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The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird
Author: Stephen P. Kiernan
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062369563
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-09-08
View: 937
Read: 604

From the author of the acclaimed The Curiosity comes a compelling and moving story of compassion, courage, and redemption. Deborah Birch is a seasoned hospice nurse whose daily work requires courage and compassion. But her skills and experience are tested in new and dramatic ways when her easygoing husband, Michael, returns from his third deployment to Iraq haunted by nightmares, anxiety, and rage. She is determined to help him heal, and to restore the tender, loving marriage they once had. At the same time, Deborah’s primary patient is Barclay Reed, a retired history professor and expert in the Pacific Theater of World War II whose career ended in academic scandal. Alone in the world, the embittered professor is dying. As Barclay begrudgingly comes to trust Deborah, he tells her stories from that long-ago war, which help her find a way to help her husband battle his demons. Told with piercing empathy and heartbreaking realism, The Hummingbird is a masterful story of loving commitment, service to country, and absolution through wisdom and forgiveness.

The Hummingbird's Daughter

The Hummingbird's Daughter
Author: Luis Alberto Urrea
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0759567514
Pages: 512
Year: 2006-06-01
View: 350
Read: 1107

This historical novel is based on Urrea's real great-aunt Teresita, who had healing powers and was acclaimed as a saint. Urrea has researched historical accounts and family records for years to get an accurate story.

The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds
Author: Ross McMeekin
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1510728775
Year: 2018-02-06
View: 669
Read: 681

Ezra works as a live-in groundskeeper on a celebrity couple’s enormous rental property in Los Angeles. When the magnetic Sybil sets her sights on Ezra and gradually lures him in, he is as conflicted as he is tempted. Then Grant, her husband, approaches Ezra with a different proposal—to monitor Sybil to see if she is having an affair—and he is faced with the formidable challenge in refusing one or the other. And so begins this sexy, mesmerizing novel about Sybil, an actress desperately hoping for the important role that will resurrect her faltering career; Grant, a cunning, self-made movie producer infamous for subterfuge and secrets; and Ezra, the beautiful, troubled young man they employ—a man haunted by the memory and teachings of his mother, the leader of a new-age cult that deifies birds. Over one life-altering week, Sybil casts Ezra as the center of her universe. Together, they fantasize about the new life for both of them, where Sybil directs and stars in an controversial film about the Middle East, and Ezra can finally realize his dream of traveling to photograph exotic birds, a craft he has cultivated in the hummingbird-filled gardens of the property. But when Sybil’s husband Grant discovers their passionate affair, the three are set on a collision course that can only end in violence. In The Hummingbirds, Ross McMeekin captures people yearning for deep connections in a shallow world defined by the twin obsessions of power and beauty. It is a story of love and redemption, of murder and betrayal, and of the darkness that lurks in the heart of Hollywood.

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
Author: Lisa See
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501154842
Pages: 384
Year: 2017-03-21
View: 240
Read: 214

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa See, “one of those special writers capable of delivering both poetry and plot” (The New York Times Book Review), a moving novel about tradition, tea farming, and the bonds between mothers and daughters. In their remote mountain village, Li-yan and her family align their lives around the seasons and the farming of tea. For the Akha people, ensconced in ritual and routine, life goes on as it has for generations—until a stranger appears at the village gate in a jeep, the first automobile any of the villagers has ever seen. The stranger’s arrival marks the first entrance of the modern world in the lives of the Akha people. Slowly, Li-yan, one of the few educated girls on her mountain, begins to reject the customs that shaped her early life. When she has a baby out of wedlock—conceived with a man her parents consider a poor choice—she rejects the tradition that would compel her to give the child over to be killed, and instead leaves her, wrapped in a blanket with a tea cake tucked in its folds, near an orphanage in a nearby city. As Li-yan comes into herself, leaving her insular village for an education, a business, and city life, her daughter, Haley, is raised in California by loving adoptive parents. Despite her privileged childhood, Haley wonders about her origins. Across the ocean Li-yan longs for her lost daughter. Over the course of years, each searches for meaning in the study of Pu’er, the tea that has shaped their family’s destiny for centuries. A powerful story about circumstances, culture, and distance, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane paints an unforgettable portrait of a little known region and its people and celebrates the bond of family.

