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What If?

What If?
Author: Randall Munroe
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544272994
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-09-02
View: 769
Read: 802

The creator of the incredibly popular webcomic xkcd presents his heavily researched answers to his fans' oddest questions, including “What if I took a swim in a spent-nuclear-fuel pool?” and “Could you build a jetpack using downward-firing machine guns?” 100,000 first printing.

Raindrop in the Ocean

Raindrop in the Ocean
Author: Michael Dobbs-Higginson
Publisher: Eye Books (US&CA)
ISBN: 1785630385
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-06-01
View: 961
Read: 562

A unique memoir in which a young adventurer from colonial Rhodesia charms his way around the world, sleeping in stately homes and public toilets, smuggling drugs across several borders, and losing a $50 million fortune to the CIA, before settling into a stellar banking career. Looking back on a life well lived as he faces terminal illness, he swears that the key to his success was his grueling training as a Buddhist monk in a snowbound Japanese monastery.

Raindrops Roll

Raindrops Roll
Author: April Pulley Sayre
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481420658
Pages: 40
Year: 2015-01-06
View: 256
Read: 468

Discover the wonder of water in this refreshingly fun and fascinating exploration of rain, raindrops, and the water cycle from the creator of Rah, Rah, Radishes! and Go, Go Grapes! Raindrops drop. They plop. They patter. They spatter. And in the process, they make the whole world feel fresh and new and clean. In this gorgeously photo-illustrated nonfiction picture book, celebrated author April Pulley Sayre sheds new light on the wonders of rain, from the beauty of a raindrop balanced on a leaf to the amazing, never-ending water cycle that keeps our planet in perfect ecological balance.

The Little Raindrop That Was

The Little Raindrop That Was
Author: Jane Caracci
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1602475938
Pages: 32
Year: 2007-11
View: 1293
Read: 294

The story of a falling raindrop's adventures, mishaps, hopes, disappointments, purposes and goals.


Author: Valerie Spaliviero
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 149070339X
Pages: 28
Year: 2014
View: 1049
Read: 370

This book is written as an adventure about two raindrops. In personalising the raindrops the story draws the young reader's attention to the beauty of nature. It connects raindrops with planet earth's rivers, oceans, ice and snow as well as plants, animals and humans . Water in its varied forms moves and touches just about everything we see on this beautiful planet.


Author: Phalafala Aphane
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469159104
Pages: 405
Year: 2010-12-20
View: 1026
Read: 926

Rain, in the African context, has a deep cultural significance. It symbolizes the prevalence of peace as a tirade against any cruel authority or fundamentalism of all kinds. Drop of Rain! is a unique, epic, surrealistic and long unparalleled poem . . .which is used ornamentally as a tender whisper of struggle and peace that offers unlimited thinking and space and uncovers the truth that toughens and softens the dark shades of human souls and the shape of the animus within our dreams from multi-textured life. It reveals the conscience, the consciousness and conscientiousness, the wit, care and foresight—to everyone who feels, thinks, sings, and dreams of Rain; to share that inner glowing, glorious, chorally co-operative music of rain and making of tomorrow—as a liberating and humanistic philosophy; to awaken societal and opinionated values and social intercourse. This poetry, I hope, offers a window on African humanity, in and beyond the continent; because the Rain is everywhere. Every Drop of Rain! has a poem to unite our beautiful world for a permanent global peace. ‘Personal Rain alone is not enough, Village Rain alone is not enough, Country Rain alone is not enough, African Rain alone is not enough, European Rain alone is not enough, American Rain alone is not enough and . . . ‘ A cow does not excrete its whole dung at once. Pula ga e ne! Let it rain in four corners of the world! Drop of Rain! will constantly invite your own freedom of interpretation as you enjoy the journey of reading it.

Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods

Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods
Author: Ana Fred, Maria De Marsico, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319533754
Pages: 243
Year: 2017-02-08
View: 945
Read: 268

This book contains revised and extended versions of selected papers from the 5th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPRAM 2016, held in Rome, Italy, in February 2016. The 13 full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 125 initial submissions and describe up-to-date applications of pattern recognition techniques to real-world problems, interdisciplinary research, experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new insights that advance pattern recognition methods.

