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Touched With Fire

Touched With Fire
Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439106630
Pages: 384
Year: 1996-10-18
View: 309
Read: 175

The definitive work on the profound and surprising links between manic-depression and creativity, from the bestselling psychologist of bipolar disorders who wrote An Unquiet Mind. One of the foremost psychologists in America, “Kay Jamison is plainly among the few who have a profound understanding of the relationship that exists between art and madness” (William Styron). The anguished and volatile intensity associated with the artistic temperament was once thought to be a symptom of genius or eccentricity peculiar to artists, writers, and musicians. Her work, based on her study as a clinical psychologist and researcher in mood disorders, reveals that many artists subject to exalted highs and despairing lows were in fact engaged in a struggle with clinically identifiable manic-depressive illness. Jamison presents proof of the biological foundations of this disease and applies what is known about the illness to the lives and works of some of the world's greatest artists including Lord Byron, Vincent Van Gogh, and Virginia Woolf.

When Someone You Love Is Bipolar

When Someone You Love Is Bipolar
Author: Cynthia G. Last
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1606234021
Pages: 306
Year: 2009-04-15
View: 1260
Read: 1102

When bipolar disorder afflicts the person you love, you suffer too. How have other couples learned to manage the relationship strains caused by this illness? What can you do to provide your partner with truly helpful nurturance and support? No one cares more deeply about these questions than Dr. Cynthia Last, a highly regarded therapist/researcher who also has bipolar disorder. Sharing stories and solutions from her own experience and the couples she has treated, Dr. Last offers heartfelt, practical guidance for getting through the out-of-control highs and the devastating lows--together. Learn how you can help your spouse come to terms with a bipolar diagnosis, get the most out of treatment, and reduce or prevent future mood episodes, while also taking care of yourself.

Cults of the Shadow

Cults of the Shadow
Author: Kenneth Grant
Publisher: Skoob Books Pub Limited
ISBN: 1871438675
Pages: 244
Year: 1994-05
View: 830
Read: 256

This work explores techniques and traditions of the Left Hand Path, a complex magical system, retrieved from historic cultural dispesion. It discusses how this system aims to give access to, and mastery of, the subconscious mind's occult resources, and considers the system's Atlantean, voodoo, Chinese and tantric strands.

The magical record of the Beast 666

The magical record of the Beast 666
Author: Aleister Crowley, John Symonds, Kenneth Grant
Publisher: Duckbacks
Pages: 326
Year: 1972
View: 1124
Read: 390

Junkyard Models

Junkyard Models
Author: Manny, Solano
ISBN: 1681395819
Pages: 68
Year: 2015-04-10
View: 1006
Read: 946

Since childhood Solano has always been fascinated with salvage and junkyards. His father would go to find parts for his car and Solano would immediately go off on his own. For him, it was like the greatest playground in the world. He would find a unique car and pretend he was driving. Then he would pull up the seats and open glove boxes, looking for treasure. Solano's father finally got tired of roaming the yards looking for him, calling out his name when he wanted to leave, so he devised a plan. He would honk his horn three times. When he did this, it meant we were ready to leave. Solano's mother would get mad because his clothes would be dirty and she had a difficult time getting the rust out from when he would brush against a really rusty car. Solano only wishes he had a camera back then to have a record of those days, but never thought about it at that age. Some people look at an old, rusty, and dented car and think what a piece of junk, but Solano sees at them differently, as he is sure others do. They have an aura about them. He would look at a vehicle that was smashed and try to guess how it got that way. What did it hit? What hit it? Some cars looked like they were just neglected and left to rot away. Some looked like they could be driven home. In 2005, Solano decided he wanted to build a junkyard model and his first attempt was pretty bad. But he kept trying and eventually he had it down to a system. He did one, then another, and before he knew it, he had a small junkyard. He kept adding more cars and trucks to it, and then he started making buildings and accessorizing the yard. Solano started with plastic 1/25 scale models and then decided to look for already damaged die cast 1/24 scale Danbury and Franklin mint, and other die cast models and would turn them into "junkers" as well. Now Solano does all scales 1/43rd and larger up to 1/12 scales, so if you like old junk cars or just old cars in general, you may like this book.

Perfect Pests

Perfect Pests
Author: Jennifer Krzak
ISBN: 0999881906
Pages: 40
Year: 2018-02-26
View: 455
Read: 777

"On a bright sunny day, Teddy went for a walk." Thus, begins an eye-opening adventure for Teddy and for all young readers. By the time the adventure is over, they will have learned that not all things are as they seem. A bossy sister along with three perfect pests make their discovery possible: a pesky mosquito, a group of hungry ants, and a very noisy cicada. Through Jennifer's energetic prose, children will come to delight in Teddy's curiosity and willingness to learn. And, along with Teddy, they will open their hearts and minds to all the pests in their world. The author's intention is that children will come away from reading this book with the belief that each created thing, big and small, has its own unique abilities. Getting to know one another better can open the door to many new discoveries and friendships.

The Criss-cross Web

The Criss-cross Web
Author: Børge Johannes Rambøll
ISBN: 8717013429
Pages: 67
Year: 1970*
View: 1301
Read: 635

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