The Hummingbird's Cage

The Hummingbird's Cage
Author: Tamara Dietrich
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 069818470X
Pages: 352
Year: 2015-06-02
View: 1067
Read: 716

A dazzling debut novel about taking chances, finding hope, and learning to stand up for your dreams... Everyone in Wheeler, New Mexico, thinks Joanna leads the perfect life: the quiet, contented housewife of a dashing deputy sheriff, raising a beautiful young daughter, Laurel. But Joanna’s reality is nothing like her facade. Behind closed doors, she lives in constant fear of her husband. She’s been trapped for so long, escape seems impossible—until a stranger offers her the help she needs to flee.... On the run, Joanna and Laurel stumble upon the small town of Morro, a charming and magical village that seems to exist out of time and place. There a farmer and his wife offer her sanctuary, and soon, between the comfort of her new home and blossoming friendships, Joanna’s soul begins to heal, easing the wounds of a decade of abuse. But her past—and her husband—aren’t so easy to escape. Unwilling to live in fear any longer, Joanna must summon a strength she never knew she had to fight back and forge a new life for her daughter and herself.... CONVERSATION GUIDE INCLUDED

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird
Author: Kati Hiekkapelto
Publisher: Arcadia Books
ISBN: 1909807567
Pages: 364
Year: 2014-09-15
View: 607
Read: 407

Anna Fekete, who fled the Yugoslavian wars as a child, has a past. Just beginning her career as a criminal investigator in northern Finnish coastal town, she is thrust into a high-profile, seemingly unsolvable case that has riveted the nation. It doesn't help that her middle-aged new partner, Esko, doesn't bother hiding his racist prejudices, and Anna becomes the target of a systematic campaign to unsettle her. A young woman has been killed on a running trail, and a pendant depicting an Aztec god has been found in her possession. Another murder soon follows. All signs point to a serial killer, but can Anna catch the Hummingbird before he--or she--strikes again? And at what personal cost?

The Little Hummingbird

The Little Hummingbird
Author: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Wangari Maathai
Publisher: Greystone Books
ISBN: 1553659139
Pages: 32
Year: 2011-01-15
View: 1145
Read: 1188

A courageous hummingbird defies fear and expectations in her attempt to save the forest from fire. The illustrated story is supplemented by a natural and cultural history of hummingbirds, as well as an inspiring message from Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. Based on a South American indigenous story.

Hummingbird Lake

Hummingbird Lake
Author: Emily March
Publisher: Eternity Springs
ISBN: 0345518365
Pages: 325
Year: 2011
View: 1144
Read: 683

After her life-changing experiences in war-torn Africa, pediatric surgeon Sage Anderson, giving up medicine, finally finds a place to call home in Eternity Springs where she enjoys her newfound success as a gifted artist until her past comes back to haunt her. Original.

A Hummingbird in My House

A Hummingbird in My House
Author: Arnette Heidcamp
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0517577291
Pages: 116
Year: 1990
View: 172
Read: 1184

An account of Squeak, a young ruby-throated hummingbird, chronicles the bird's rescue, its daily activities and behavior, its growth to maturity in the author's indoor garden, and its eventual release back into the wild

The Secret to Hummingbird Cake

The Secret to Hummingbird Cake
Author: Celeste Fletcher McHale
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 0718034236
Pages: 304
Year: 2016-02-09
View: 1230
Read: 982

“Why won’t you just tell me what’s in that cake?” I’d been trying to get Laine’s recipe for years. We all had. When all else fails, turn to the divine taste of hummingbird cake. In the South you always say “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am.” You know everybody’s business. Football is a lifestyle not a pastime. Food—especially dessert— is almost a religious experience. And you protect your friends as fiercely as you protect your family— even if the threat is something you cannot see. In this spot-on Southern novel brimming with wit and authenticity, you’ll laugh alongside lifelong friends, navigate the sometimes rocky path of marriage, and roll through the outrageous curveballs that life sometimes throws . . . from devastating pain to absolute joy. And if you’re lucky, you just may discover the secret to hummingbird cake along the way.