Hope In Every Raindrop

Hope In Every Raindrop
Author: Wesley Banks
Publisher: Chasing Pace Publishing
ISBN: 0986193402
Pages: 201
Year: 2015-05-26
View: 1015
Read: 671

"Small towns have big stories." That was a lesson Katie’s father taught her years ago. A lesson she’s taken to heart. And right now, Katie is desperate for a big story. Reeling from the recent loss of her father and with her agent breathing down her neck for the next book, the twenty-one-year-old writer picks a spot on the map and finds herself bound for a middle-of-nowhere town called Bishopville, South Carolina. Taking a chance on the words of a local grocer, Katie stumbles upon a rare breed of dogs raised by the town doctor and his nephew Kyle. The only problem? Kyle isn’t interested in telling stories—especially not to a big-city girl who can’t seem to sit still. In an attempt to win him over as the clock winds down, Katie finds herself immersed in Kyle’s world, doing everything but writing. When inspiration finally strikes, Katie is faced with an unforeseen catastrophe and a truth she can no longer ignore. While she has come to love the dogs, the real story may be about Kyle Walker.

How Everything Works

How Everything Works
Author: Louis A. Bloomfield
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470170662
Pages: 736
Year: 2007-08-28
View: 426
Read: 239

A user's manual for our everyday world! "Whether a curious layperson, a trained physicist, or a beginning physics student, most everyone will find this book an interesting and enlightening read and will go away comforted in that the world is not so strange and inexplicable after all." —From the Foreword by Carl Wieman, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2001, and CASE/Carnegie US University Professor of the Year 2004 If you didn't know better, you might think the world was filled with magic—from the household appliances that make our lives easier to the CDs and DVDs that fill our world with sounds and images. Even a simple light bulb can seem mysterious when you stop to think about it. Now in How Everything Works, Louis Bloomfield explains the physics behind the ordinary objects and natural phenomena all around us, and unravels the mysteries of how things work. Inside, you'll find easy-to-understand answers to scores of fascinating questions, including: How do microwave ovens cook food, and why does metal sometimes cause sparks in a microwave? How does an iPod use numbers to represent music? How do CDs and DVDs use light to convey information, and why are they so colorful? How can a CT or MRI image show a cross-sectional view of a person without actually entering the body? Why do golf balls have dimples? How does a pitcher make a curveball curve and knuckleball jitter about in an erratic manner? Why is the sun red at sunrise and sunset? How does a fluorescent lamp produce visible light? You don't need a science or engineering background to understand How Everything Works, all you need is an active curiosity about the extraordinary world all around you.

Magic Raindrops

Magic Raindrops
Author: William Clark
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466974109
Pages: 24
Year: 2013-01-14
View: 612
Read: 433

Magic Raindrops is about how something magical can happen when you least expect it. The poor little farming town of Brookstone is having one of its typical days when a magical cloud floats over there town and changes there lives for the better forever.

Because…Every raindrop is a HOPE

Because…Every raindrop is a HOPE
Author: Sankalp Kohli, General Press
ISBN: 9380914431
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-12-03
View: 1195
Read: 828

Caught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation, Raj, a young boy with larger than life dreams, from a small town of Kanpur, is at the cross road of life, where every road ahead leads to nothing but a Dead-end. Through the grueling course of circumstances, he is subjected to the bitter tests of life, where he fails to justify his one decision of parting ways with Mahek. But, when Mahek flashes out of his life, leaving him all alone, the guilt of not been forgiven by her, ruins his soul; and that frustration leads him into seclusion, devoid of even his best buddies – Rohan and Rahul. Failed love, broken friendship, a hurt ego and lost soul – Raj is doomed to darkness. With no ray of hope ahead, just when Raj is about to give up on life, he come across a note, written to him by his favorite professor, "Never give up Raj… Because… Every Raindrop is a Hope" which brings Raj face to face with his own self. Why Love that makes Life beautiful, turns into Satan? Why friendship one fine day loses all its meaning? Why on the crowded roads of Mumbai city, Raj finds himself walking all alone? Will Raj challenge Life and fight back with the sword of Hope or will he take the easy way out by succumbing to the arduous tests of time. Publisher : General Press

