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Mecatrónica control y automatización

Mecatrónica control y automatización
Year: 2013
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Author: W. BOLTON
ISBN: 1292250976
Pages: 720
Year: 2018-11-15
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Sacred Scars

Sacred Scars
Author: Kathleen Duey
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0689840950
Pages: 560
Year: 2009-08-04
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In the second volume of this powerful trilogy, Somiss, exiled and desperate, hoards the magic he is recovering from ancient documents while Sadima and Franklin struggle to contain his egomaniacal ambitions by secretly recording the magic, hoping to share it with humankind. Generations later, Hahp and Gerrard, students at Somiss’s brutal academy, endure the painful ordeals used to “teach” magic. Their tenuous pact, forged to survive, falters as they plot to destry Somiss, the school . . . and set magic free.

Modelling and Controlling Hydropower Plants

Modelling and Controlling Hydropower Plants
Author: German Ardul Munoz-Hernandez, Sa'ad Petrous Mansoor, Dewi Ieuan Jones
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1447122917
Pages: 302
Year: 2012-06-13
View: 1186
Read: 696

Hydroelectric power stations are a major source of electricity around the world; understanding their dynamics is crucial to achieving good performance. The electrical power generated is normally controlled by individual feedback loops on each unit. The reference input to the power loop is the grid frequency deviation from its set point, thus structuring an external frequency control loop. The book discusses practical and well-documented cases of modelling and controlling hydropower stations, focused on a pumped storage scheme based in Dinorwig, North Wales. These accounts are valuable to specialist control engineers who are working in this industry. In addition, the theoretical treatment of modern and classic controllers will be useful for graduate and final year undergraduate engineering students. This book reviews SISO and MIMO models, which cover the linear and nonlinear characteristics of pumped storage hydroelectric power stations. The most important dynamic features are discussed. The verification of these models by hardware in the loop simulation is described. To show how the performance of a pumped storage hydroelectric power station can be improved, classical and modern controllers are applied to simulated models of Dinorwig power plant, that include PID, Fuzzy approximation, Feed-Forward and Model Based Predictive Control with linear and hybrid prediction models.

Multi-terminal Direct-Current Grids

Multi-terminal Direct-Current Grids
Author: Nilanjan Chaudhuri, Balarko Chaudhuri, Rajat Majumder, Amirnaser Yazdani
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111896053X
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-09-09
View: 1105
Read: 846

A generic DC grid model that is compatible with the standard AC system stability model is presented and used to analyse the interaction between the DC grid and the host AC systems. A multi-terminal DC (MTDC) grid interconnecting multiple AC systems and offshore energy sources (e.g. wind farms) across the nations and continents would allow effective sharing of intermittent renewable resources and open market operation for secure and cost-effective supply of electricity. However, such DC grids are unprecedented with no operational experience. Despite lots of discussions and specific visions for setting up such MTDC grids particularly in Europe, none has yet been realized in practice due to two major technical barriers: Lack of proper understanding about the interaction between a MTDC grid and the surrounding AC systems. Commercial unavailability of efficient DC side fault current interruption technology for conventional voltage sourced converter systems This book addresses the first issue in details by presenting a comprehensive modeling, analysis and control design framework. Possible methodologies for autonomous power sharing and exchange of frequency support across a MTDC grid and their impact on overall stability is covered. An overview of the state-of-the-art, challenges and on-going research and development initiatives for DC side fault current interruption is also presented.

Modern Control Engineering

Modern Control Engineering
Author: Katsuhiko Ogata
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0136156738
Pages: 894
Year: 2010
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For senior or graduate-level students taking a first course in Control Theory (in departments of Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, and Chemical Engineering). A comprehensive, senior-level textbook for control engineering. Ogata's Modern Control Engineering, 5/e , offers the comprehensive coverage of continuous-time control systems that all senior students must have, including frequency response approach, root-locus approach, and state-space approach to analysis and design of control systems. The text provides a gradual development of control theory, shows how to solve all computational problems with MATLAB, and avoids highly mathematical arguments. A wealth of examples and worked problems are featured throughout the text. The new edition includes improved coverage of Root-Locus Analysis (Chapter 6) and Frequency-Response Analysis (Chapter 8). The author has also updated and revised many of the worked examples and end-of-chapter problems. This text is ideal for control systems engineers.

Control and Mechatronics

Control and Mechatronics
Author: Bodgan Wilamowski, J. David Irwin
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439802882
Pages: 728
Year: 2016-04-19
View: 1322
Read: 278

The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition combines traditional and newer, more specialized knowledge that will help industrial electronics engineers develop practical solutions for the design and implementation of high-power applications. Embracing the broad technological scope of the field, this collection explores fundamental areas, including analog and digital circuits, electronics, electromagnetic machines, signal processing, and industrial control and communications systems. It also facilitates the use of intelligent systems—such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary methods—in terms of a hierarchical structure that makes factory control and supervision more efficient by addressing the needs of all production components. Enhancing its value, this fully updated collection presents research and global trends as published in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics Journal, one of the largest and most respected publications in the field. Control and Mechatronics presents concepts of control theory in a way that makes them easily understandable and practically useful for engineers or students working with control system applications. Focusing more on practical applications than on mathematics, this book avoids typical theorems and proofs and instead uses plain language and useful examples to: Concentrate on control system analysis and design, comparing various techniques Cover estimation, observation, and identification of the objects to be controlled—to ensure accurate system models before production Explore the various aspects of robotics and mechatronics Other volumes in the set: Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics Power Electronics and Motor Drives Industrial Communication Systems Intelligent Systems

Electricity 2: Devices, Circuits and Materials

Electricity 2: Devices, Circuits and Materials
Author: Thomas Kubala
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111646716
Pages: 168
Year: 2012-01-01
View: 551
Read: 1097

