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One Night Only

One Night Only
Author: Violet Blue
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1573447757
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-01-17
View: 1031
Read: 409

Some temptations are just too tantalizing to ignore- the hot guy at the Apple Genius Bar, the mysterious stranger in the train station who makes you sweat, the nameless faceless stranger at the club whose dirty dancing left you breathless. From quickies, to lost weekends, to three-ways and nights that you'll want to last forever, One Night Only is a collection of delightfully dirty bon mots edited by the one and only Violet Blue. Always surprising, sometimes sweetly romantic, and more than a little shocking, these stories of sudden sex are designed to get your juices flowing and inspire your OWN tale of one night of love, lust, and fantasy! One of the most seductive set of stories ever put to print!

Exposed to You

Exposed to You
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101612290
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-11-06
View: 995
Read: 1177

From the author of the unforgettable Because You Are Mine... Losing control is just the beginning… “What would you do if the sexiest man in the world was bent on bringing you unbearable pleasure again and again? Joy Hightower wasn’t sure she could survive the experience…or live without it." It’s not often you’re hired to paint a body tattoo—and what a body—on a total stranger at a Hollywood film set. A reserved and careful art teacher, Joy would never forget it. In a rare fit of raw desire she gave herself completely, knowing she’d never see him again, or ever repeat such a shameless, naked impulse. Little did she know, the man with whom she shared that lightning bolt of lust was star Everett Hughes. For Everett, women and sex came as easily as fame. But how could he hope to convince the guarded Joy that beneath the hard body and sexy façade of celebrity was a real man who wanted only one, real woman? In the heat of an intoxicating affair, Everett endeavors to break down her barriers, gain her trust, and expose himself as the real deal. But can Joy do the same, and reveal to him the vulnerable woman who longs to be loved, wanted, and desired forever?

Just One Night

Just One Night
Author: Kyra Davis
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476766215
Pages: 400
Year: 2013-12-31
View: 446
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You should sleep with a stranger, her best friend whispered in her ear—and so begins the intense, erotic journey of Kasie Fitzgerald in Book One of the Just One Night series, a blockbuster bestseller and “an uplifting story in which sex is presented both as freedom and as a metaphor for power” (Publishers Weekly). Kasie Fitzgerald knows who she’s supposed to be. Responsible. Reliable. Predictable. She’s an ambitious workaholic who is devoted to the sensible man she plans to marry. But one wild, impulsive night in Vegas is about to open her eyes up to who she wants to be... Trying her sexy new dress and her luck at a blackjack table, Kasie meets him. Intense. Flirtatious. Dangerous. She accepts his invitation for a drink...and then to his hotel room. She doesn’t know his name. But she’ll never forget the sex. Hard. Thrilling. Explosive. So when her mystery man later shows up at her office unexpectedly, she succumbs to his mastery, both in bed and in the boardroom. There’s no telling where the powerful, wealthy Robert Dade will lead her. But there’s also no resisting her desire...however far she’ll go under its spell. The only question is who she’ll be when the journey ends.

Ebony Encounters: a Trilogy of Erotic Tales

Ebony Encounters: a Trilogy of Erotic Tales
Author: Mahogany Silverrain
Publisher: Mahogany SilverRain
ISBN: 0557035058
Pages: 88
Year: 2009-01-08
View: 240
Read: 1139

Three stories... Three very different women find romance where they least expect it... Enjoy a paranormal vampire thrill in New Orleans with LOVE BYTES: A VAMPIRE TALE A sexy May/December office affair in Atlanta with THE UNEXPECTED MENTOR And last but not least, a decadent treat in Lyon, France with CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE they

One Night Stand

One Night Stand
Author: Hedonist Six
Publisher: eXplicitTales
ISBN: 1311077499
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-11-10
View: 185
Read: 952

From casual encounter to something more? Lucy is used to having a handle on things herself: her business, which he’s fighting to turn around after a rough patch, and her love life, which consists of carefully conducted casual encounters during which only she calls the shots. A one night stand with George - the tall, husky biker whose rough exterior hides a gentler side - changes everything. Lucy’s usual approach doesn’t work anymore: come morning, she doesn’t want to say goodbye. Perhaps it’s time to let someone into her life for more than just one night? Meanwhile, the crucial project she’s just landed is about to fall to pieces, threatening her reputation as well as her finances. Suddenly Lucy has to learn what it’s like to not be in control of anything at all. Chance Encounters is a series of stand-alone contemporary romance novellas set in jolly old England, following a set of loosely connected people as they find love in unexpected places. Can love conquer all, from class differences to age gaps? One-click and find out. This sexy & steamy contemporary romance deals with the following themes: love at first sight, love conquers all, rich vs. poor, stranger to lover, casual sex to relationship, geeky & shy hero, strong heroine.