The Little Raindrop

The Little Raindrop
Author: Joanna Gray
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1629142336
Pages: 32
Year: 2014-03-04
View: 1070
Read: 930

From cloud to puddle, and puddle to stream, the Little Raindrop is making its way on the remarkable journey that is Earth’s water cycle. In this inviting story—illustrated with pastels for a soft, full color—readers are taught about science and nature through a character driven narrative that leads a little raindrop on a big adventure. With an easy to follow plot that teaches precipitation, water flow, and evaporation, The Little Raindrop offers a sweet story full of learning and discovery. Featuring a heartwarming adventure from author Joanna Gray, and beautiful pastel illustrations by Dubravka Kolanovic, The Little Raindrop takes readers on a fun and educational ride through the water cycle. This is a wonderful introduction for children ages 3 to 6 about the water cycle. They will instantly connect with the cute, smiling little raindrop as it starts its journey in the clouds. The author gives wonderful, age-appropriate explanations and details about the raindrop's journey from air to pond to stream to ocean and back into the air again, making this a wonderful first introduction to science for preschoolers. Parents will appreciate the educational value of the book, as will early educational teachers. This is the type of picture book Scholastic Book Clubs and Fairs are wanting and so it should definitely have a great reception in the school and library market, as well as the general trade. Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Max, the Boy Raindrop

Max, the Boy Raindrop
Author: Pamela Haskin
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490828664
Pages: 34
Year: 2014-03
View: 741
Read: 786

On Max the raindrop's first day to rain, he is afraid to jump. Tony, a more experienced raindrop, offers to jump with him. Max's fear gradually eases, but on the next rain day he is afraid again.

If the Raindrops United

If the Raindrops United
Author: Judah Friedlander
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 0316306967
Pages: 208
Year: 2015-10-20
View: 473
Read: 855

A book of hilarious and ingenious comic drawings from the popular 30 Rock star and "World Champion" comedian Judah Friedlander, hailed by Tina Fey as "one of the all-time great weirdos." Most Americans know Judah Friedlander from his role as Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock and from appearances in films like American Splendor and The Wrestler. But long before he became a film and TV star and stand-up comic Friedlander drew stuff. Now, in this quirky, hilarious, and surprisingly profound collection of drawings, Friedlander shows a new side to his "terrifically entertaining" (New York Times) comedy. Whether imagining George Washington in Las Vegas, plastic surgery for imperfect triangles, and the Keystone Pipeline as a sex act, Friedlander's "Joodles" push boundaries as they explore the absurdities of American life, sex, and even history and human rights. If the Raindrops United is a milestone in the career of one of America's most inventive comedians. Praise for If the Raindrops United: "Judah has drawn a weird and funny book in the grand '70s tradition of B. Kliban! I think this book will probably fix the world." --Tina Fey "Some people meditate. Some people masturbate. But if you don't have the time or patience for either of those, I recommend reading If the Raindrops United to calm down, have a little laugh, or a big think." --Susan Sarandon "I've known Judah for many years and I still don't understand how his mind works, but it sure works. Seriously strange. Seriously funny. A National Treasure. Sadly, I need to get a restraining order against him." --Paul Giamatti "Judah thank you for writing a funny twisted book. It is such an easy read. Even dum dums like me can enjoy it!!! Buy this book." --Dave Attell "Judah's drawings are deceptively simple, yet they become more compelling with every page. His talent as an actor/writer/comedian is further conveyed in ANOTHER medium. He's a Quadruple Threat. He wears many hats. Literally." --Janeane Garofalo "Reading Judah Friedlander's new book is a lot like hanging out with Judah himself: occasionally baffling, frequently thought-provoking, but, most of all, consistently hilarious!" --Mick Foley "To compare Judah Friedlander to a great cartoonist like Jim Davis would be a compliment to Jim Davis." --Wyatt Cenac "Another hit from The World Champ tackling the signs and symbols you frequently question while dropping hot lava in your American Standard VorMax." --Eddie Huang

Monthly Weather Review

Monthly Weather Review
Year: 1905
View: 1283
Read: 601

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