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Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement

Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement
Author: Carolee Duckworth, Marie Langworthy
ISBN: 0984513612
Pages: 360
Year: 2013-07-01
View: 1014
Read: 575

"This book is your call to action on your own behalf to: jumpstart your newly invented personal & professional retirement--your Next Phase life and work; create your own custom roadmap to how Baby Boomer YOU will live your last and BEST personal opus, with vitality, enthusiasm and enjoyment."--Back cover.

Life After Work

Life After Work
Author: Arthur F. Dauria, Walter Vom Saal
Publisher: Touchstone Press
ISBN: 0979077508
Pages: 265
Year: 2007-01-01
View: 1297
Read: 535

Reviews the lives of six famous people (the Delany Sisters, Lee Iacocca, Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Carter, and Arthur Ashe) and the messages they have for the rest of us. These lives dramatically illustrate the major themes surrounding retirement. This book offers ingishts for everyone who is retired or planning to retire, focusing on the mental outlook adjustments, rather than financial needs.

Empowerment Series: Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Multidimensional Perspective

Empowerment Series: Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Multidimensional Perspective
Author: Jose B. Ashford, Craig Winston LeCroy, Lela Rankin Williams
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1337515221
Pages: 768
Year: 2016-12-05
View: 247
Read: 220

This lively, comprehensive introduction to human behavior in the social environment offers an integrative approach to biopsychosocial case formulations of current and developmental human behavior concerns. The sixth edition builds on prior efforts in promoting integrative assessments by adopting a specific method for completing case formulations that students apply to case studies in the book's developmental chapters. This innovation provides students with a bridge to the core competencies and recommended practice behaviors outlined in the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) set by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), thus helping them connect foundation knowledge with practice concerns. Guidelines for practice and relevant assessment tools are identified for specific life tasks and for each phase of biopsychosocial development. This edition also offers concrete methods for the translation of developmental research to assessment practices. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Psychology of Retirement

The Psychology of Retirement
Author: Derek Milne
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118408713
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-11-05
View: 1026
Read: 1102

The Psychology of Retirement is the first self-help guide to retirement based on highly proven psychological coping strategies. Provides the most comprehensive and coherent account of the challenges of retirement and the associated aging process Represents the culmination of over 30 years of clinical, teaching and research involvement in the main issues discussed within this book Draws systematically on applied scientific theories, accepted professional circles, which are interpreted and communicated by an applied scientist A constructive emphasis establishes the best possible coping strategies and perspectives

Too Young to Retire

Too Young to Retire
Author: Marika Stone, Howard Stone
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0452285577
Pages: 157
Year: 2004
View: 434
Read: 498

With Americans living longer, the conventional idea of retirement is obsolete. This essential resource offers inventive and exciting alternatives to help readers discover labors of love, their inner activists, a second career or how to make a home away from home.

The Retiring Mind

The Retiring Mind
Author: Robert P. Delamontagne
Publisher: BookPros, LLC
ISBN: 0982314094
Pages: 158
Year: 2010-03-01
View: 768
Read: 513

Delamontagne leads prospective and recent retirees on a journey of psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth to help them cope with the challenges of a difficult transition.

ACT III Your Anti-Retirement Playbook

ACT III Your Anti-Retirement Playbook
Author: Cecilia Williams, Paula White
Publisher: WAN Publishing LLC
ISBN: 098639890X
Pages: 150
Year: 2015-07-01
View: 578
Read: 664

Did you know that:In most countries, the idea of retirement is of recent origin, being introduced during the late 19th and early 20th centuriesPreviously, low life expectancy and the absence of pension arrangements meant that most workers continued to work until deathGermany was the first country to introduce retirement, in 1889The Social Security Act of 1935 popularized retirement in the United States Social Security is not secure.Pension demands are destroying many municipal economies.The Crash of 2007 destroyed the personal retirement plans of many.And for many more, the idea of retirement = stagnation. Retirement has long been defined as the act of ending our working or professional career.What if instead it became the transition into our Act III? What is our Act III?It is a time to reboot, rewire, and re-experience the heady anticipation of our youth.It is a time for adventure, self-discovery, and most importantly, for continued contribution. So many books on retirement speak to finances.Act III speaks to living life to its fullest, discovering hidden potential, even doing the jobs and starting the businesses that earlier responsibilities may have made impossible. Act III: The Anti-Retirement Playbook says:Retirement is an unfolding of your potential...In this stage of life, people start dropping their have-to's and, if they are successful, start living lives of choice.. Learn how to walk into retirement with ease. Learn how to make retirement fulfilling. Learn how to maintain and expand your relevance.Learn how to truly make your Act III the best time of your life.


