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Westlake Girl

Westlake Girl
Author: Frieda Wampler, Larry Wampler
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493023381
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-07-01
View: 916
Read: 549

Westlake Girl: My Oregon Frontier Childhood is the true story of a spirited girl coming of age in an isolated village on the Oregon coast from 1928 to 1936. It portrays the artless feminist strivings of a capable girl who dreamed of a career in the Coast Guard on the merit of her skills as a boat pilot and champion swimmer. Frieda’s triumphs (taming a harbor seal as a pet, winning swim races against older boys) and disappointments (exclusion from the Coast Guard “for no better reason than that I was a girl”) will resonate with modern women who still meet obstacles – some natural and some arbitrary – to having it all.

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey
Author: The Countess of Carnarvon
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0770435637
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-12-27
View: 1272
Read: 1254

The real-life inspiration and setting for the Emmy Award-winning Downton Abbey, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey tells the story behind Highclere Castle and the life of one of its most famous inhabitants, Lady Almina, the 5th Countess of Carnarvon. Drawing on a rich store of materials from the archives of Highclere Castle, including diaries, letters, and photographs, the current Lady Carnarvon has written a transporting story of this fabled home on the brink of war. Much like her Masterpiece Classic counterpart, Lady Cora Crawley, Lady Almina was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, Alfred de Rothschild, who married his daughter off at a young age, her dowry serving as the crucial link in the effort to preserve the Earl of Carnarvon's ancestral home. Throwing open the doors of Highclere Castle to tend to the wounded of World War I, Lady Almina distinguished herself as a brave and remarkable woman. This rich tale contrasts the splendor of Edwardian life in a great house against the backdrop of the First World War and offers an inspiring and revealing picture of the woman at the center of the history of Highclere Castle.

Vile Men

Vile Men
Author: Rebecca Jones-Howe
Publisher: Dark House Press
ISBN: 1940430518
Pages: 170
Year: 2015-08-18
View: 1190
Read: 1168

Vile Men is a collection of dark, seductive, powerful, and touching short stories told with a lyrical voice that lulls readers into submission with its elegant, enlightened prose. Including several original stories, Jones-Howe's words dance trancelike on the page before clenching readers tightly by the windpipe and whispering that everything will be all right.

Great Grammar Poems

Great Grammar Poems
Author: Bobbi Katz
Publisher: Teaching Resources
ISBN: 0545210658
Pages: 72
Year: 2010-03-01
View: 895
Read: 1160

Add sparkle to every school day—from September to May and all through the summer—with this jumbo treasury of terrific, teacher-tested ideas, activities, games, and interactive reproducibles! Boost learning in math, reading, writing, social studies, and art with unique and creative calendar activities, pocket chart poems, read-aloud plays, collaborative banners, songs, math story mats, mini-books, art projects, and graphic organizers. Also includes book links, Web connections, and much, much more! For use with Grades K–2.

Priam's Gold

Priam's Gold
Author: Caroline Moorehead
Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN: 1784534870
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-04-30
View: 584
Read: 242

Troy: one of the most captivating and mysterious stories of antiquity... But was Troy an actual place or just a legend of Homer's epic? It took the most unlikely of people, Heinrich Schliemann--a grocer's-apprentice turned self-made archaeologist, courageous and driven--to solve one of the greatest puzzles in history. His extraordinary discovery of the ruins of fabled Troy and the magnificent treasure of King Priam anointed Schliemann as the 'father of pre-history', but was also beset by controversy that persists to this day. The fate of the treasure itself is no less troubled. In 1945 it was spirited out of Berlin by the Red Army, to be hidden for 50 years in the vaults of the Pushkin Museum until the breakup of the Soviet Union. In this fast-paced account, Caroline Moorehead describes one of the most remarkable adventures of the 20th century, tracing Schliemann's footsteps to Troy and the convoluted journey across Europe taken by the treasure itself.

In His Own Words

In His Own Words
Author: Houston Hartsfield Holloway
ISBN: 0881465453
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-11-02
View: 686
Read: 1154

This 24,000 word autobiography offers a rare perspective on lifeduring the most transformative years of US history Houston Hartsfield Holloway (1844–1917) was born enslaved in upcountry Georgia, taught himself to read and write, learned the blacksmith trade, was emancipated by Union victory in 1865, and served as an ordained traveling preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church from 1870 to 1883. He devoted the remainder of his life to his family, his blacksmith trade, and his local church. Holloway’s 24,000-word autobiography offers a rare working-class perspective on life during some of the most transformative years of US history. Holloway describes slavery, his family (often fractured by slave sales), friends, religious experiences, courtship and marriage, neighborhood parties and games, work and work songs, and interactions with slave owners. His vivid account of the arrival of federal troops and his subsequent emancipation describes how he and his neighbors adjusted to freedom, constructing new family living arrangements, new employment compacts, and new civil and church relations. Holloway recounts his challenges as an itinerant AME preacher in the post- war South, his church’s onerous financial demands, his poor and uncertain pay, annual relocations, and church politics. After thirteen years of itinerant ministry Holloway quit, bought a homestead, and worked at his blacksmith trade. Writing his autobiography in his sixties, Holloway reflects on the successes and disappointments of his life and the moral and material condition of his people. Footnotes provide supplementary biographical information for nearly two hundred relatives, neighbors, friends, and coworkers named in Holloway’s narrative. An appendix includes nineteen extended biographical sketches. The book is illustrated with photographs and three detailed maps of Holloway’s home neighborhoods and preaching assignments.