Sexuality in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Sexuality in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
Author: Raymond Montemayor
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462537170
Pages: 362
Year: 2018-10-09
View: 288
Read: 638

Written in an engaging question-and-answer format, this accessible text synthesizes contemporary empirical research to provide a panoramic view of adolescent sexual development and behavior. The book examines sexuality as part of normative growth and development, in addition to addressing traditional problem areas such as sexual risk taking. Candid personal stories bring the theory and research to life. Topics include the precursors of adolescent sexuality in childhood; biological aspects of adolescent sexuality, including puberty and the adolescent brain; the influences of parents, peers, and the media; and gender and racial/ethnic differences in attitudes and behavior. Coverage also encompasses romantic relationships; the experiences of sexual- and gender-minority youth; sexually transmitted infections; contraception, pregnancy, and teen parenthood; cross-cultural and international research; and approaches to sex education. Pedagogical Features *Headings written as questions throughout the chapters--for example, "How common is hooking up?" and "Is coming out to parents always a good thing?" *"In Their Own Words" boxes with firsthand accounts from adolescents and young adults. *"Focus on Research" sidebars that discuss research methods, challenges, and controversies in the field. *End-of-chapter summaries and suggested readings.

A Bride for One Night

A Bride for One Night
Author: Ruth Calderon
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0827612095
Pages: 163
Year: 2014-03
View: 803
Read: 1209

"Published by the University of Nebraska Press as a Jewish Publication Society book."

Suite Encounters

Suite Encounters
Author: Rachel Kramer Bussel
Publisher: Cleis Press
ISBN: 1573447900
Pages: 232
Year: 2012
View: 170
Read: 820

Suite Encounters features hotel erotica in all its forms from honeymooners having sex on the beach to loving couples on holiday to co-workers meeting for secret quickies to the exhibitionist thrills (and chills) of getting it on in the pool on the roof at The Standard Hotel in front of everyone! Award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel knows the winning formula of stories of sex in every possible setting - from luxury hotels to seedy motels and everything in between.

Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance

Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance
Author: Karoline Gritzner
Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press
ISBN: 1907396284
Pages: 256
Year: 2010-10-01
View: 1048
Read: 796

Exploring a range of topics, including Greek tragedy, Shakespearean theater, contemporary British plays, opera, and the theatricality of Parisian culture, this compilation provides new perspectives on the relationship between Eros and Death in a series of dramatic texts, theatrical practices, and cultural performances. Detailed and analytical, these informative essays demonstrate how changing attitudes towards sexuality and death--opposed but entangled passions--were reflected in theater throughout the course of history. Psychoanalytical and philosophical models are also referenced in this work that features essays from dramatists Dic Edwards, David Ian Rabey, and David Rudkin.

One Night

One Night
Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Publisher: Dutton Adult
ISBN: 0451471717
Pages: 360
Year: 2016-04-05
View: 952
Read: 201

On a cold and rainy night during the Christmas season, a woman who has suffered great personal loss and a successful businessman from Orange County meet by chance at a gas station in Los Angeles County. They have nothing in common, but as they engage in conversation they end up sequestered in an upscale hotel room. During intimacy, they continue to confide in each other and try to come to grips with their problems and their seasonal loneliness. For one night, their passion is boundless, but with every tick of the clock, their separate pasts close in.

Midnight Encounters

Midnight Encounters
Author: Elle Kennedy
Publisher: Samhain Pub Limited
ISBN: 1605042870
Pages: 230
Year: 2009-06-01
View: 189
Read: 264

For Maggie Reilly, a lover she meets a few times a year is all she needs, until the night she hops into bed expecting one man, and ends up with another: Ben Barrett, Hollywoods latest bad boy. With a scandal hanging over his head, Ben decides hiding out with his sassy bed-hopping redhead is the perfect way to lay low. But when he realizes Maggie is the kind of woman hed like to have around for the long haul, hes got to work hard to show her that a notorious bad boy like himself might be exactly what she needs.