Author: Gloria Dunn-Violin
Publisher: Having a Life After Making a Living
ISBN: 0966086708
Pages: 270
Year: 2017-02-01
View: 919
Read: 345

Change the word and change your mind by transforming retirement into revivement? and, have your best life now! Gloria Dunn-Violin has coined this new word and a new philosophy for your second half of life in her book Revivement: Having a Life After Making a Living. She suggests that anyone over 50 is ready to have a rebirth; to renew and revitalize a life that has been waiting for this auspicious time. This book is a good friend for anyone contemplating retirement or already there.If there is something you always wanted to do! Areas you wanted to explore! Ideas you wanted to create! Accomplishments you wanted to achieve! Now?s the time! ?Receiving guidance on how to transition into your new life.?Unearthing and activating your dreams of long ago.?Finding purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.?Integrating the components of a wholesome and harmonious life.?Reading stories about real people?s challenges and successes.?Learning new scientific research and practices for longevity.?Overcoming ageism and increasing your brain smarts.?Using the book?s worksheets to develop a life you love.ReVivement: Having a Life After Making a Living is filled with wisdom, guidance, stories, and worksheets to help you think through and plan your future. The book is an uplifting, inspiring, and forward thinking escort to your best life yet. It informs, entertains, and personalizes this major transition for you, the reader, and will show you how to make the best of your later years.Gloria writes about how to plan the rest of your life, the beauties of age, and the nine pillars to make a life of meaning and fulfillment; and leading-edge scientific research on how to make our brains smarter and younger; influence your genes for your health; and increase your longevity.You?ll learn about purpose, community, volunteerism, on-going learning, and more ingredients of a good, wholesome second half of life. The 15 exercises with worksheets and two wrap-up forms at the back of the book? that you won?t find in any other book on this topic?will guide you to achieve your dreams.

The New Retirement

The New Retirement
Author: Sherry Cooper
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143172743
Pages: 208
Year: 2008-12-02
View: 1226
Read: 182

In The New Retirement, global economic strategist Sherry Cooper explains that the boomer generation will be reaching traditional retirement age very soon and the enormous wave of boomer retirees will crest in 2025. This phenomenon will profoundly affect the labour markets, the economy, and financial markets for decades. But will boomers retire they way their parents did? Will they work longer and transition gradually into semi-retirement? Cooper tells us that boomers will redefine retirement with great energy and creativity, working well beyond age 65 and mostly by choice. With the dramatic rise in their longevity, healthy goal-driven boomers will seek purposeful leisure—focusing on regeneration, rejuvenation, and low-stress contributions to society and their own personal wealth. Follow Cooper through her own journey to discover the route to financial security in this engaging and insightful read. Learn how the new retirement is about living well while achieving both monetary security and your personal goals. The New Retirement is an indispensable roadmap to the best years of your life.

So You've Retired - What's Next?

So You've Retired - What's Next?
Author: Olivia Greenwell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153540809X
Pages: 108
Year: 2016-09-02
View: 1248
Read: 309

Retirement doesn't have to be dull or boring! Uncover a world of exciting new hobbies, keep fit and agile, make a real difference in the world, declutter your house, earn extra income and add a sparkle to your retired life with this friendly and helpful guide. Approaching or beginning retirement is a milestone event. For most of our lives retirement feels like it's on the distant horizon, something to think about tomorrow rather than today. When the day finally does arrive, for many it can feel a little daunting and overwhelming - how should one spend all this new found free time? Olivia Greenwell has the answers, with friendly advice on: How to navigate your way through the questions you may have New opportunities that could present themselves in retirement How to find further information on the exciting opportunities presented As you experience the wonderful peace and contentment of retirement, this book will help you discover what makes you happy, and how to enjoy your life to the fullest. What are you waiting for? Start living the retirement you always dreamt of, by uncovering all the tools you need today!

AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life

AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life
Author: Bart Astor
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118495721
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-04-16
View: 477
Read: 909

WASHINGTON POST Bestseller List 3/30/14 Solid solutions and step-by-step instructions for planning the next stage of your life Life after 50 isn’t what it used to be. The rules have changed. No more guaranteed pensions, retiree health plans, or extensive leisure and travel. It’s time to forge new paths and create innovative models. That’s where the AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life comes in. Bart Astor, author of more than a dozen books, offers a comprehensive guide for making lifestyle decisions, growing your nest egg, and realizing your goals. This AARP book— Provides guidance on the key areas you’ll need to consider: finances and work, health and fitness, Medicare and Social Security, estate planning, insurance, housing, and more Offers expert tips on creating age- and health-specific goals through a personal “Level of Activity” scale based on how active you can and want to be Includes tips for finding fun and fulfilling activities and even completing your bucket list Supplies ready-to-use worksheets to help you set and meet financial planning goals, get your legal affairs in order, and maintain adequate health insurance Contains a comprehensive list of valuable resources

Your Retirement Income Blueprint

Your Retirement Income Blueprint
Author: Dick Diamond
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118089782
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-04-15
View: 658
Read: 637

Design Your Dream Retirement

Design Your Dream Retirement
Author: Dave Hughes
ISBN: 0997001704
Pages: 130
Year: 2015-11-16
View: 672
Read: 485

Design Your Dream Retirement will show you how to visualize your retirement in an optimistic, possibility-filled light, and provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you create a plan for achieving your retirement dreams. You will be inspired to rediscover and reinvent the real you - the you that has probably been buried by years of adapting to the demands of your career. While there's no question that saving and financial planning will make it easier for you to enjoy your retirement, you know that money alone does not buy happiness. You will learn how to fill your life with a balance of activities and pursuits to keep you happy, healthy, and fulfilled. This book will help you envision, plan for, and ultimately enjoy the best retirement possible.

Changing Course

Changing Course
Author: William Alan Sadler, James H. Krefft
ISBN: 0979351057
Pages: 268
Year: 2007-01-01
View: 582
Read: 411

The primary message in Changing Course is the compelling need for people to rethink retirement. Based on twenty years research, the book presents unique stories of how pioneers over fifty are showing the way to positive aging. The book is a full frontal assault on retirement-as-leisure, an obsolete, life-threatening concept that should have been retired twenty years ago. Changing Course underscores risks inherent in stereotypical views of aging and offers both grounded theory and practical lessons for fresh perspectives on aging. It contrasts conventional approaches to aging with creative ideas for aging successfully. Changing Course gives pointed advice on five major risks facing people approaching retirement, and suggests specific steps for managing those risks. It also includes seventeen sensible lessons from third age pioneers as a summary of how to change course. The book therefore serves as a navigational chart of sorts to help middle aged individuals explore the myriad possibilities for growth and success in their fifties, sixties, and beyond. Changing Course also presents the innovative concept of Third Age Careers as part of a mix of activities, called a Third Age Portfolio, needed to age successfully. Further, it discusses how organizations will need to employ people over fifty to avoid a capability gap as Boomers retire in droves in the next decade. If you want life after fifty to be an exhilarating new start, rather than a depressing dull finish, this book is for you.

Revitalizing Retirement

Revitalizing Retirement
Author: Nancy K. Schlossberg
Publisher: Lifetools
ISBN: 1433804131
Pages: 241
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 381
Read: 232

In preparation for retirement, we are often urged to build up our financial portfolio or perhaps down-size our home or move closer to family. Often neglected in this process, however, are the psychological ramifications that come with the transition into retirement. It is important for retirees to make a plan for their retirement financially, but also to take stock of their psychological portfolio at the same time. This means taking an honest look at how your sense of identity will change with retirement, how your relationships and support systems may change, and how your sense of purpose will be affected. Revitalizing Retirement gives unique guidance on how to create a happy, fulfilling retirement. Nancy K. Schlossberg, a counseling psychologist and author of Retire Smart, Retire Happy, describes the secret to a happy retirement. She encourages readers to reshape their identity, relationships, and purpose. She discusses several coping skills that deal with accepting change and help retirees continue to feel that they are vital members of their community and that they matter. Each chapter contains stories from actual retirees that demonstrate the numerous ways of pursuing an enjoyable retirement. There are short quizzes and discussion questions at the end of each chapter so that readers can reflect on what they have read and see exactly how it relates to their own lives. This book is a must-read for anyone considering retirement in the near future as well as current retirees who may be struggling to find happiness in their daily lives.

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