The Advocate

The Advocate
Pages: 96
Year: 2001-08-14
View: 218
Read: 682

The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

Grace and Fury

Grace and Fury
Author: Tracy Banghart
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316471399
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-07-31
View: 474
Read: 914

Bold, brutal, and beautiful--a must-read fantasy full of fierce sisterhood, action, and political intrigue for fans of The Selection series, Caraval, and The Handmaid's Tale. In a world where women have no rights, sisters Serina and Nomi Tessaro face two very different fates: one in the palace, the other in prison. Serina has been groomed her whole life to become a Grace--someone to stand by the heir to the throne as a shining, subjugated example of the perfect woman. But when her headstrong and rebellious younger sister, Nomi, catches the heir's eye, it's Serina who takes the fall for the dangerous secret that Nomi has been hiding. Now trapped in a life she never wanted, Nomi has only one way to save Serina: surrender to her role as a Grace until she can use her position to release her sister. This is easier said than done. A traitor walks the halls of the palace, and deception lurks in every corner. But Serina is running out of time, imprisoned on an island where she must fight to the death to survive and one wrong move could cost her everything.

Secrets of Moldara

Secrets of Moldara
Author: Brianne Earhart
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1983788317
Pages: 356
Year: 2017-12-20
View: 231
Read: 956

CIRCLE THE MOON AND CROSS THE TIDE BEYOND THE WATERFALLS, PROTECTORS HIDE LEAVE THE LAST SECRET AT THEIR DOOR AND THEY WILL PROTECT YOU EVERMORE The woods around Lotty's childhood home are filling up with dangerous people. Her grandmother's death has brought the family back from Chicago and triggered a secret Lotty was never meant to face alone. Guided by a desire to finally solve her Grandpa's disappearance, Lotty has enlisted the help of farm hands that are keeping their own deadly secrets. Together they will have to learn to trust again, relying on each other's will to fight, if they are going to survive the truth that waits for them all in Moldara.

Campaign Widows

Campaign Widows
Author: Aimee Agresti
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488032874
Year: 2018-06-01
View: 425
Read: 1317

Cady Davenport is living the American dream… At least she’s supposed to be. She’s in a new city, with a new job and even a new fiancé. But when her husband-to-be hits the road for the upcoming presidential election, Cady realizes she’s on her own—and that her dream life might not be all she’d imagined. Until she finds herself thrust straight into the heart of the most influential inner circle in Washington, DC: the campaign widows. As friends, they’re an unlikely group—a fabulous Georgetown doyenne; a speechwriter turned mommy blogger; an artsy website editor; and a First Lady Hopeful who’s not convinced she wants the job. But they share one undeniable bond: their spouses are all out on the trail during a hotly contested election season. Cady is unsure of her place in their illustrious group, but with the pressures of the unprecedented election mounting, the widows’ worlds keep turning—faster than ever—as they hold down the fort while running companies, raising babies, racking up page views and even reinventing themselves. And their friendship might be just what Cady needs to find the strength to pursue her own happiness.

Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine
Pages: 212
Year: 2003-11
View: 1163
Read: 742

Los Angeles magazine is a regional magazine of national stature. Our combination of award-winning feature writing, investigative reporting, service journalism, and design covers the people, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, fashion, art and architecture, and news that define Southern California. Started in the spring of 1961, Los Angeles magazine has been addressing the needs and interests of our region for 48 years. The magazine continues to be the definitive resource for an affluent population that is intensely interested in a lifestyle that is uniquely Southern Californian.

Free Air

Free Air
Author: Sinclair Lewis
Publisher: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1775418081
Pages: 296
Year: 2010-06-01
View: 1203
Read: 854

One of the earliest road-trip novels, Free Air tells the story of Claire Boltwood, who travels from New York City to the Pacific Northwest by automobile. She leaves her rich, snobbish family behind and falls in love with a good, down-to-earth man.

Jesse Applegate

Jesse Applegate
Author: Leta Lovelace Neiderheiser
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1617392294
Pages: 358
Year: 2011-02
View: 314
Read: 1263

A history of Oregon without Jesse Applegate would be like Exodus without Moses. Like Moses, Jesse led pioneers through the wilderness across the Oregon Trail in 1843. Like Moses, he was a law-giver, and like Moses, when proper provocation occurred, he sometimes threw down the tablets.Jesse Applegate, A Dialogue with Destinygives a comprehensive historical perspective to the life of this interesting, complicated man who played a major role in the formation of Oregon. Throughout his amazing life, he led the 'cow column' of '43 west to Oregon, wrote the constitution of '45, played a major role in the solving of the Cayuse War, led the expedition to find a new southern route in'46, and fought to keep Oregon free of slavery. But perhaps even more important was the moral compass he provided for the emerging Oregon society. Through his letters to editors of newspapers and to prominent political figures, he provided comment, council, criticism, and loyal opposition to those in power. His opinions were sought by local, state and federal leaders, as well as the historians of the day.

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT Study Guide
Author: College Entrance Examination Board, The College Board
Publisher: The College Board
ISBN: 0874478529
Pages: 1100
Year: 2009-07-21
View: 329
Read: 876

Offers test-taking strategies for the SAT, discussing each section and providing ten full-length tests, hundreds of practice questions, detailed reviews, a list of online resources, and coverage of the PSAT/NMSQT.

Main Street

Main Street
Author: Sinclair Lewis
Publisher: P. F. Collier and Son Corporation
Pages: 451
Year: 1920
View: 836
Read: 773

"Main Street" tells the tale of a big-city girl who marries a physician and settles in a small town in the Midwest, only to fall victim to the narrow-mindedness and unimaginative natures of the town's residents. Introduction by Thomas Mallon. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

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