An Indecent Affair

An Indecent Affair
Author: Stephanie Julian
Publisher: Stephanie Julian
Pages: 252
Year: 2014-11-16
View: 808
Read: 836

One woman. Two men. One night. Kat refuses to give in to her mother’s demand to marry a man she can’t stand. After years of trusting no one with her heart or her body, she wants to be swept off her feet, to experience complete surrender, if only for one night. Tristan has lusted after Kat for years. She’s the woman he wants to put between him and his best friend, Adam, and he’s finally making his move. He’ll steal her away from his brother, who doesn’t deserve her. Then he and Adam will give her exactly what she needs. Two men. One woman. A lifetime? Now ready to take control of her life, Kat moves to Philadelphia to open her own law practice and to risk giving her heart to the two men who opened her eyes to desire. Tristan and Adam are determined to keep Kat close and win her heart. But work dangers and family obligations conspire to tear them apart before their fragile relationship has a chance to grow into something stronger. Will Kat, Tristan and Adam be able to build a strong foundation for their lives together? Or will everything they’ve worked so hard for come crashing down around them?

Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise
Author: Jerome Espinosa Baladad
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469185598
Pages: 199
Year: 2012-07-03
View: 555
Read: 787

While still in his 20s, the author discovered the Chocolate Hills in Intramuros, the antique and hispanic walled-in city in Manila, Philippines, where heady events have been taking place for many years. He would find solace and tacit support from many others who also went there. The Walls, as this place is collectively designated, has mutely witnessed the course of historical events since their erection that started over 4 centuries ago, which include the destruction of large sections of the walled-in city by American and Japanese forces at the close of World War II, and those numerous deaths of unnamed civilians. And the author would be drawn to and witnessed being with many men similar to him who would take action on customarily unacceptable desires in their hearts, the passionate ideas on intimacy in their minds, and what their bodies are capable of doing in the very open area in and around the Walls.

Scandalous Ballroom Encounters

Scandalous Ballroom Encounters
Author: Victora Vale
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153481065X
Pages: 350
Year: 2016-07-04
View: 735
Read: 666

Scandalous Ballroom Encounters is a series of erotic romance set against the dazzling, opulent backdrop of the Regency era in London, England. Lords and Ladies were expected to behave with propriety during those times ... but what happened behind closed doors, when no one could witness the debauched and lusty encounters between members of the nobility? Book 1: Masquerade (A M/F Romance) Camden Rycroft is intrigued by the masked vixen he encounters in the Gardens. After one night with her leaves him hungry for more, his desire for her turns into a fiery obsession. When faced with losing Margaret to a potential husband, will he rise to the occasion, or risk living without her? Book 2: A Marriage Most Scandalous (A FMF Menage Romance) Cecily adores her husband, but wishes she knew how to draw him out of his shell. Beneath his polite and refined demeanor, she sees the true Sheridan-a man with the potential to utterly master her body and fulfill her every fantasy. Enter Madame Petra, a skilled courtesan known by the ton for tutoring couples in how to please one another. Book 3: Tempting Two (A MFM Menage Romance) With two men out to steal her heart, a jaded Penelope begins a game of intrigues and passion-one that the members of the ton would be shocked to know she indulged in. And, perhaps, in two very different men, she will find that the love she thought couldn't exist for two might just be possible with three.

Savaged by Systemd

Savaged by Systemd
Author: Michael Warren Lucas
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976149886
Pages: 52
Year: 2017-09-07
View: 839
Read: 171

Not your normal Friday night in the computer room. Not a normal night anywhere. Terry is the archetypal old-school Unix admin, nurturing servers with care and precision while avoiding the latest trendy garbage. KDE and Gnome on a server? Nope, if you need a GUI use FVWM. The latest trend Terry refuses? One adopted almost everywhere? Systemd, the replacement init. So Systemd comes for Terry. Wearing skin-tight leather pants. No, not a normal night in the computer room at all...