patricia Hart McMillan, Katharine Kaye McMillan
Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 0764551078
Pages: 368
Year: 1998-08-28
View: 1179
Read: 1113

Worried about spending a fortune decorating your house but ending up with more of a mess than a makeover? Let Home Decorating For Dummies spark your imagination and help bring your ideas and enthusiasm to life with practical, money-saving suggestions on space planning, furniture selection, window treatments, and accessorizing your own home. Give your home that million-dollar makeover easily and economically with this wonderful hands-on guide to creating your own sense of style and grace...on any budget! Hundreds of ideas, resources, and budget-wise tips from this decor-savvy mother-and-daughter team of interior designers will inspire you to new heights of interior design projects yourself. Glance through more than 30 pages of full-color photos for some great inspiration, from bright lighting ideas to moldings, wallpapers, fabrics, accessories, floor coverings, and more. Discover the fundamentals of decorating and design, make a room fit your style with the right colors and textures, and create looks with timeless appeal in any room of the house. From floor to ceiling, you'll be impressed with this book's clever solutions to all those familiar decorating woes.

The Fundamentals of Interior Design

The Fundamentals of Interior Design
Author: Simon Dodsworth, Stephen Anderson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 147423934X
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-01-29
View: 1082
Read: 1150

The second edition of The Fundamentals of Interior Design provides a thorough introduction to the key elements of interior design and the ideas that underpin them. The book describes the entirety of the creative process, from researching initial ideas to realizing them in three-dimensional form. Throughout the text, guidelines are given to provide structure to the interior design process and the reader is encouraged to adapt and initiate methodologies to suit individual project needs. This approach is intended to give designers a belief in their own abilities, and the confidence to tackle different projects with the unique challenges that each one brings. The book features a variety of diagrams and talking points to encourage students and practitioners to think about key issues such as understanding spatial relationships and the use of sustainable materials. This second edition includes new case studies focusing on well-known international interior design studios, such as Conran and Partners, UK, Slade Architecture, US, Gensler, US and award winning architects Chae-Pereira in South Korea. The introduction of interviews with contemporary interior designers allows readers an insight in to the working world of interior design. The new projects allow students to explore what they have learned in each chapter through experimentation and these activities encourage creativity and further learning.

Revolution: Interior Design from 1950

Revolution: Interior Design from 1950
Author: Drew Plunkett
Publisher: Riba Publishing
ISBN: 1859465927
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-01-02
View: 303
Read: 1194

The last half of the twentieth century saw the emergence, evolution and consolidation of a distinct interior design practice and profession. This book is invaluable for students and practitioners, providing a detailed specialist, contemporary historical analysis of their profession and is beautifully illustrated, with over 200 photos and images from the 1950s through to the present day.

Atomic Ranch

Atomic Ranch
Author: Jim Brown
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 142360895X
Pages: 192
Year: 2006-08-29
View: 1011
Read: 972

Atomic Ranch is an in-depth exploration of post-World War II residential architecture in America. Mid-century ranches (1946-1970) range from the decidedly modern gable-roofed Joseph Eichler tracts in the San Francisco Bay area and butterfly wing houses in Palm Springs, Florida, to the unassuming brick or stucco L-shaped ranches and split-levels so common throughout the United States. Authors Michelle Gringeri-Brown and Jim Brown, founders and publishers of the popular quarterly Atomic Ranch magazine, extol the virtues of the tract, split-level, rambler home and its many unique qualities: private front facades, open floor plans, secluded bedroom wings, walls of glass, and an easy-living lifestyle. From updated homes with high-end Italian kitchens, terrazzo floors, and modern furniture to affordable homeowner renovations with eclectic thrift-store furnishings, Atomic Ranch presents twenty-five homes showcasing inspiring examples of stylish living through beautiful color photographs, including before and after shots, design-tip sidebars, and a thorough resource index.Atomic Ranch reveals: Hallmarks of the ranch style Inspiring original ranch homes Ranch house transformations and makeovers Preservation of mid-century neighborhoods Adding personality to a ranch home Yards and landscaping Plus, a helpful resource section and index!

The art of interior design

The art of interior design
Author: Victoria Kloss Ball
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pages: 273
Year: 1982
View: 992
Read: 980

Smart Materials

Smart Materials
Author: Axel Ritter
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 376437327X
Pages: 190
Year: 2007
View: 547
Read: 264

Smart materials, with their reversible characteristics, respond to stimuli such as light, temperature, & electrical field by changing their form, their color, their viscosity, & other properties. This book presents the development of these materials & also describes their use in the contexts of architecture, design, & art.


Author: Marlene Setiyadi
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
ISBN: 9792242813
Pages: 152
Year: 2013-01-14
View: 1062
Read: 487

When I started to work on my first project as an interior designer more than twenty years ago, I never realized that with the world being flat now, people in Indonesia are with-out doubt rapidly becoming more perceptive about exquisite living spaces. My role as an interior designer is currently more in helping clients frame their ideas, because clients are knowledgeable and have rich access to design information and all the changes happening in this industry. It is an extremely enjoyable experience, getting people inspired for their home decoration. Thus is this book meant to be--a source of inspiration--Marlene Setiyadi

Introduction to Landscape Design

Introduction to Landscape Design
Author: John L. Motloch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471352918
Pages: 369
Year: 2000-08-25
View: 1101
Read: 946

Outstanding explorations of design concepts, principles, and processes This Second Edition of Introduction to Landscape Design offers even broader coverage of the environmental, human, technological, and aesthetic issues associated with landscape design than the first edition. Beginning with the way we perceive, manage, and design the landscape, it moves on to explore the forces that influence land design. An overview of landscape management, planning, and design includes a discussion of the roles and integration of the professions involved, modes of professional practice, and site scale design processes. The book explores the ecology of design and the integration of land design decisions into dynamic systems. This fully updated new edition: * Presents landscape design as a synergism of art and science * Addresses the interplay between buildings and sites * Provides insights into the breadth of people-environment relationships * Places special emphasis on our growing understanding of interrelationships between the landscape and human decisions A superb introduction for students as well as a useful reference for practicing professionals, this book is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of landscape design.

Architecture Exam Review

Architecture Exam Review
Author: David Kent Ballast
Publisher: Professional Publications (CA)
ISBN: 1591260299
Pages: 118
Year: 2005
View: 677
Read: 1126

- Updated to reflect recent exam changes - Provides 14 practice vignettes - Suggested solutions are included

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