Designed to help students learn fundamental electrical concepts and explore their practical applications, this trusted text provides a thorough introduction to various types of alternating current (AC) circuits, as well as key principles such as power, power factor, power factor correction, inductive reactance, capacitive reactance, and impedance. ELECTRICITY 2: DEVICES, CIRCUITS AND MATERIALS, Tenth Edition, maintains the user-friendly style and proven instructional approach while incorporating new material and updates based on the 2011 National Electrical Code. Featuring current industry terminology, photographs of commonly used electrical equipment, and sample problems with solutions, this convenient, affordable text is an ideal choice for anyone interested in mastering basic electricity, including AC power, wiring installation, lighting, and effective troubleshooting. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Artificial Organic Networks

Artificial Organic Networks
Author: Hiram Eredín Ponce Espinosa, Pedro Ponce-Cruz, Arturo Molina
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319024728
Pages: 228
Year: 2013-11-12
View: 1237
Read: 1109

This monograph describes the synthesis and use of biologically-inspired artificial hydrocarbon networks (AHNs) for approximation models associated with machine learning and a novel computational algorithm with which to exploit them. The reader is first introduced to various kinds of algorithms designed to deal with approximation problems and then, via some conventional ideas of organic chemistry, to the creation and characterization of artificial organic networks and AHNs in particular. The advantages of using organic networks are discussed with the rules to be followed to adapt the network to its objectives. Graph theory is used as the basis of the necessary formalism. Simulated and experimental examples of the use of fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms with organic neural networks are presented and a number of modeling problems suitable for treatment by AHNs are described: · approximation; · inference; · clustering; · control; · classification; and · audio-signal filtering. The text finishes with a consideration of directions in which AHNs could be implemented and developed in future. A complete LabVIEWTM toolkit, downloadable from the book’s page at enables readers to design and implement organic neural networks of their own. The novel approach to creating networks suitable for machine learning systems demonstrated in Artificial Organic Networks will be of interest to academic researchers and graduate students working in areas associated with computational intelligence, intelligent control, systems approximation and complex networks.


Author: Miguel D'Addario
ISBN: 0244111456
View: 1224
Read: 625

Automotive Mechatronics

Automotive Mechatronics
Author: Konrad Reif
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3658039752
Pages: 538
Year: 2014-08-25
View: 673
Read: 607

As the complexity of automotive vehicles increases this book presents operational and practical issues of automotive mechatronics. It is a comprehensive introduction to controlled automotive systems and provides detailed information of sensors for travel, angle, engine speed, vehicle speed, acceleration, pressure, temperature, flow, gas concentration etc. The measurement principles of the different sensor groups are explained and examples to show the measurement principles applied in different types.

Control and Optimization

Control and Optimization
Author: B.D. Craven
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0412558904
Pages: 200
Year: 1998-10-29
View: 649
Read: 382

Control and Optimization presents a systematic account of optimal control theory in relation to a general approach to optimization that is also applicable in other contexts. It covers a diversity of applications, incorporates a full chapter of worked examples, examines good computing methods, and explores some more recent results on sensitivity and approximation, invex functions in optimization models, and methods for nonsmooth problems.

Digital Control Systems

Digital Control Systems
Author: Benjamin C. Kuo
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195120647
Pages: 751
Year: 1992
View: 1128
Read: 898

In recent years significant progress has been made in the analysis and design of discrete-data and digital control systems. These systems have gained popularity and importance in industry due in part to the advances made in digital computers for controls and, more recently, in microprocessors and digital signal processors. An introductory text for a senior or graduate course on digital control systems, this text covers the theory and applications of digital control systems, assuming a knowledge of matrix algebra, differential equations, Laplace transforms and the basic principles of continuous-data control systems. Many subjects are new to the Second Edition, most importantly design topics such as disturbance rejection, sensitivity considerations, and zero-ripple deadbeat-response design. In addition, Kuo includes separate discussions on controllability, observability, and stability, expands the discussions of sampling period selection, emphasizes computer-aided solutions, and provides a new and simpler approach to the Nyquist criterion of stability. Each chapter begins with keywords and topics that provide students with an overview of the key topics to be covered. Illustrative examples, many derived from practical systems, are included throughout the text. Numerous exercise problems end each chapter.

Elección de carrera. Volumen I. Área Norte, 4a Ed

Elección de carrera. Volumen I. Área Norte, 4a Ed
Author: Oliver, Rogelio
Publisher: Editorial Limusa
ISBN: 6070505786
Pages: 578
Year: 2009-08-26
View: 737
Read: 396

Esta nueva edición, dividida en dos tomos, fue hecha para orientar al alumno sobre la profesión que habrá de ejercer después de realizar su carrera; es una herramienta que le permitirá una mejor elección, razonada y libre, ya que le dará la oportunidad de comparar información para crearse una opinión propia sobre cada una de las opciones que existen en México.

Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers

Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers
Author: Martin P. Bates
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 0080993729
Pages: 410
Year: 2013-09-18
View: 266
Read: 776

Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers, 2nd Edition is a great introductory text for those starting out in this field and as a source reference for more experienced engineers. Martin Bates has drawn upon 20 years of experience of teaching microprocessor systems to produce a book containing an excellent balance of theory and practice with numerous working examples throughout. It provides comprehensive coverage of basic microcontroller system interfacing using the latest interactive software, Proteus VSM, which allows real-time simulation of microcontroller based designs and supports the development of new applications from initial concept to final testing and deployment. Comprehensive introduction to interfacing 8-bit PIC microcontrollers Designs updated for current software versions MPLAB v8 & Proteus VSM v8 Additional applications in wireless communications, intelligent sensors and more

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