The Swallow and the Hummingbird

The Swallow and the Hummingbird
Author: Santa Montefiore
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471132064
Pages: 496
Year: 2014-01-02
View: 629
Read: 163

When George Bolton returns home to Devon at the end of the war, Rita assumes that her childhood sweetheart will marry her as they had planned. But the boy who joined the RAF has returned a man, and a man irrevocably changed by the horrors that he has seen. Unable to settle back into the sleepy country routine, George resolves to spend a year on the family farm in Argentina, and, despite her disappointment, Rita promises to wait for him. While George is away, Max de Guinzberg, the young Jewish refugee adopted by Rita's eccentric grandmother, grows up. Tormented by the tragedy of his past, he finds solace in Rita, whom he has loved for as long as he can remember. But her heart still belongs to George…

Hummingbird House

Hummingbird House
Author: Patricia Henley
Publisher: MacAdam/Cage Publishing
ISBN: 1878448986
Pages: 326
Year: 2000-04
View: 943
Read: 863

An American midwife travels to Central America to care for the women and children suffering through war.

The Hummingbird and The Bear

The Hummingbird and The Bear
Author: Nicholas Hogg
Publisher: Corsair
ISBN: 1849017298
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-05-26
View: 1112
Read: 860

Sam Taylor knows he should be content with his life; with a high-flying career in the city and a beautiful fiancée, his lot is better than most. But he can't help but feel something is missing. When Sam meets enigmatic American Kay at a Cotswolds wedding as he holds out his umbrella for her in the pouring rain, he believes he has found someone who completes him. Throwing caution to the wind, Sam decides to risk everything and pursue Kay across the Atlantic to her native New York and the home she shares with her husband, Chris. Nicholas Hogg's novel is a taut and highly charged story of passion and adultery. Set against the backdrop of the financial crisis, The Hummingbird and the Bear follows a powerful and illicit love from England to New York, from the known to the unknown. Both shocking and delightful, it confirms Hogg's position among the finest of today's young writers. Praise for his previois novel Show Me the Sky: "An assured and gripping debut." BBC Radio 3. "Hogg performs a full range of literary circus feats... leading his reader on an exotic journey." Adelaide Advertiser. Like a four-part harmony, Hogg balances these voices, strengthening the book's message of staying true to one's roots. Sunday Herald "His subtle and clever novel weaves together five different narrative strands... plotted so artfully." The Big Issue.

The Hummingbird Book

The Hummingbird Book
Author: Donald Stokes, Lillian Stokes
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 031604847X
Pages: 89
Year: 2008-11-16
View: 1287
Read: 231

Attract amazing hummingbirds to your backyard! With this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide, you'll find it easy to attract these tiny jewel-like birds to your own yard. The Stokes Hummingbird Book provides all the information you need to bring hummingbirds up close, identify them, and understand their fascinating and varied behavior. The book includes: * Range maps and full-color photographs to help you identify and locate hummingbirds * Information on how to select the proper feeders, what to use in them, when to put them up, and when to take them down * Advice on what flowers to plant to attract hummingbirds in your part of the country * Amazing facts about hummingbirds, such as how fast they fly and how much they weigh * Guidelines for photographing hummingbirds * Complete information on hummingbird behavior, including flight displays, breeding habits, and feeding * A special section on attracting orioles, with photographs and behavior guides for each of the eight species found in North America * A resource list for hummingbird supplies.

Song of the Hummingbird

Song of the Hummingbird
Author: Graciela Limón
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
ISBN: 1611922925
Pages: 227
Year: 2014-05-14
View: 484
Read: 445

An Aztec princess describes the Spanish conquest of Mexico. She is Huitzitzlin, 82, of the court of Montezuma and she tells her tale to a priest so history will know who the Aztecs really were. By the author of The Memories of Ana Calderon.

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